New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters Chapter 837 - 837 Hurry up and hug his thigh!

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Chapter 837 - 837 Hurry up and hug his thigh!

837 Hurry up and hug his thigh!

Everyone from the blackfiend dragon clan was taken aback when they saw Di Wu Yao and the other eight Princes kneeling down and saying the word ‘beg’ twice.

Immediately, they understood what the eight great crown princes were thinking.

To the blackfiend Dragon, the man in the sky was someone they couldn’t deal with.

Anyone who dared to make a move would definitely end up dead.


He had s.n.a.t.c.hed the sky-crus.h.i.+ng demonic armor and killed the leader of the ancient G.o.d Realm experts. He was already invincible.

At this time, if anyone still wanted to fight him head-on, it was really like hitting a stone with an egg, seeking their own destruction!

She might as well humbly beg him for mercy, and perhaps there would be a chance of survival!

With this in mind, the ten elders and the eighteen Dark Demon sorcerers knelt down and kowtowed devoutly. &Quot;

“Please spare my life, Lord Di Fu!”

“I’m willing to ride an Eagle and dog for Di Fu!”

The millions of Dark Demon Dragon Lions behind him also knelt down like a mountain. They threw away their helmets and armors and knelt on the ground.

“Please spare my life, Lord Di Fu!”

“I’m willing to ride an Eagle and dog for Di Fu!”

Demon monarch mo Luo and the other big shots of the demonic Dao were so shocked by this scene that they were speechless for a long time.

They didn’t expect that the blackfiend dragon clan, which had been in hiding for 300 million years, would choose such a humiliating way to survive.

His gaze s.h.i.+fted and landed on Lin Xuan.

A group of demonic Dao big shots sighed with emotion.

it’s a great honor to be able to witness such a monster subduing the blackfiend Dragon in my lifetime! &Quot;

Lin Xuan looked down at the entire blackfiend Dragon Tribe indifferently. The sword Qi of the primal ancient sword in his hand was retracted, and he was already showing signs of pulling back.

It wasn’t a bad thing for him that the blackfiend dragon clan had surrendered.

He had long known that donghuang Ziyou had allowed the northern profound heavens to trade with many devil nations in the southern region of the heavenly Devil realm.

If the Eastern Region could be stabilized, it would be beneficial to both the southern region and the northern mysterious heavens.

Based on the current situation.

Demon Lord mo Luo and the other big shots of the Eastern Region had the intention to please him. If he could also subdue the blackfiend Dragon, the situation in the Eastern Region would be completely stabilized.

However, Lin Xuan was not in a hurry to agree. Instead, he asked, ”

“Why should I believe you?”

Diwu Yao quickly said, ”

“We can activate the forbidden blood oath of our race to show our loyalty!”

“Sure!” Lin Xuan nodded.

According to the records in the extreme holy book, the blackfiend dragon clan had their own forbidden blood oath.

This was an extremely sinister oath. Once it was activated, it couldn’t be reversed, and one had to abide by the oath for life, or they would die from the pain of being devoured by ten thousand demons.

When Diwu Yao and the others saw Lin Xuan nod his head, they could not help but be overjoyed.

After that, the fifth flash required the 18 Dark Demon sorcerers to attack together and activate the forbidden blood oath.

He wanted everyone to bathe in the power of the blood oath and complete the oath.

When demon monarch mo Luo, Holy Lord Ling Miao, and the other demonic Dao bosses saw this, they hurriedly exchanged looks.

They could see the bright words in each other’s eyes.

Hurry up and hug his thigh!

A group of people quickly stepped forward and saluted, saying in unison, ”

Di Fu subdued the former Overlord of the Eastern Region. It’s really amazing! &Quot;

“Our devil nation is willing to serve you, Di Fu. If Di Fu has any orders, we will definitely go through mountains of daggers and seas of flames without fail!”

Some of these devil nations could be considered big or even super big nations in the Eastern Region.

But in the entire Heavenly Devil World, it was nothing.

This was especially true when compared to the devil kingdoms of the Central Plains, which had vast quant.i.ties of heavenly resources, spirit veins, and Devil Springs. They truly were very ordinary.

Now that Lin Xuan had subdued the brutal and powerful blackfiend dragon race, he had found a very powerful fighter for the Eastern Region.

Since that was the case, they might as well take advantage of the situation and show their submission to Lin Xuan.

On one hand, he could make use of Lin Xuan’s power to stabilize the situation in the Eastern Region, which would benefit the country and the people.

Secondly, the Eastern and Southern regions were neighbors, and they could also increase their exchanges with the many devil nations in the southern region, develop their trade economy, and enhance their National Strength.

With this thought in mind, the demonic Dao bosses looked at Lin Xuan with burning eyes.

Lin Xuan naturally understood what they were thinking and had long guessed that this group of people would make such a statement.

“Sure,” he nodded slightly.

Seeing him nod, demon monarch mo Luo and the other big shots of the demonic path all smiled like flowers.

Seeing that he had gained a lot from this trip to the Eastern Region, not only had he subdued so many forces, but he had also indirectly helped stabilize the situation in the southern region. He had even obtained a celestial artifact like the heaven-defying Demon Armor, so Lin Xuan had no intention of staying.

He then left the blackfiend dragon clan’s territory and returned to the outside of the illusion Fog Canyon.

Out of the canyon, Lin Xuan saw that the demon soldiers of more than 300 countries in the Eastern and Southern regions had actually divided into four huge square formations, occupying the four directions, North, South, East, and West.

Surprisingly, the soldiers in the four phalanxes were in different postures and looked particularly funny.

The soldiers in the eastern square formation all squatted on the ground and grabbed their left and right ears.

The soldiers in the southern square formation were all standing on their own. They crossed their arms in front of their chests and stood there without swaying.

The soldiers in the Western formation were all lying on the ground with their b.u.t.ts raised high.

As for the soldiers of the northern square formation, they put their fingers in their mouths and made funny faces.

Demon Lord mo Luo and the other demon lords were stunned.”This, this, this … What’s going on?”

The soldiers that they had brought out to fight for the Dragon Ball were all elites of their own country.

Many of them were iron-blooded experts who had been on battlefields for a long time and bathed in blood.

None of the demon lords had ever imagined that their soldiers would put on such a jesting pose.

This shocked them to the extreme. Each and every one of them had their mouths and eyes wide open, and their jaws almost dropped.

Lin Xuan landed in the middle of the four formations and looked at Yan Zhu and the rest with love.

At this time, the four little babies were each doing the same action, which was exactly the same as the soldiers behind them.

&Nbsp; ” my babies, ” Lin Xuan asked with a smile, ” are you guys playing the wooden man game? ”

As the perfect dad, Lin Xuan often played games with the little girls.

He was very familiar with this game of wooden figures.

The rules of the game were very simple. Everyone could do whatever they wanted, and when they stopped, they would immediately stop.

This game was very simple to play, but it could develop children’s self-control and reaction ability.

Therefore, once he saw the little ones ‘actions, Lin Xuan immediately knew what game they were playing.

Yan Zhu and the others stopped what they were doing and ran to Lin Xuan’s side with a smile.

daddy is so smart. We’re just playing a game of wooden men! &Quot;

“Additionally, we’ve invited all the other soldiers to play with us and do the same movements as us!”

When the little girls said this, they all raised their little heads with proud expressions.

Lin Xuan shook his head and laughed when he heard that. This bunch of kids were too mischievous!

As for Demon Lord mo Luo and the others, they finally came to a realization after hearing the little girls ‘explanation.

The group of devil nation sovereigns shook their heads and laughed, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. At the same time, they also secretly admired him.

“So the four princesses are playing a game with our soldiers!”

“I have to say, the four princesses are really daring!”

four princesses, each with 2.5 million elites behind them. This should be the largest wooden game in history! &Quot;

“You Cai! You have guts! He had an idea! As expected of Di Fu’s daughter, she was amazing! He’s really amazing!”

New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters Chapter 837 - 837 Hurry up and hug his thigh!

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