Practicing Basic Sorcery For Billions Of Times Made Me Invincible Chapter 110 – The Great Sage, Instant Sword Kill!

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Chapter 110: The Great Sage, Instant Sword Kill!

Chapter 110: The Great Sage, Instant Sword Kill!

Although Ma Mo would save Lin Lei, after returning to the Melsas Empire, he would still persuade Princess Diana to sever all ties with this person.

An existence who only knew how to stir up trouble, but didn't know how to clean up his own mess.

The princess absolutely couldn't a.s.sociate herself with people like this!

If things continued to be like this in the future, one day, Lin Lei would toy with her to death.

But at this moment, the Elder dressed in luxurious clothes was stunned.

Seeing that Linley actually didn't want anyone else to help, the Elder began to laugh loudly as well.

“You're really funny!”

“You don't think that just because you don't let them interfere, I'll let you live, do you?!”

“Or perhaps, you've been wanting to die a long time ago?”

“Since that's the case, I'll give you a quick death!”

A hint of red flashed across the face of the old man, and then an incomparably terrifying amount of monstrous mageforce erupted from his body!

“Great Sage, I've been waiting for this day for a very, very long time.”

Lin Lei said calmly.

His right hand slowly reached out towards the Sword of Shadow Walker behind him.

“This Sword of Shadow Walker of mine contains four hundred sword intents. I'll use it on you to open it up!”

Instantly, Lin Lei pulled the Sword of Shadow Walker out of its sheath!


The entire world dimmed at this moment!

Profound Mysteries Divine Abilities!

Ten Thousand Swords United!

This was a Peak-King-level weapon which Lin Lei had never used since he acquired it!

Every single day, Lin Lei would condense an incomparably powerful sword intent into it.

Up until today, more than four hundred days had pa.s.sed!

The sword intent within it had already contained more than four hundred streaks.

Even if Lin Lei himself didn't know how terrifying the sword intent was, just using the Eye of Inspection to observe this Sword of Shadow Walker was enough to make Lin Lei feel that it was incomparably sharp!

Right now, this was Lin Lei's ultimate trump card!

Even when he was facing the Vampire Elder vampire, Lin Lei did not use it.

Even when he was facing the Seventh Prince, Lin Lei did not use it.

But now, the Sword of Shadow Walker was finally unsheathed!

He had acc.u.mulated more than four hundred sword intents, which was equivalent to Lin Lei's four hundred plus times of full-force attacks!

An incomparably terrifying sound suddenly rang out in the heavens.

The sky completely dimmed.

The entire sky was filled with the incomparable sound of swords clas.h.i.+ng!

This terrifying sound directly caused the originally peaceful world to undergo a terrifying change.

The Earth began to crack!

The storm began to surge!

When Bud and the others saw this situation, their expressions changed tremendously!


After saying this, they directly ran away without even daring to turn their heads.

On the side, Ma Mo's expression also changed!

Without any hesitation, he directly turned around and grabbed Princess Diana, as well as the two guards beside Princess Diana. Immediately, they frantically rushed backwards.

This kind of terrifying sword intent had already exceeded Ma Mo's imagination!

Bang bang bang bang!

The sky began to collapse!

Every inch of s.p.a.ce was collapsing!

When the old man in luxurious clothes saw this situation, a terrified expression flashed across his eyes.

“How can he possess such terrifying strength!!!”

“I don't believe it…”

“I don't believe it!”

“Astral Cloud Battle Body, activate!”

The Elder was so shocked that he couldn't have been shocked more. Behind him, a dazzling, golden, and complex formation suddenly appeared.

All sorts of runes began to circulate within it, and then the mageforce in the heavens and earth began to rapidly gather towards him!

Facing Lin Lei's incomparably terrifying sword intent, the Elder didn't have any other thoughts at all. He directly activated the ultimate technique which only the Grand Sage could use!

The Astral Cloud Battle Body!

At this moment, the old man was instantly surrounded by mageforce!

And then, he transformed into an enormous giant that was dozens of meters tall!

The Giant's entire body was covered with a faint translucent color, and its face couldn't be seen clearly.

The only thing that could be sensed was an unrivalled aura!

And at the center of the illusory giant was a star!

This represented the old man's level of insight!

The first rank of the Great Sage!

And now, Lin Lai finally swung his sword in the direction of the Elder!

“Ten Thousand Swords United!”


In the heavens and earth, an incomparably terrifying storm of sword light suddenly exploded!

To use any words to describe this sword light was an insult to him!

The heavens and earth had lost the color they should have had.

No one was able to see what this sword-light looked like. All they could see was a streak of red light soaring into the skies, piercing straight through the old man's body!

Perhaps it was because the sound was too loud, or perhaps it was because there was no sound at all.

s.p.a.ce collapsed!

Mountains shattered!

After a long time, the sky returned to its original color!

Lin Lei's face was as calm as ever. He stood there, and his face was expressionless.

Behind him were the Sword of Damocles and the Sword of Shadow Walker.

But in front of Lin Lei, the old man's eyes were bulging!


“How is that possible!”

The old man wanted to say something, but he couldn't say anything else.

He spat out a mouthful of blood.

And then, his entire body began to crack, as though it were made of gla.s.s.


The old man who was originally at the Great Sage realm was actually directly turned into powder!


In the sky, a strange phenomenon appeared!

The sky was dim, and a solar eclipse suddenly exploded!

This represented the death of the Great Sage!

This was actually a Great Sage. Even if one were to look across the entire Beilageluoya Empire, one might not be able to find an expert at the Great Sage realm!

Even if there really was such an expert, there definitely wouldn't be more than three!

At this moment, everyone in the Empire looked at each other, their eyes filled with terror.

Who was he?!

He had actually killed a Great Sage!!!

They could sense each other's heartbeats, which had already reached their limits!

And then, when their gazes returned to Lin Lei…

At the same time, everyone present was stunned!

Lin Lei had actually instantly killed an expert of the Great Sage realm with a single sword?!

This was simply too inconceivable!

It was so shocking that their scalps went numb!

Finally, someone came to their senses, and then the surrounding people began to boil!

“As far as I know, there's no one who can use the power of a Sage to kill a Magus of the Great Sage Realm!”

“How can there be such a person?! Do you know how terrifying the Great Sage truly is?!”

“Lin Lei's power is simply too formidable. How powerful is he actually?!”

“Today, we can be considered to have witnessed history. I believe that today's events will definitely be recorded in the annals of history!”

Bud and the others were all whispering to each other right now.

As for the old beggar and the bard, they secretly exchanged glances.

Lin Lei's current power was already enough to instantly kill the Grand Sage. After everything was over and Lin Lei used the Star Cloud Fruit to form his Astral Cloud Battle Body, how terrifying would his power be then?

Practicing Basic Sorcery For Billions Of Times Made Me Invincible Chapter 110 – The Great Sage, Instant Sword Kill!

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