After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! Chapter 2045: Relying on Myself

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Chapter 2045: Relying on Myself


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If that happened, it would be considered negligence on his part. If they could not find the culprit who deliberately caused the damage, he would have to compensate for all the losses in the factory. He would not be able to pay it back even if he sold his house!

Huang Quan immediately called the police, who arrived quickly at the factory to carry out an investigation. The results of this investigation were similar to the last time regarding the trucks. The police felt that it was the animals in the mountains which caused the damages and that there was no sabotage involved.

“Then are those machines also dismantled by the animals?” Huang Quan questioned.

The police did not know how to explain this part. After investigating the scene for a long time, they prepared to go back for a meeting to discuss this particular situation.

Everyone in Lian City was waiting to see the Huang family become a joke.

They were all looking forward to what else would happen. The Huang family had behaved very badly in Lian City in recent years and they looked down on everyone, so no one liked the Huang family. Some people even thought that the Huang family must be possessed! Surely they were being pestered by some evil spirits. Otherwise, how could they have lost so much goods in an instant?

At home, Qiao Mei leaned back on the rocking chair and hummed a song as she carried Xia Yue, She had already asked Yao Nian to station himself near the Huang family’s factory to check on things and take photos. She believed that she would get good news by nightfall.

“What has made you so happy? Where have you been the past few days?” Xia Wen said as he stood behind Qiao Mei.

In order to end his business trip as soon as possible, he only slept slightly more than 10 hours over four days and rushed to complete all his tasks. He had done that so that he could return to the capital as soon as possible, worried that the Huang family would do something to harm Qiao Mei and the children.

Unexpectedly, when he returned to the capital, he could not even find Qiao Mei at all. All he could find was news about the Huang family’s misfortunes. It did not take a genius to know who was the person behind it!

Xia Wen was still hoping that he was wrong. However, when he entered the house and saw the pile of machine components in the car, his heart sank.

Qiao Mei did not dare to speak all of a sudden. She sat up timidly with the child in her arms and said, “Nothing much. 1 just played with Xia Yue all this while! ”

“Are the machine components outside meant to be toys for Xia Yue?” Xia Wen asked.

“Those… those… are components I bought for the factory!” Qiao Mei said nervously.

The two of them looked at each other for a long time, but Qiao Mei refused to tell the truth. Xia Wen sighed. He was most scared when she gave him this look, as if she would accept any punishment he gave her. He asked Feng Hua to come over and carry Xia Yue away as he needed to talk to Qiao Mei. “Tell me about how you did those things to the Huang family,” Xia Wen said.

“l didn’t do anything unnecessary. I just took back everything that belonged to me. I didn’t take anything that doesn’t belong to me,” Qiao Mei said relaxedly.

“So you’re the culprit,” Xia Wen said.

“l guess you can say that,” Qiao Mei said.

Over the past few days, Xia Wen had thought of many possibilities while waiting for Qiao Mei to return and had also gotten people to verify many things for him. However, he still did not want to accept the fact that Qiao Mei was the one who did all these things.

After receiving Qiao Mei’s affirmative answer, he almost could not catch his breath. After hesitating for a long time, Xia Wen said, “You’re really bold to come up with such a brazen plan.”

“l… I’m really not very bold. I’m just scheming!” Qiao Mei said with a smile.

“Where did you send that batch of goods?” Xia Wen asked.

Qiao Mei told Xia Wen everything that had happened, except the details about how she stole the goods. After Xia Wen heard about the plan which Qiao Mei executed, he was shocked to the core. It had never occurred to him that it was possible to do something like this.

At the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief for Qiao Mei. Fortunately, the Huang family did not have any evidence of this. This incident involved goods worth almost a million. If it was found out that Qiao Mei was the culprit, she could even get the death penalty!

“You can talk to me about such things in the future. We can solve it together,” Xia Wen said with a slight frown.

“Eldest Brother, what I want to tell you is that I can settle such issues myself in the future,” Qiao Mei said firmly as she looked at Xia Wen.

Although she had to use many of the Xia familys connections to hide information about Li Xin and Liu Guang this time round, and also needed the Xia family’s help with regard to the factory in the south, she would continue to work hard to become stronger in all aspects.

She could not run her business under the umbrella of the Xia family’s protection forever. She wanted to be Boss Qiao and not the third young madam of the Xia family..

After Transmigrating, The Fat Wife Made A Comeback! Chapter 2045: Relying on Myself

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