Divine God Against The Heavens Chapter 903 Chapter 903: Devouring The Laws

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903 Chapter 903: Devouring The Laws

“What’s going on?”

A low and deep voice suddenly sounded out. A white-robed elder of the Song Family walked over from the direction of the Great a.s.sembly Hall.

However, when he saw the three corpses in the corridor, he immediately reacted. Someone had infiltrated the Song Family.

“What are you all doing here? Why aren’t you searching? Summon all of the people here and search the entire Song Family.”

The leader finally spoke. He did not first answer the Song Family elder’s words, and instead, he first gave the order to his subordinates behind him. After that, he quickly walked toward the elder, looked at him, and whispered in his ear.


The elder’s face suddenly darkened, his gaze turned towards one of the corpses, and sure enough, it was Song Yongfu who had just walked out of the Great a.s.sembly Hall. This meant that the man had just killed him.

“Not good. Hurry up and organize some people. We must catch them as soon as possible. This is a very important matter and I have to report it to the family head!”

With that, the elder of the Song Family quickly turned around and walked back toward the main hall. As for the leader of the guards, his face darkened as he scanned his surroundings in an attempt to find where the murderer was.

In an instant, the entire Song Family was thrown into chaos as the place was brightly lit.

However, the cause of all this was Ye Xiao who was hiding in the shadow of a remote courtyard, his gaze sweeping across the Song Family elder. His eyes flashed with cold light when he saw the white-robed elder. In the scene that he saw while soul-searching Old Zhang’s soul, Ye Xiao had seen him as well.

According to Old Zhang’s memories, this elder was the one cultivating demonic arts. He had slaughtered countless small villages and weaker cities in order to cultivate and promote his cultivation. His hands had been stained with countless people’s blood. Even newborn babies were not spared by this person.

When Ye Xiao saw him, he wanted to go up and kill this d.a.m.n elder immediately, but thinking about something, he changed his target and looked in another direction.

Because of the leader’s order, all the guards of the Song Family spread out in groups of two or three and began to search all the courtyards of the Song Family. They knew that the culprit was inside the Song Family compound.

Everyone was on alert, some of the lower cultivation realm cultivators even formed groups of four or five to search, just in case Ye Xiao suddenly attacked them.

Nearby the courtyard Ye Xiao was in, an Exalted Ruler and two G.o.ds were searching the vicinity, and were slowly approaching the courtyard Ye Xiao was in.

Ye Xiao’s gaze swept across his surroundings. After confirming that there was no one else nearby, he began to silently acc.u.mulate his strength and waited for the three people to arrive.

In about the time it takes to have a cup of tea, the three of them searched the courtyard from outside. They quickly opened one door after another to search, finally fixing their eyes on the various kinds of gra.s.s, as well as the shadows within the courtyard.

As the night was getting darker, these people could not see what was going on in the gra.s.s. They could only move closer to the gra.s.s, constantly swinging the weapons in their hands to see if there was anyone inside.

This way, they could ensure their own safety. Moreover, the first thing murderer would do after discovering them is to use his weapon to respond. This way, they could immediately react. All of them were very cautious.

Ye Xiao hid in the shadows and watched as these Rulers and Exalted Ruler got closer and closer until they finally entered the shadows of the courtyard as well, he decisively attacked.

Ye Xiao used Essence Devouring Escape to close in on his opponent at an extremely fast speed, extended his hand, and crushed one of the Ruler’s neck before pulling him into the gra.s.s.

This series of movements were fluid as if it had been rehea.r.s.ed countless times.

In the distance, before the others could even clearly see what was happening, one of the two Rulers had already completely disappeared into the shadows.

“Old Fu, what’s the situation on your side?”

Someone asked. Obviously, the person who was killed by Ye Xiao just now was called old Fu.

However, since old Fu was already dead, how could he reply to him?

The remaining two looked on with vigilance as they slowly approached. The true essence within their bodies frantically gathered, as if they were ready to attack at any moment.

However, there was still no movement in the gra.s.s, as if there was nothing there.

“Go get someone!” The Exalted Ruler instructed the Ruler beside him quietly and then continued to walk towards Ye Xiao.

However, just as the Ruler was about to turn around and call for someone, a cold light suddenly flew out of the gra.s.s and pierced into his back.


That Ruler instantly fell to the ground, and at the same time, Ye Xiao drilled through the gra.s.s and flashed in front of the Exalted Ruler.

Seeing that there was really someone, the Exalted Ruler’s face changed. Before he could even give a warning, Ye Xiao had already arrived in front of him.

Under his despairing gaze, the spear pierced into his throat, causing his consciousness to gradually weaken. Finally, he fell to the ground with a bang.

After killing three people in a row, Ye Xiao looked at the Exalted Ruler, extended his hand, and muttered: “Devour!”

Immediately, along with the True Essence, even his comprehension of general laws was all devoured by Ye Xiao. They were the Law of Earth, Law of Wind, and Law of Water.

Ye Xiao only wanted to try and see if he could devour the laws or not, but he was shocked to discover that he really was capable of devouring them now.

Ye Xiao muttered: ‘Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon, Devouring The Heaven and Earth!’

No wonder!

It says that Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon is capable of devouring heavens, but in reality, the Heaven Devouring Divine Dragon can’t devour the Heavens. It is just that it could devour almost all the things and existence under Heavens. And among them, laws and profound meanings were also counted.

Previously, Ye Xiao was not strong enough and his comprehension of Devouring Law was not strong enough to devour laws’ profound meanings. But now that he had comprehended the 1% Profound Meaning of Devouring Law, Ye Xiao was able to devour laws as well.

To become a Ruler, a martial artist must comprehend at least one Profound Meaning of the Laws of Heavenly Dao. It means that this person must have comprehended at least one profound meaning, however, because Ye Xiao only had 1% comprehension of the Profound Meaning of Devouring Law, he was unable to devour them.

Taking a deep breath, a light flashed in Ye Xiao’s eyes. His true path of cultivation was completely different from other people’s. He had to not only comprehend all the laws of Heavenly Dao but also their Profound Meanings.

If Ye Xiao wound to try to comprehend them, he’ll really have to spend an extremely long period of time in order to do that. However, he had just found a shortcut.

“All I need to do is to strengthen my comprehension of Devouring Law’s Profound Meaning. As long as I have a deeper comprehension of the Profound Meaning of Devouring Law, I could even devour other people’s comprehension of Profound Meanings!”

Ye Xiao’s eyes flashed with light. He looked around and muttered: “It’ll be a waste to kill anyone above Heavenly Divine Lord now. I will just go to the Fragrance Pavilion and rescue Xue Xiaofei first. After at least increasing my comprehension of Devouring Law’s Profound Meaning to 10%, I’ll come back and destroy this Song Family. And at the same time, I can devour everything this family has to offer me!”

As Ye Xiao was still deep in thought, right at this moment, a clamor suddenly came from outside the door. Judging from the voices, they were clearly the guards of the Song Family who were searching everywhere.

“Something’s wrong here!”

A loud shout came out, causing Ye Xiao who was deep in thought to suddenly come back to his sense. He carefully looked around and sense that the clamor outside has became louder.

Clearly, those people had discovered the three people who had died here and came searching for them.

Soon, Ye Xiao could clearly hear the sound of footsteps.

Ye Xiao no longer wanted to stay here, for he didn’t want to kill any Ruler or above for the time being.

But before leaving, he released his Divine Sense and saw that the people who came were all Heavenly Divine Lords, Rulers, and even Exalted Rulers.

Confirming that Rulers and Exalted Rulers were present, Ye Xiao sighed and suddenly disappeared from where he was standing. The next moment he appeared, he was standing outside the Song Family.

Divine God Against The Heavens Chapter 903 Chapter 903: Devouring The Laws

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