Lady Lin's First-ever Journey to Immortality Chapter 563 - Living Up to the Tao and Living Up to You (The End)

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Chapter 563 Living Up to the Tao and Living Up to You (The End)

Many years later, Mu Tiannan will still remember how gloomy and desperate he is in these three days.

Liao once said that he did not know the background of the man in robe. The man in robe is always smiling and he has an ordinary face. His face is like to be covered with mist so that people can never remember how he looks and what his name is. However, he is definitely very powerful—he was even the reason why earth cultivators began their cultivation in the first place.

He was a master in the primitive era. No one has the nerve to even think of being his enemy.

Before she is “Lin Luoran”, she has spent time with the man in robe for much longer years than the hundreds of years when he knew her as “Lin Luoran”.

Moreover, he and Lin Luoran get along with only about one hundred years.

With all kinds of feelings, Lin Luoran comes back three days later. The man in robe also follows her back.

Mu Tiannan notices the change of Lin Luoran sensitively. She still has the same face, but something has changed. She is somewhat different from “Lin Luoran” who he is familiar with.

Liao hasn’t come back. Facing the confusion in everyone’s eyes, Lin Luoran only says, “I will explain to you later.” She soon takes Mr. Lin to the graveyard like a gust of wind.

The man in robe is still there. Everyone does not dare to follow them.

The man in robe opens Yin and Yang Road in front of Lin Luoran and Mr. Lin. They see Mrs. Lin who has been dead for many years still wandering in the netherworld stubbornly and refusing to enter reincarnation.

With the man in robe’s ability, it’s not difficult for him to revive Mrs. Lin. However, Mrs. Lin’s relations.h.i.+p with Lin Luoran is very troublesome. After Lin Luoran rebuilt the five elements for the earth, she has been involved in karma so she is completely exposed to the Tao of nature. The man in robe can delay the Divinization Doom for her, and the consequential karma is nothing for him. However, if he resurrects Mrs. Lin, the Tao of nature can do nothing to him but Lin Luoran will have no way out.

Lin Luoran’s merits always protect her, while her loved ones suffer. Just as Mu Tiannan who has changed his own destiny—Sixie was dead as the price. The Tao of nature is fair. It won’t tolerate two kinds of opposite situations that some people are extremely miserable while some people are always blessed.

Living beings experience happiness and sadness. If one lives a life full of smiles without tears, he will never know that happiness is precious.

People who live a tough life also have the chance to see a silver lining. The difference is that some people find joy in suffering while others abandon themselves and stay depressed. The Tao of nature can always notice these two kinds of people who have completely different life att.i.tudes. A positive att.i.tude can not only change the fate little by little, but also bring good luck for the afterlife.

Mrs. Lin says goodbye to her daughter. Her obsession is gone and it’s time for her to enter reincarnation again.

Mr. Lin wants to say something. He doesn’t want to leave his daughter, but he also cannot bear to leave his old wife.

The man in robe thinks for a while and tells Mr. Lin, “You will be husband and wife for ten generations. You can concentrate on personal ability enhancement, and then you will understand it one day.”

The tunnel connecting two worlds is closed gradually. Lin Luoran asks with a low voice, “Will she still remember me in her next life?”

The man in robe smiles. “It is not difficult to remind her of her past life. It is just your choice.”

Lin Luoran doesn’t say a word after a long time. The man in robe is not totally correct. It should be Mrs. Lin’s choice. Lin Luoran herself is a typical example. She wouldn’t be in such a dilemma if she didn’t remember her past life.

She has all the memory of Momo. In a sense, she is Momo. A long time ago, she saw the man in robe. At that time, her heartbeat frequency had revealed the feelings deep in her soul towards the man in front of her before she knew who she really was.

But if she chooses to be Momo, how about “Lin Luoran”’s life of hundreds of years?

“Lin Luoran” has parents who are connected with her by blood, people who she once loved, close friends, apprentices, and enemies… Everything is real. “Lin Luoran” is not merely a name. Her life and emotions can’t be used to make a movie and won’t just disappear as the “movie” comes to an end.

“Are you taking me away with you?” Lin Luoran lowers her voice.

The man in robe thinks for a moment, “No. I can also stay here if you want.”

He has been on the journey for too long. The journey is so lonely that he forgets what a “stopover” is. However, if Momo can be his partner, he is willing to stop and give it a try as a chance for each other.

Lin Luoran is in silence for a long time. It’s so long that the man in robe thinks she has acquiesced in his plan. She finally purses her lips and says.

“The last question… do you want to stop for Momo or Lin Luoran and Momo?”

The man in robe chuckles, “What is the difference? They are the same person.”

Lin Luoran shakes her head in despair. “… Off you go.”

Ten thousand years later, the man in robe is now willing to stop for her. However, he still doesn’t understand the feelings of ordinary people. Momo is her, and Lin Luoran is also her—the man in robe still speeds up her heart. However, as time by, she has changed into a different person in terms of character, experience, and sentiment.

The man in front of her may have accompanied Momo, but he is missing in the life of “Lin Luoran”.

Lin Luoran is about to derive happiness. She is about to get family love that she didn’t have in a long time, friends.h.i.+p as precious as before, and romance that Momo couldn’t have… She doesn’t want to spend tens of thousands of years chasing a “dreamlover” who is destined never to truly belong to anyone.

The thorn in the heart begins to move again, and it’s so painful that the man in robe wants to reach out and covers his chest.

He hasn’t felt such grotesque pain for many years. The man in robe feels that something inside him has come to life, but it soon dies in the next moment.

The covenant can’t be enforced. He suddenly understands Momo’s emotions in the past.

If you miss some people, she will never appear in front of you and stay unchanged as the old days. Even a powerful man who can meddle with time can’t change this fact.


The man in robe leaves, and Liao also doesn’t return.

Lin Luoran stays at the top of a mountain outside Taoyuan Town alone for a few days. People instigate Mu Tiannan and he also flies up.

Mu Tiannan can see Lin Luoran is confused and sad. He doesn’t understand it—since she is so painful, why does she still turn down that man?

Maybe there is still a perfect plan. That man is willing to stay for Lin Luoran. She can stay here with the Lins and her friends. In this way, she doesn’t have to make a tough choice… It’s just that he has to leave quietly.

Why do you choose to stay? Mu Tiannan wants to ask this question a few times, but his throat is like being blocked by an iron ball.

In the distance, there are some white beams of light, and then some familiar people appear on the top of the mountain one by one. The sun is almost blocked out—it’s an adult gold hawk.


Lin Luodong is now totally mature. He shouts in unison with Huang Weijian who is holding a bald pen.

Hundreds of years mean nothing. No matter how powerful they are, the woman in front is still the one who tutored them. After hundreds of years, they have met countless different people. However, they still only have one “sister”!

Li Xi’er still wears “Bundling Rope” on her wrist. After she advanced Gathering Vitality, this magic weapon almost became useless. However, she always wears it because it was the best magic weapon that her school could offer at that time. Hundreds of years later, she is no longer the naive girl she once was. After she witnessed the ruthless killing and the treachery of the world of cultivation, her childhood days in the Lin family seem to be more precious than ever. The Lin family and she are not connected by blood. School Sister Lin’s personal ability is also much better than hers. However, it’s unquestionable that they are really good to her.

Tears begin to well up in Li Xi’er’s eyes. In this merciless world, the former noisy and sentimental “Li Xi’er” was dead long ago. She has not cried for a long time. Why can’t she control herself the moment she met School Sister Lin?

“School Sister Lin, I miss you so much.”

Li Xi’er sobs. Lin Luoran feels estranged because of time and s.p.a.ce, but now such kind of feeling disappears in an instant. She hugs Li Xi’er and lets her tears wet her clothes.

Luodong is her younger brother, and she has always treated Li Xi’er as her younger sister.

When Li Xi’er finally stops crying, the three of Zeng Tian, Yuan Ye, and Cui Wanlu have been waiting aside for a long time. They finally find an opportunity to kneel down and kowtow together.


Both Zeng Tian and Yuan Ye don’t have excellent a Taoist root. They can advance to the late stage of Bearing Essence because they have been practicing orthodox inheritance techniques. Seeing that her two apprentices are now middle-aged, Lin Luoran soon asks the three people to stand up.

The Gathering Vitality female cultivator looks charming, and her facial features look like Lin Luoran’s old friends. Lucy was so naughty, and now Lin Luoran almost cannot recognize her.

Lin Luoran recalls what her apprentices have suffered to protect their school, especially Cui Wanlu—she almost taught her nothing. Lin Luoran feels so guilty.

“I am really an irresponsible grandmaster.”

Zeng Tian wipes away his tears and bursts into laughter, “Totally! Grandmaster, if you don’t come back to preside over the wedding ceremony for our chief school brother, School Aunt Li will become an old woman.”

Li Xi’er glares at Zeng Tian but she still looks calm. Yuan Ye has been very mature after hundreds of years, but he still blushes after hearing his words.

Unexpectedly, her chief apprentice has not won his former fiancée back. In the sentimental mood of meeting them after being apart for a long time, Lin Luoran still cannot help feeling worried about Yuan Ye’s emotional intelligence. Obviously, he is not a stupid person, but he is still as silly as a goose in some field!


Goldie has been ignored for a long time. It squeezes to come forward with a pitiful look. Lin Luoran is so surprised when she hears the clear girl’s voice .

Goldie is a girl!

“How can you be a girl…” She says these words unconsciously. Goldie’s excitement is totally destroyed by Lin Luoran. It has missed its master for hundreds of years, but its master actually doesn’t know it is a girl!

This is unbelievable, and Goldie feels so depressed.

Lin Luoran coughs twice and touches the crown on Goldie’s head to appease it. At that time, she communicated with Goldie totally by the spiritual mind. It never occurred to her that Goldie was actually a girl. Compared with the arrogant little fox, Goldie was so domineering!

Thinking of the monster bolus gold hawk entrusted to her in the Lost Land, Lin Luoran is excited to see what is going to happen if Goldie takes it. Perhaps it can advance from talking human language to humanization?

“Goldie, don’t be mad. I will give you a big gift later.”

Lin Luoran appeases Goldie which is still chattering, “I knew it the moment the master arrived here but they did not believe me. Then an old man appeared and stopped us from meeting you… ”

Huang Weijian feels extremely awkward. The old man Goldie is talking about is his grandpa who left him to the Lins and then disappeared without a trace 12 years ago!

Hundreds of years later, he suddenly appeared like a ghost. The next moment he appeared, he held his hand and told him that he was about to leave… he asked him to concentrate on practice for the reunion of grandfather and grandchildren as soon as possible. He also told him not to miss him too much… In fact, Huang Weijian only wanted to curse him. Compared to an irresponsible grandfather who could raise him but still abandoned him so that he had to make a living by picking garbage, he missed gentle sister Lin much more!

Cool Huang Weijian was not willing to admit that he was actually happy to see the bast*rd grandfather who “abandoned” him.

Surrounded by apprentice and friends, Lin Luoran has no time to recall the sadness after the man in robe left. Far away, a group of cultivators is coming here. They are her old acquaintances who she knew but didn’t have an intimate friends.h.i.+p, such as Ye Xiaobei who got the ancient book of monsters of wood in the Tower of Babel, and Quyi who lived in the Lin family a long time ago… Lin Luoran greets them, and then they come back to Taoyuan Town together.

Over the centuries, some people have left, and many more have stayed. Cultivation is to see more scenery—Lin Luoran has never forgotten her original intention, but she is luckier than others. She has been accompanied by so many people on the journey of cultivation which is supposed to be lonely.

Walking for a while, she suddenly feels something is missing. She turns back and sees Mu Tiannan is still standing there. He is surrounded by the loneliness of being abandoned.

“Brother Mu, if you don’t catch up, you will be left behind!”

Momo once chased after the man in robe. Those days were long and bitter-sweet.

The man in robe wants to find “Momo” but not “Lin Luoran” who has changed after reincarnation.

She once chased after someone, so she knows how hard the inferior one has to be if he or she wants to bring two completely different people together.

Just as Momo for the man in robe, and Mu Tiannan without Taoist root for Lin Luoran.

Mu Tiannan likes Lin Luoran, and he only likes Lin Luoran. He doesn’t make himself like her because he is moved.

She has her own pride. The man in robe is finally moved, but “Momo” has been tired, and she has also changed.

There is a higher level above Divinization, and they still have a long way to go, right?

So, Brother Mu, you certainly can’t be left behind.

—Nothing is perfect in the world. I only hope that I will live up to the Tao and live up to you.

Lady Lin's First-ever Journey to Immortality Chapter 563 - Living Up to the Tao and Living Up to You (The End)

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