The Surgeon's Studio Chapter 1047 - The coronation!

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Chapter 1047: The coronation!

At the same time, in different s.p.a.ces, countless people were watching the live broadcast of the surgery.

As for today’s livestream being cut off, some people were criticizing it in their hearts, but no one was too unhappy.

After all, it was Maio clinic, the number one clinic in the world.

The name ‘Maio’ still carried quite a lot of weight. Criticizing Mayo would be blasphemy even if they were thousands of miles away. This kind of thing was a forbidden zone in everyone’s subconscious mind.

Therefore, even though everyone was very anxious, they could only wait.

Liu xuzhi was very vexed. His eyes were bloodshot. He took his phone and portable charger and finished making breakfast. He looked around, still worried about whether he should clean the house so that it was spotless, so as not to anger his wife. He roared like a lion.

To be honest, the previous surgeries were too high – end in Liu xuzhi’s eyes, and he could not even look at them.

Boss Zheng’s surgery was so clever that it seemed clumsy, and it was not something he could understand. Just from an observation point of view, this was a very boring surgery.

If he wanted to see the essence of the surgery, he had to personally perform the surgery under boss Zheng’s guidance.

Liu xuzhi was a little regretful.

However, this did not stop Liu xuzhi from staying up late to watch the next live surgery.

After all, it was Maio clinic, one of the places all doctors yearned to go. It was an honor to be able to perform surgery here and broadcast the surgery live. “This is the king’s coronation ceremony,” Liu xuzhi thought.

After making breakfast, Liu xuzhi glanced at his phone from time to time.

Suddenly, a line of words appeared.

The font was a little small, but there were a lot of words. Liu xuzhi was stunned for a moment, and a feeling of disappointment welled up in his heart.

It was possible that there would be no live broadcast of the surgery. Liu xuzhi had already thought of this.

After all, it was Maio clinic. How could people keep using the name of a centuries – old clinic to do live broadcasts? It was already a great fortune to be able to make three.

He picked up his phone dejectedly and looked at the line of words carefully to see how the apricot garden was explained.


Liu xuzhi was completely stunned.

The next surgery was a live broadcast, but it was not the kind of live broadcast that he had seen before … It was actually a live broadcast of teaching surgery. Needless to say, the teacher would definitely be boss Zheng. And the one who was being taught to perform the surgery was Dr. Smith!

There was also Dr. Smith’s resume.

The reason why he was a little small was that Dr. Smith’s resume was too brilliant. Even if it was a simple explanation, it was not something that could be described with a hundred or two hundred words.

Looking at the series of resumes, every line of words made Liu xuzhi’s blood boil.

This kind of doctor stood at the top of the medical world …

It was wrong! Liu xuzhi thought in a daze that this kind of doctor was actually the subject of teaching, and the one teaching him was boss Zheng.

Liu xuzhi was surprised by the change in position, but he quickly calmed down.

The rock – like figure in the operating room in Pengxi village appeared in front of him. In addition, in the courtyard of the small restaurant, the figure was dissecting and explaining with a cow ear knife under the big light bulb.

“Perhaps boss Zheng is too surprised no matter what he does,” Liu xuzhi thought.

He would go to Mayo to perform surgeries, broadcast surgeries in Mayo to the public, and broadcast surgeries for teaching purposes in Mayo. He had advanced again and again at such a fast speed.

In his daze, Liu xuzhi saw a crown. The crown from interventional surgeries was so dazzling on boss Zheng’s head.

His lover had already gotten up. Her voice was very loud, as if she was reminding him.

However, Liu xuzhi didn’t hear anything. He just stared at his phone screen in a daze.

Pengcheng, Development Zone People’s Hospital.

After watching the first live broadcast of the surgery, old Wu put on his clothes and lay down. He asked mu Tao to wait for him and wake him up for the next live broadcast.

Mu Tao sat there obediently and waited. In the livestream room of Xing Lin garden’s surgery, bullet comments would pop up occasionally, and everyone was complaining.

He was only complaining, but he didn’t curse.

After all, Maio clinic didn’t need to explain what they were doing to ordinary doctors. Mu Tao only looked at the bullet screen and thought about the TIPS surgery just now.

He had almost completely mastered the new TIPS surgery, but every time mu Tao watched the live stream of the surgery, he would feel emotional.

He was afraid that he would never be able to perform such a skillful surgery in his entire life.

The more he understood about TIPS, the more he had this thought. Mu Tao was different from Liu xuzhi. He knew how to perform the new TIPS surgery, so he understood the gap between him and boss Zheng better than Liu xuzhi.

Especially since mu Tao had been to Maio clinic and learned about the TIPS surgery there. When he compared the two, he realized that boss Zheng was probably superior to all the doctors in the world who were involved in interventional surgeries.

Mu Tao had only secretly thought about this idea and had never mentioned it to anyone, not even his own teacher.

“Perhaps I’ll be laughed at if I tell you,” mu Tao thought.

The subt.i.tles floated out. At first, mu Tao thought he had seen it wrong and thought it was a bullet screen.

However, in just an instant, all his fatigue disappeared. He suddenly stood up and stared at the screen.

The chair made a sound, and Wu Hais.h.i.+ woke up.

“Has it started?” Old Wu asked.

Mu Tao didn’t say anything and just looked at the screen. Old Wu felt weird. He got up from the bed, put on his reading, and looked over.

Teaching surgery …

Dr. Smith was the subject of his teaching …

These two key points made the air in the office freeze.

After old Wu finished watching, he took off his and went to wash his face. He was ready to watch the live broadcast of the teaching surgery.

However, mu Tao was confused.

Allen Smith? That thin and tall man who looked like a piece of paper?

When he was studying at Maio clinic, mu Tao had only seen Dr. Alan Smith a few times, and he had not even been able to speak to him.

Alan Smith’s job was to give lectures, and he had a high academic status in the world’s interventional science community.

How did he become the subject of teaching?

Mu Tao was a little dazed. In his mind, the silver – White hemostatic forceps were so clear. The feeling of the hemostatic forceps. .h.i.tting the raindracle … He could faintly feel pain coming from his right raindragon.

Is this the case? Was it really that Dr. Alan Smith?

Mu Tao was in a daze.

Boss Zheng was really a Big Shot.

It was said that the zou family of the zou real estate in Xiangjiang had gone to Beijing.

It was said that boss Zheng had operated on him.

It was said that Zou Jiahua, the head of the zou real estate, had gone to Mayo with boss Zheng.

Perhaps the people in the mainland did not know what this meant. However, mu Tao knew that Peng city was very close to Xiangjiang city.

He guessed that Zou Jiahua’s Gu poison was probably cured by boss Zheng.

He sighed in his heart. If he could cure Voodoo, what else could boss Zheng not cure?

“Mu Tao, it’s that Alan Smith, right?” Wu Hais.h.i.+, old Wu, washed his face and put on his reading when he came back.

“Look at the introduction. It’s Aaron Smith from Maio’s intervention studies. When I went to Mayo, I didn’t see him perform surgery. ” Mu Tao answered honestly.

Wu Hais.h.i.+ nodded and sat quietly in the chair, waiting for the surgery to begin.

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The Surgeon's Studio Chapter 1047 - The coronation!

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