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Chapter 2179 Spikes

[Hint: The player is attacked by a spiritual spike and receives 26,000 points of damage. This damage ignores defense.]

[Hint: The player has received a spiritual spike...]

[Hint: The player is subjected to mental manipulation effects. After making a check, the player becomes immune to this instance of mental manipulation...]

[Hint: The player is subjected to a mental force collision effect. After making a check, the player becomes immune to this instance...]

Suddenly, a series of damage numbers as high as twenty to thirty thousand appeared above Fang Heng's head.

Due to his high mental strength attribute, Fang Heng was mostly immune to most mental control skills. However, occasionally they still had an effect.

Once he was caught in an abnormal control state, it became extremely troublesome.

Fang Heng could only pray for better luck.

The sp.a.w.ns targeted by Fang Heng suddenly changed their expressions. They looked at Fang Heng as the latter

approached them with quick steps. A previously unseen sense of fear rose within them.


In the next moment, Fang Heng was right in front of them.

The great holy sword struck down fiercely once again!


The crystalline barrier shrouding the sp.a.w.ns suddenly shattered!

The sp.a.w.ns were forcefully pushed back by the remaining force, cras.h.i.+ng heavily against the wall behind them.

Fang Heng was about to pursue when suddenly his body felt like it had been fiercely struck by something, and uncontrollably, he crashed into the right-side wall.


[Hint: The player is affected by mental force collision. The player enters a spiritual bind state for 5.02 seconds (mental strength attribute reduction has already been applied).]

Heli curled up in the corner of the room, holding her head with both hands, unbelievably watching the scene unfold before her.


Who were they?

Have they all gone mad?

"Ka, ka, ka, ka..."

Amid her astonishment, Heli suddenly heard a strange sound and instinctively turned her head to look in the direction of the sound.

What was that now!?

In the corner of the room, a tree spirit had condensed a circular vine, taller than a person.

In the center of the vine, a s.h.i.+mmering green ripple appeared.


A teleportation pa.s.sage?

As Fang Heng, trapped in the bind state and continuously taking hits, perceived the mental strength ripple emanating from Raven, a hint of astonishment appeared in his eyes.

They hadn't mentioned this move before!


It seemed the tree spirits had hidden something from him! Led by Vannes, more than ten tree spirits swiftly emerged from the green pa.s.sage.

As they took in the scene in the hall of the research inst.i.tute, Vannes and the others immediately focused on Fang Heng, who was battling the sp.a.w.ns.

"Help him!"

Vannes and his group condensed their ranged arrow attacks.

Fang Heng shouted, "Be careful, don't damage the central device!"

With that said, Fang Heng broke free from the spiritual bind state and swiftly continued to chase after the sp.a.w.n he had been pursuing earlier!


With the a.s.sistance of the tree spirits, the pressure on Fang Heng significantly decreased, and he didn't need to worry about monitoring his teammates' safety.

He could just charge straight ahead!


The great sword was once again raised high and swung towards the sp.a.w.n forced into the corner.


The fragile crystalline barrier just regenerated on the sp.a.w.n's body was shattered once again by the great holy sword!

Due to the temporary disruption of the communication network, the sp.a.w.n couldn't even use teleportation to escape.


In the next moment, the long sword concealed in Fang Heng's backpack transformed into a spike, piercing through the gemstone in the sp.a.w.n's heart.

[Hint: The player has killed a sp.a.w.n warrior. The player has obtained a spirit gemstone*1.]


Fang Heng put away the spirit gemstone, locking onto another sp.a.w.n as his target.

It took more than ten minutes, relying on Fang Heng's personal abilities and the sharp a.s.sistance of Vannes and his elite tree spirit companions, to clear out all the sp.a.w.ns in the hall.

The strength of Vannes and his tree spirit companions was also depleted by more than half, with many of them injured. They gathered around Raven, carefully examining the surroundings.

Fang Heng placed the last exploded spirit gemstone into his backpack and whispered into the walkie-talkie, "Boss Ji, it's all taken care of. We don't need to rush anymore, we can take our time now."

Ji Haiting listened to Fang Heng's words and took a deep breath, feeling secretly alarmed.

"We're already attempting to temporarily shut down the spiritual domain network communication. Please wait a moment. The virus information has been uploaded, and I'll try to maximize the interruption time of the spiritual domain network. I'll clear out all the information related to you. Once it's done, I'll contact you immediately."

Fang Heng turned to Raven and the other tree spirit race members beside him and said, "Elder Raven, I've fulfilled my promise to you. Now, I can provide you with the corresponding reward. As you know, I can help you temporarily shut down the spiritual domain network, and of course, I can also reopen it at any time."

Raven stepped forward and nodded to Fang Heng.

The teleportation pa.s.sage he summoned had a very short duration.

But within just two minutes, it had already closed, only allowing over twenty tree spirits, including Vannes, to come through.

"You've surprised me, human. We will naturally fulfill our promise to you. I've already entrusted the Leaf of Life to your friend."

As he spoke, Raven pointed forward.

Ripples appeared in the s.p.a.ce ahead.

Fang Heng raised an eyebrow.

A nature mirror!

In the center of the ripples gradually emerged a remote mirror.

Fang Heng could see Gu Qingzhu and Mo Jiawei appearing in the mirror, and even another clone form of Raven.

Mo Jiawei clearly saw Fang Heng on the other end as well, nodding towards him and saying, "Got it, checked the goods, all good."

Cleriway also nodded at Fang Heng and said, "Brother Fang Heng, we'll go back immediately to help Abe Akaya with the energy absorption."

[Hint: The player has obtained the mission reward from the trade with the tree spirit race. Please fulfill the promise within an hour. If the mission fails, the tree spirit race will reclaim the reward.]

With the confirmation from the game, Fang Heng felt rea.s.sured.


With the trade confirmed, Raven waved his hand lightly. The spatial ripples gradually dissipated in the air.

The hall was now completely clear of all sp.a.w.ns, and all that remained was to wait for Ji Haiting to temporarily shut down the spiritual domain network and clean up any traces of him on the internet.

While there was still some time, Fang Heng began to survey his surroundings, preparing to see if there was anything else he could take with him.

After all, since he was already here, why not take advantage of the opportunity to see if there was anything worth taking?

The central control console, as a whole, was difficult to move.

The blue crystal pillars that the sp.a.w.ns had controlled seemed to be made of decent material.

Breaking them could be an option...

But would forcibly breaking them trigger an alarm?

He didn't want to make things too difficult for his teammate Ji Haiting.

Fang Heng's gaze involuntarily s.h.i.+fted to the side, where

Heli was.

Heli was completely stunned.

How dare he directly kill the sp.a.w.ns!

The sp.a.w.ns weren't easy to deal with, and she didn't dare to imagine how they might retaliate against her.

What's even more strange is that the alarm in the entire research inst.i.tute still hasn't sounded.

What on earth was happening outside?

Heli's face turned pale. Seeing that the others weren't paying attention to her for the moment, she decided to quietly hide in a corner and pretend to be calm.

Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game Chapter 2179 Spikes

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