It's Lonely To Be Invincible Chapter 323 - Actually, this method is still very easy

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Chapter 323: Actually, this method is still very easy

In the Treasury of the suns.h.i.+ne sect. “I’m rich. ” Golden light shone, and the pill fragrance was strong. The light of the treasures covered one’s eyes. They were densely packed and neatly arranged. “They’re all mine. ” He had been blinded by wealth. The only thought in his mind was to harvest everything and leave no soil for the suns.h.i.+ne sect. He was confident in his teacher’s situation. He could definitely keep the suns.h.i.+ne sect leader and the two top elders. However, it was hard to say for han bi Kong. He could only pester her and buy some time. With a flip of his palm, he opened up his storage ring and stored everything he saw into it. He had come to the Suns.h.i.+ne sect this time with his teacher’s support. This was a rare opportunity. He would not even think about it next time. It was empty. All the wealth had disappeared, leaving only the fragrance of the pill floating in the air. “It’s impossible for a sect to only have this much wealth. Although the wealth we just harvested is huge, if it’s the wealth of a sect, it’s definitely not just this.” After his extreme excitement calmed down, he realized that there was a problem. “These nine stone gates …” In his line of sight, nine stone doors were embedded in the walls. On the surface of each stone door, there was a carving of a strange image. “Eh? I seem to have seen this image somewhere before.” He stopped in front of a stone door. It looked like a giant snake with eight heads and eight tails that was writhing in the monstrous ocean. He didn’t care anymore. He didn’t have time to waste. He had to see what was inside. Although he didn’t know what was inside, since it was from the suns.h.i.+ne sect’s Treasury, it must be something extraordinary. He didn’t know how to open it, so he had to destroy it. He clenched his five fingers into a fist and punched out. The power was violent and swept out like a dragon roaring, directly hitting the stone door. The stone door trembled, the dust shook, and the sonic boom shook, directly scattering the surrounding stone platforms that had been swept clean. Whoos.h.!.+ The powerful backlash hit him, forcing him to retreat. “What a strange thing. It can actually challenge me. This makes me very unhappy.” Lin fan was unconvinced. He dared to conclude that there was a huge treasure behind the stone door. He was unwilling to leave just like that. Suddenly! A hand stretched out from the void and placed on Lin fan’s shoulder. “Disciple, let’s go. Don’t stay here.” Tian Xu came from afar. He saw his disciple opening the stone door, but he still dared to stay. He was helpless. Being seen and not being seen were two different things. Although the suns.h.i.+ne sect’s top combat strength was not as strong as his, they would not be able to take care of the heaven sect Palace if they came in so brazenly. If he could break through the demiG.o.d realm and become the world’s No. 1, he would be able to play with his disciple however he wanted. Lin fan was just thinking of a way to open the stone door. When he heard this, he felt indignant in his heart. “Master, we can’t leave. The treasure is right in front of us. If we leave now, we’ll regret it for the rest of our lives. The suns.h.i.+ne sect has always been arrogant and they know that our disciples can kill us whenever they want. If we don’t teach them a lesson, they’ll think that we’re easy to bully. We’ll break the nine stone doors and take all their wealth. We’ll leave immediately.” His words were full of righteousness and dominance, but in Tian Xu’s eyes, his precious disciple was more interested in money than his life. “That’s reasonable. I’ll temporarily take care of the treasure. ” Tian Xu nodded. He had some ideas. “Master, I think we should just let it go. The suns.h.i.+ne sect’s ultimate treasure must be behind these stone doors. We’ve already made them go crazy. If we break through the stone doors and take the treasure inside, they won’t let us go. By then, they’ll do anything.” “We’re not afraid, but we have to think for the people of the magnificent flame sect.” Lin fan calmed down and said some logic. “Well, if that’s the case, then forget it. I was just making a casual remark. How could I take my precious disciple’s things?” “Master, Junior Brother Han was almost killed by the suns.h.i.+ne sect. If he leaves now, they’ll think that we’re pushovers. Breaking a stone door and taking what’s inside will teach them a lesson,” the man said. “Do it, teacher.” His expression was serious and he exuded a certain aura. This battle was no longer an individual battle. He was representing the entire magnificent flame sect. “Die!” Tian Xu reached out his hand and slammed his palm on a stone door. The power of a demiG.o.d’s attack was unparalleled. Even though the statue on the stone door seemed to come to life, it still exploded under his teacher’s palm, leaving a huge hole in it. Instantly, Lin fan turned into a streak of light and rushed in. He didn’t care what was in there. With a wave of his hand, he harvested everything. As for what the last item was, he would take a good look at it when he returned to the sect. “Disciple, let’s go. The Saint convent sect is here.” Tian Xu, who had been waiting there, suddenly felt an aura coming from the distance. It was the aura of the Saint convent sect. Their techniques contained the will of light. The light shrouded the sky and covered the earth. They claimed to be the purest techniques in the world. Although the demiG.o.d hadn’t arrived yet, his aura had already spread out. “Let’s go,”he said. Lin fan finished up and left with his teacher. Han bikong had used all her strength to keep the suns.h.i.+ne sect’s top elder busy. She had used all kinds of methods to suppress him. All kinds of formations fell down, covering the sky and illuminating the world. “Faceless King, stop right there! Let’s fight if you have the ability!” They had been in the suns.h.i.+ne sect for so many years that the faceless King was very familiar with their abilities and knew their weaknesses. However, the formation that the faceless King had just thrown out was something they had never seen before. He seemed to have acc.u.mulated a lot. This time, he threw it all out at once. The faceless King was about to say something when the void behind him split open and dragged him into the void. The crack closed and the world fell silent. Other than the angry roars of the suns.h.i.+ne sect’s top elders, there was no other sound. Three figures came to the Treasury from afar. The suns.h.i.+ne sect leader, who had almost gone crazy, saw the stone door of the Treasury explode. He grumbled in his heart and quickly entered. “Ah!” A furious roar came from the Treasury. Miyamoto Takes.h.i.+ and Ji Yuan’s expressions changed drastically. When they entered the treasure vault and saw everything around them, their eyes were dripping with blood. “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, this is really a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, my sect’s Treasury …” Since the establishment of the suns.h.i.+ne sect, nothing like this had ever happened before. An outsider was allowed to enter the sect and take everything from the Treasury right under their eyes. “Not good, the nine stone gates …” Ji Yuan came back to his senses. The nine stone gates were the sect’s everything. Nothing could happen to them. When he saw one of the stone gates being destroyed, he retreated and lost his balance. It was as if he could fall at any moment. BOOM! The suns.h.i.+ne sect leader fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood dripped onto his face and dyed his body red. “Sect master …” Miyamoto Takes.h.i.+ pounced forward, his Tiger Eyes wide with anger. He could not accept such an outcome. “My sect’s savings, my sect’s savings …” The suns.h.i.+ne sect leader shouted in sorrow. His tears were red. He couldn’t accept this. In the void. Lin fan carefully looked through the things in the storage ring with a smile on his face. He had gained too much. He was worried that his teacher would be in danger, but now it seemed like it was all for him to get rich. It was great to have such a teacher. Pills, treasures, and treasures were all sorted out. “Disciple, how is it?” Tian Xu’s heart, which had not been beating for a long time, started beating again. It was exciting. He had never done such a thing before. Lin fan shook his head,”not the suns.h.i.+ne sect. The pills are just average and there’s nothing good.” Han bi Kong’s face was flushed red. Even now, she still couldn’t calm down. This was too exciting. She probably never thought that something like this would happen in her life. “Holy light!” Suddenly! The originally calm void was suddenly pierced by tens of thousands of white lights, cutting off all paths of escape. Each of these white lights contained a terrifying power. Even the void disappeared without a trace under the shroud of these white lights. Some were even a.s.similated and turned into holy light. Tian Xu turned his palm, and the white light disappeared. “Blazing glory monarch.” At this moment, the void fluctuated, and a figure walked out of the void. Behind the figure, there was a Halo. The Holy Light penetrated the heaven and earth. It was sacred and solemn, like the sun in the sky, s.h.i.+ning in all directions. No one dared to disobey. The light retracted and returned to his body. The strange phenomenon disappeared and the figure became an ordinary person. “Tian Xu, you’re really bold to cause trouble at the suns.h.i.+ne sect. Are you going to leave now?” Sovereign blazing glory’s mighty voice spread out, forming ripples in the void and spreading out. It didn’t reach his body, but the heavenly sound did. “Sovereign blazing glory, mind your words. Otherwise, this old man wouldn’t mind walking with you.” “Hmph!” Tian Xu snorted coldly. He did not expect the blazing sovereign to block his way. “Senior brother, this is a demiG.o.d from the Saint convent sect. He’s one of the top combat forces in the Saint convent sect.” Han bi Kong whispered into Lin fan’s ear. Lin fan nodded. He didn’t expect the Saint convent sect to be at the demiG.o.d realm as well. It seemed like the number one sect in the world couldn’t be underestimated. If the magnificent flame sect wanted to surpa.s.s them, they would have to work hard. However, it was easy to catch up. As long as he became the strongest, he would be able to kill all the demiG.o.d powerhouses in the world and leave only the magnificent flame sect. This was indeed quite easy to think about. In that short moment, he had already thought of the path he would take in the future. “Hahaha, Tian Xu, I’m not here to fight you. I’m here to tell you that I’ve seen what you’ve done. The heaven sect Palace and the Saint convent sect can’t tolerate you. The magnificent flame sect will be punished,” ye mo said. Blazing sovereign had his hands behind his back. Although his hair was white, he was in good spirits. At the same time, there were all sorts of little angels dancing around his body. Some were scattering flowers, while others were blowing on small trumpets. It seemed like demiG.o.d-level powerhouses still cared a lot about their image.

It's Lonely To Be Invincible Chapter 323 - Actually, this method is still very easy

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