I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 266

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Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Li Sisi let go

By the swimming pool at the villa, when Chu Tian returned, Li Sisi and the others had already opened yet another bottle of red wine. This marked the fourth bottle they had indulged in. Seeing the four beauties sitting around in s.e.xy bikinis talking and laughing, Chu Tian went over, smiled and sat beside Bai Xiaochun, and kissed her on the cheek.

Bai Xiaochun chuckled, looked at Chu Tian, and said, “Husband, how is your contact with that friend?”

“I’ve already contacted him.” Chu Tian took a sip from his wine gla.s.s and said, “He said he could bring someone over tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” Li Sisi couldn’t help being surprised, “What do you do, my friend, to be ready so soon?”

“That’s right.” Li Niannian said, “Is it reliable? Can someone be prepared so quickly?”

“Don’t worry.” Chu Tian said with a smile, “She is a professional who does this, and she already knows people in this service circle.”

“Then, who is it?” Li Sisi asked.

“You’ll know when you meet her tomorrow.” Chu Tian said with a mysterious smile, “I won’t tell you for now.”

“Still keeping it a secret?” Li Niannian pouted with a smile and said, “It must be a woman, and she’s a beautiful woman, right?”

“Hey…” Chu Tian smiled and said, “Don’t tell me. Anyway, you will know when you meet tomorrow.”

“Cut!” Li Niannian cut with a smile.

Chu Tian looked at Xia Mo and said, “By the way, you had such a happy chat just now. What are you talking about?”

“Let’s talk about the bar.” Xia Mo smiled, “Sisi said just now that she wanted to go to the bar to have a look, but she didn’t make any arrangements tonight in case there would be trouble in the bar.”

“We’re talking about getting Sisi to let go. It’s not necessary to leave her at the bar. She can make arrangements every day, and she doesn’t have to wait at the bar until getting off work.”

“Besides, her work and rest schedule is not good. She goes home to sleep at two or three o’clock in the morning every night. Although there is no shortage of sleep time, it is impossible to catch up with everyone every day.”

Hearing what Xia Mo said, Chu Tian couldn’t help looking at Li Sisi and said, “Yes, sister Sisi, actually, I’ve wanted to talk to you about this for a long time. The bar is running very well now. You stay there every day. Come on. It’s really nothing.”

“It’s better to promote a more reliable person to be the manager of the bar. You go to see it every day, make arrangements, and then come back to sleep early. You don’t have to wait until two or three o’clock in the morning to get off work.”

Hearing what Chu Tian said for so long, Li Sisi smiled and shook the red sprinkle in the cup, and said: “I know, but… I have nothing to do. You have things to do during the day. Xia Mo goes to work; you and the big baby have to go to cla.s.s.”

“It’s just me, I have nothing to do during the day. If I work and rest normally like you, then I will be too boring during the day.”

“How could it be?” Chu Tian said, “Sister, if you are worried that you have nothing to do, then you are thinking too much. We have a lot of things here. Let’s just go to the company. How many things are there every day? If you are afraid of being bored, you can go to the company with my sister Li Niannian to pa.s.s the time.”

“If it really doesn’t work, you can just go shopping if you like or go to a beauty parlor for a beauty treatment. There are many ways to pa.s.s the time. You can’t stay until two or three o’clock in the morning of Ling Tao just because you have nothing to do during the day. Sleep during the day to pa.s.s the time? I think it’s better to have a normal routine.”

“Yes, sister,” Li Niannian said with a chuckle, “If you are afraid of being bored during the day, you can go to the company with me, and you will be my secretary.”


Xia Mo looked at Li Niannian, giggled, and said: “Niannian, you are so courageous, dare to say such a thing. Do you believe that Sisi pushed you to the ground and slapped your b.u.t.t swollen?”

Li Sisi looked at Li Niannian, rolled her eyes with a smile, and said, “I’ll be your secretary? Then just wait…”

Li Niannian smiled and said: “I dare not. I’ll just say that, but sister, I’m serious. In fact, the management of the company is not that troublesome, even though it is much easier to manage than your bar.”

“After all, bars are full of fish and dragons, and there are people of all kinds. Although there are many people in the company, there are rules and regulations. It is not as chaotic as a bar, and it is easy to manage. If you are really afraid of being idle, you can really go to the company with me.”

“Besides, if you don’t go to the company with me, you may not be free, and there is Chu Tian.”

While talking, Li Niannian glanced at Chu Tian and said, “Although Chu Tian is in cla.s.s now, what kind of cla.s.s does he take? After a week, he goes to school once or twice, basically just trying to play basketball. The rest of the time, he’s either surfing or simply wandering around. You can stay with Chu Tian; can you two be bored together?”

“That’s okay.” Li Si thought for a while, then smiled, “It’s really inconvenient to always miss the time with you, so I will make arrangements tomorrow, and the bar will promote someone to Deputy Manager. From now on, I will work and rest just like you guys.”

“That’s great.” Bai Xiaochun said with a blus.h.i.+ng smile, “This way, you can sleep together.”


Li Sisi chuckled and said, “Honey, did you drink too much again?”

“Hey, no,” Bai Xiaochun leaned on Chu Tian and said with a smile, “I drank a little today.”

“I haven’t drunk too much yet.” Li Sisi smiled, “Your face is turning red again, and don’t drink, or you will go crazy after getting drunk.”

“Not at all.” Bai Xiaochun pouted, “I’m not drunk.”

I Beg You All, Please Shut Up Chapter 266

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