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Chapter 347: News

“Evidence, no rush. We'll have it soon,” Eddie said with a chuckle.

After hearing Village Chief Eddie's confident chuckle, Berkeley instantly calmed down.

After observing, he finally discovered that Anderson, who had been walking together with Village Chief Eddie and the villagers, had disappeared.

“Could it be…” Berkeley's forehead was instantly covered in cold sweat, and he had an ominous premonition in his heart.

Da, da, da…

A series of footsteps came from not far away. Berkley looked in the direction of the sound, and his face suddenly turned pale. He staggered and sat on the ground.

There were dozens of people behind Anderson, forming a circular encirclement formation.

The guards in the village standing at the periphery of the circular formation.

Each warrior held a thick and long rope in their hands. These ropes were tied to a group of people who were severely injured. These tied people were controlled at the center of the circular formation by them.

After Lugh returned to the village to visit the village chief, the three of them began to prepare to collect evidence against the Berkeley family.

Therefore, when Berkeley went to attend the ceremony, Anderson immediately rushed into their home with all the warriors in the village. In an instant, they controlled the people in the Berkeley family and arrested the royal guards who went to intercept Lugh.

After Anderson dealt with the control problem of the family members, he immediately brought the group of guards who intercepted Lugh back to the colosseum.

“Village Chief, the first person has been brought,” Anderson said as he walked in front of the village chief.

The Village Chief nodded to signal Anderson, and Anderson called for a warrior.

The warrior kicked the man's knee from behind, causing him to kneel on the ground in pain.

Lugh, who was standing behind Beck, raised his eyelids slightly. It was obvious that he recognized the man kneeling on the ground.

This man was a member of the Berkeley family, his butler.

Berkeley trusted him very much, and had given him many things to take care of.

He knew many of their family's secrets.

The butler had already been beaten black and blue, and his body was covered with injuries of all sizes. It was obvious that he had been interrogated. It seemed that Anderson's handling of this matter was rather rough.

“Speak. Did Berkeley instruct you to stop Lugh from coming back to the village by killing him?” Anderson said with a cold face.

After hearing Anderson's question, his body suddenly trembled.

He looked very afraid of Anderson and quickly told him about Berkeley's attack on Lugh and Berkeley's order to kill him. It was like spitting beans.

After Berkeley's butler told him everything, Anderson ordered his men to take him away.

Then, he took out all the bribes Berkeley had given him as supporting evidence.

After listening to the results of the matter and facing the witness brought by Anderson, Beck had a rough understanding of the matter.

“Lord Beck, Lord Beck, I'm innocent. Don't believe their nonsense. They are beating him into a confession.” Berkeley's face was filled with panic. He scrambled to the front of Baker and made a final struggle.

“Lord Berkeley, I don't know if you are willing to be wronged or not, but now you are suspected of murdering the champion. I will soon get the people of the Beast G.o.d Sect to investigate this matter. I can only let Lord Berkeley suffer first.”

After hearing the name of the Beast G.o.d Sect, Berkeley's face was pale and his heart was dead. He already knew that his family had no way to turn the situation around.

Berkeley's heart was filled with sorrow and hatred. When he saw Lugh, who was hiding behind Beck with an expressionless face, he was immediately filled with anger.

“It's you… It's all because of you. If it wasn't for you, my family would not hate you to this extent.” Berkeley roared like a mad demon.

After sensing its master's grief and anger, the Magic Flower Saber Mantis unleashed its innate ability.

It directly cut off the vines that bound it and flew towards Lugh to attack.

It was so sudden that no one expected Berkeley to be so crazy.

At this moment, the Magic Flower Saber Mantis was already in front of Lugh, extremely close.

Big Mouth quickly flew in front of Lugh to protect him.

But the Magic Flower Saber Mantis was too fast.

Big Mouth could not rush over so quickly.

“How dare you! Rose, use your Rattan s.h.i.+eld.”

Following Beck's angry shout, countless vines flew up from under the Th.o.r.n.y Rose Demon's feet.

In an instant, a s.h.i.+eld formed from tenacious vines appeared in front of Lugh.

The Magic Flower Saber Mantis' sickle cut through the Rattan s.h.i.+eld, the tip of the blade could not pierce into the center of the Rattan s.h.i.+eld.

No matter how hard it tried, it could not increase its strength any further.

“Flower Burial!”

Beck used another skill.

After receiving the order, the Thorn Rose Demon let out a bird-like song.

The rose on its head instantly bloomed, and countless red petals flew out from within, instantly surrounding the Magic Flower Saber Mantis.

The sharp petals quickly cut through the vines, piercing into the Magic Flower Saber Mantis' body like tiny flying blades.

The number of petals increased and gradually surrounded the opponent.


With a soft sound, the rose petals dispersed and the Magic Flower Saber Mantis fell to the ground. Its body was covered with petals. It had long lost its breath.

In just a few seconds, Berkeley's Magic Flower Saber Mantis was killed on the spot. It could be seen that Beck was very powerful.

After that, Berkeley sat on the ground in a daze. His cultivation was crippled, his son died tragically, and his family business was destroyed. The blow had destroyed his mind.

Tears and snot flowed down Berkeley's face as he grinned foolishly. Clearly, he had already lost his mind.

After looking at Berkeley in disgust for the last time, Beck had someone carry him away and take back his Thorn Rose Demon.

Seeing the Berkeley family end up like this, the hatred in Lugh's heart had finally dissipated.

He did not have the slightest bit of pity for Berkeley's miserable state, nor did he feel any pleasure. All he had was his usual calmness.

Earlier, the strength of the Thorn Rose Demon had caused Lugh's eyes to light up, and the desire for power in his heart had become even stronger.

“Lord Beck has saved us. Lugh is deeply grateful.” Lugh gathered his thoughts and expressed his grat.i.tude.

“There's no need to be so polite. This is my duty.” Beck nodded at Lugh kindly.

Then, he began to deal with the Berkeley family's problem.

The selection of talents was the most important thing.

What the Berkeley family did violated the laws of the Western Region.

Therefore, Beck directly ordered people to confiscate the other party's home. They stripped all the property and handed it over to the Beast G.o.d Sect.

After the matter was settled, Beck continued the ceremony that was interrupted earlier. He turned the special talisman paper that contained source energy into a golden seal and carved it on the back of Lugh's right hand as the qualification certificate for the champion this time.

With the qualification certificate, Lugh could sneak into the Beast G.o.d Sect.

Therefore, this ident.i.ty was a key to the outside world after leaving the village.

And now, Lugh already had this key.

Lugh looked at the golden seal on the back of his right hand. It would be a lie if he said that he was not excited.

After dealing with the matter in Iron Cloud Village for so long, Beck had to go to the next village.

Before he left, Beck met with Lugh in the village chief's house again.

“Lord Beck, What's the matter?” Lugh bowed respectfully to Beck.

“Hehe, don't be so formal. You can just call me Big Brother Beck from now on. How about I call you Younger Brother from now on?” Beck said with a friendly face as he helped Lugh up.

Lugh looked at Beck with a strange smile on his face. Then, he gestured to the smiling eyes of the village chief and the others.

Lugh understood the change in Beck's att.i.tude in his heart.

'It seems that this Lord Beck wants to get closer to me and introduce some good karma.'

Lugh's heart was as clear as water, but he did not reject Beck's goodwill. He still said respectfully, “In that case, Lugh will address you as Big Brother Beck.”

Beck looked young, but he was only twenty-five years old. It was not a loss for the seventeen-year-old Lugh to call him Big Brother.

“Okay, Brother Lugh. Actually, I'm calling you now because I have something good to tell you.” Beck pulled open the sleeves of his purple robe and hooked his arm around Lugh's neck as if he was very familiar with him. He whispered in his ear, as friendly as a big brother.

He did not have the imposing image from before.

Lugh resisted the discomfort and quietly broke free from Beck's arm around his shoulder. He cupped his fists respectfully and said, “Big Brother Beck, what is it?”

Shock! The Spell Is In English! Chapter 347 – News

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