After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! Chapter 1804: Not Found

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Chapter 1804 - 1804: Not Found

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Li Hua was jealous of Xia He, but not to the extent of wanting to harm Xia He. She just spread gossip and slandered Xia He to vent her frustration. That was until Xia He and Deng Fan got married and led a loving and sweet life, and their life together got better and better. Also, Xia He’s family background was superior to everyone and she got along very harmoniously with her sister-in-law. After that, Li Hua became even more jealous of Xia He.

She could not accept the fact that Xia He could have such a blissful life even after getting married for the second time, while her own life paled in comparison. Her husband drank himself into a stupor every day and would beat her up after that. She did not have the courage to get a divorce and was stuck in this situation.

Many of Xia He’s fans would buy gifts for her. Xia He told the security guard at the door to turn them down, but unknown to Xia He, Li Hua secretly communicated with these fans and told them that she could help them pa.s.s the gifts to Xia He. In the end, she kept all the gifts for herself.

“l… I didn’t…” Li Hua whispered.

“l don’t have that much time to waste, Hurry up and choose a solution. Either you come to the police station with me, or hand over everything that my brother has given you!” Cao Kuan said.

“Are you going to tell us or not! If you don’t, we’ll get the police to search your house!” Xiao Nan shouted angrily.

“l… Cao Zhai gave them to me! He didn’t tell me who the recipient was and just asked me to bring the things in! Doesn’t that mean that those things are for me? Why are all of you looking at me like that! Cao Zhai gave them to me!

Those people gave the things to me! Those gifts are all mine! Not Xia He’s!” Li Hua shouted hysterically.

Bai Dian frowned slightly and looked at Li Hua as she asked, “How many of those gifts meant for Xia He did you take?”

“I didn’t! Those are all mine! Who says those things belong to Xia He! Since those things are all with me, don’t even think about asking me for them!” Li Hua turned to Cao Kuan with a crazy look and said, “You want that necklace? Let me tell you! I’ve already destroyed it! I smashed it! Hahaha! I’ve already smashed it! You won’t be able to see it again!’

“You vicious woman! What did you say!” Cao Kuan widened his eyes and roared angrily. If not for his subordinates stopping him, Cao Kuan would have gone forward to strangle Li Hua.

“Are you telling the truth or not?” Bai Dian asked.

“Of course it’s the truth!” Li Hua said.

“Call the police! Call the police now! Immediately! She has to take out the necklace! Even if it’s smashed up, I want to see the broken pieces!” Cao Kuan shouted agitatedly.

His subordinates hurriedly went forward to restrain all the art troupe members and prevent any of them from leaving. Soon, the police arrived and took everyone away for interrogation. They also searched Li Hua’s house and found many valuable items there. However, the number of items found did not tally with the list of items which the fans said they had given her. Many gifts were not found, including the necklace.

Zou Ming told Xia Wen and Xia He about this matter. Xia He wanted to head down to the police station immediately to take a look. After all, this matter was related to her.

“Where are you going!” Xu Lan shouted from upstairs.

“Mother! Something has happened to the art troupe members! I want to go and take a look!” Xia He said.

“No! If there’s a situation at the art troupe, the troupe leader will take care of it. It’s not as if you can solve the problem. Just stay at home obediently! You can’t go!” Xu Lan said firmly.

“But if 1 don’t go, they will have to stay in the detention center for many days! This matter has nothing to do with them!” Xia He said agitatedly.

“Zou Ming isn’t a fool. He’s been doing this job for so many years, so how can he not know how to deal with these things? People who have nothing to do with the matter will be released in a few days. If there’s anything which concerns you, then you can go and help with the investigation. There’s no point for you to go now. Just stay at home! You’re not allowed to go! If you’re still worried, then ask Xia Wen to go and have a look!” Xu Lan said.

Xia He thought of what Qiao Mei told her and decided not to make Xu Lan angry for the time being. She looked at Xia Wen pitifully and said, “Eldest Brother… Can you help me go and take a look? Bai Dian and Xiao Nan are both at the police station. They’re implicated only because of me. Can you help me?”

“Don’t say silly things. I’m your eldest brother. If I don’t help you, who should I help? Stay at home and wait for news from me. I’ll call you if there’s anything.” Xia Wen walked over to Xia He’s side and whispered, “Don’t make

Mother angry. Bear with it for a little longer. After a while, Mother won’t be so worried anymore..”

After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! Chapter 1804: Not Found

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