Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart Chapter 831 Avoiding Suspicion Till It's Right

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Chapter 831 Avoiding Suspicion Till It's Right


CHAPTER 830 — Avoiding Suspicion Till It's Right

Bai Qing Mei could not believe the level of insult she had to endure from Hao Huizhong, whom she thought was always by her side and was ready to have her, even though she knew she was chasing after Ye Cheng. She bit her tongue, holding back the urge to cry or scream. If he wasn't willing to help her, she thought it would be best to find her help somewhere else and subsequently cut away from him for good. 'He's just jealous.' She shrugged, throwing away thoughts of his betrayal. 'If he is not coming to my aid, then let's use someone else.'

Tapping away on her phone, Bai Qing Mei ended up finding someone else to help deal with her dirty deed.

"h.e.l.lo, w.a.n.g Bin?"

A low hum seeped through the phone, irking Bai Qing Mei some more.

Here she was thinking of the best way her ploy can go and ruin it better still—kill Li Jing—and someone whom she needed his help was acting lazy. "w.a.n.g Bin!!"

"Yes? Why so grumpy, Young Miss?" The latter's grumpy voice reached her ears, adding fuel to the fire in her brain.


"Alright. Alright, alright. I've heard you already," he said, pacifying her. "Tsk. If you wish me to still do business with you, a lot has got to change." At the mention of business, the lazy man's tantrums instantly ceased, and he straightened his back, sitting up properly. "Umm, let's rewind. You lost me there."

Her brows creased, and her muscles tensed slightly. Blood rushed through her veins. She was getting angry, but she fought to maintain her composure. "I lost you everywhere, w.a.n.g Bin!"


"Stop being a pain in the a.s.s and listen!" Bai Qing Mei hollered.

"Aye, shoot," he breathed out sharply, his eyes rolling in their socket before shutting close.

"I wish we could."


"Shoot her, I mean."

Bai Qing Mei shook her head and brushed off the thought. "However, just because we can't kill her doesn't mean we can't make her wish for death."


By the time Ye Cheng arrived home, Li Jing knew she had a lot of explaining to do; however, she was shocked that he wasn't all too bothered with that.

The first thing he did upon seeing her was to rush up to her, cup her face, and shower her face with soft kisses.

Confusion was written all over her features, but she let her lovely smile spill out of her eyes and hugged him in return. "Don't scare me like that again, Bao Bei." Her smile grew at the sound of the endearing name called in Chinese.

"I'm sorry, Cheng. I won't scare you that way again." He pressed her body into the hug, sniffling her hair as the smell of jasmine a.s.saulted his nostrils. "I'm glad you and mum are safe. By the way." He pulled back, his brown eyes staring keenly into hers. "Why did you run off like that? Did anything bad happen, or did you forget something?"

Li Jing's smile spread across her lips once more, her slim fingers gently brus.h.i.+ng against his chest. Instinctively, she stood on tiptoes, pressing a chaste kiss on his lips before relaxing and giving a nod. "I forgot something. I had to go check. And yeah, my fa-" She hesitated briefly, but in the end, she mentioned the word. "Father has been discharged. I actually forgot when I said I was going there prior," she lied. Suspicion laced Ye Cheng's eyes for a moment. It felt convenient that at the time he made mention of the plate number, she ran off on him. Sensing the suspicion in his eyes, she cleared her throat and expounded on that lie. "The thing is, at the mention of your mother's story, I realized how fleeting this life is. I wanted to visit the next day, but what if something happened and then he was lost to us?"

He exhaled softly. Ye Cheng reached behind her, wrapping his hands firmly around her waist as he leaned in close, his nose brus.h.i.+ng against hers. With their closeness, Li Jing could feel the thumping of his heartbeat against his chest. And for a moment, she allowed her ears to follow the sound, her mind calmly relaxing to it. "I already lost my real father and have none with me. He is the only thing that has been closer to one in the past few years. I owe him that little care, come what may."

"I know. I am not dissing you or calling you a liar." He exhaled sharply.

"You only scared me, and that worried me greatly. The least you could have done was call me and explain or send a text when you got there that you are alright."

Surprisingly, Li Jing sighed heavily, which only triggered his suspicions, and his muscles tensed. He already warned her that no one from that family should hurt her or disturb her. If things didn't go well, he would not hesitate to make them suffer.

"Li Jing."

"It was nothing I couldn't handle. As usual, I met my b.i.t.c.hy foster mother and sister there."

"Did they hurt you?"

"No. Father was on my side a bit today, and for some reason, it felt nice."

"Of course it'll feel nice." Immediately, Ye Cheng cupped her face tenderly, brown eyes staring into brown, their thoughts mingling, their minds understanding each other. "You yearned for that your whole life, and now, as much as you got it briefly, that inner child in you is thrilled by everything. It's good. Your visit wasn't all that bad."

"It wasn't."

"Thank G.o.d."

He pressed a kiss on her forehead, then moved down to her nose, and finally, his lips claimed hers in a pa.s.sionate kiss. 'Thank goodness.' Li Jing voiced inwardly. She couldn't bring herself to tell him the truth. At least not yet. Not until she has proof that this was what was happening and there was a big link to their case. 'There wouldn't be any false hope raised. That being said, what should my next step be to fix this quickly?'

Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart Chapter 831 Avoiding Suspicion Till It's Right

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