My Rich Wife Chapter 2821: Thieving Baldy's Plot

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Chapter 2821: Thieving Baldy’s Plot


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At this extremely fast speed, half of the journey has already pa.s.sed.

This time was several times earlier than before!

“From now on, start allocating manpower to guard the wars.h.i.+p. When you hear the number, be vigilant at the designated location, and remember not to retreat no matter what. Otherwise, you’ll die! Numbers one to twenty are up!”

Leng Yuanxun’s voice spread to everyone’s ears.

“Twenty people on guard?”

Qin Yu furrowed his brows slightly. This seemed a bit exaggerated. These were all top-notch martial artists who had awakened their peak power. Did they need so many people on guard?

“This place is already the boundary between the human race and other races. Perhaps the places you’ve been to before were led by human lords, but after pa.s.sing through here, the human race cannot be considered the dominant race anymore. In these places, a slight carelessness can lead to death with no burial place. Almost all the areas on the map from here to the Divine Silkworm Ridge are dangerous.”

Every Saint Kingdom needed carefully collected intelligence, and Fatty Situ did a good job with this.

He patiently explained to Qin Yu, who was still a novice.


Before Qin Yu could answer, a force like a mountain cras.h.i.+ng down had already swept over.

Two top-notch martial artists nearby joined forces, barely blocking this attack.

Not far away, a nearly ten-meter-tall bull-headed troll had already blocked the path of the s.h.i.+p.

Its blood-red eyes glanced at the ancient s.h.i.+p, and then its huge hooves slammed down fiercely.

The mountains were shattered!

Energy spread through the void and then exploded violently in front of the s.h.i.+p.

The four people in front were instantly blasted back by this tremendous force, but in an instant, someone approached the bull-headed troll.

Its armor emitted a fiery red color, and the scorching temperature could even be felt by Qin Yu in the center of the s.h.i.+p.

Fire armor technique!

Two magical artifacts smashed into this fire armor, melting a piece of it.

The minds of the two top-notch martial artists at their peak power shook, and the damage to their Dharma Treasures also inflicted some harm upon themselves.


The two looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

Did the monster race comprehend such advanced techniques? And it was a bull monster.


A sharp sound rang out as a swordsman took advantage of the bull monster’s residual strength.

A sword pierced out from the void, and the sharp edge of the Spiritual Energy Sword directly pierced through the entire head of the bull-headed troll.

By the time the bull monster fell to the ground, the swordsman had already sheathed his sword and sat back down.

The swordsman, Ling Xue! Dao Consciousness cultivation realm, twelfth level!

Fatty Situ said softly.

This person was someone the Situ family had desperately tried to recruit, but they had never been able to bring him under the family’s command. Therefore, Fatty Situ still had a deep impression of him.

Very strong!

Qin Yu also nodded thoughtfully.

That Spiritual Energy Sword just now was so powerful that it pierced through the bull-headed troll’s defense in an instant.

And this was just the first wave of attacks they encountered. The continuous onslaught afterward made Qin Yu feel horrified.

He had never ventured into these areas before, nor had he expected these alien races to be so fierce.

Even though their side had eighty top-notch martial artists who had awakened their peak power, casualties began to occur continuously.

After suffering seven or eight waves of attacks in the past two days, the team had already lost four people.

these were top-notch martial artists who had awakened their peak power, with only a few among millions.

“The fourth team numbers sixty to eighty, it’s your turn.” Leng Yuanxun’s voice entered Qin Yu’s ears.


A group pa.s.sed by Qin Yu, leaving behind a faint laugh.

Before Qin Yu could react, in the moment when the wars.h.i.+p was shuttling through the void.

Countless blood-red pupils, like lanterns, had already locked onto them within the void.


In an instant, the wars.h.i.+p was struck by one of them.

The wars.h.i.+p tilted at a forty-five-degree angle, almost tipping over.

“Be careful! It’s the netherworld barbarian race!”

Fatty Situ’s expression turned serious as he reminded Qin Yu.

Before he could speak, the netherworld barbarian race had already launched their attack.

In an instant, countless streams of light shuttled through the void, then swiftly attacked the group.


The body slammed heavily into Qin Yu, causing intense pain in his bones.

His entire body was sent flying, the violent force tearing through most of his chest.

Before he could react, the figure had already stopped above him.

Then, like a meteorite, it crashed down towards him.

Oh no!

Qin Yu’s expression changed drastically. With the power of sealing G.o.ds on him now, he couldn’t possibly unleash powerful spells.

If he were hit by this strange force, his divine body would likely be exposed.

“Primal Chaos Flame!”

Qin Yu unsealed the Primal Chaos Flame.

Under his divine sense of control, the Primal Chaos Flame attached to his fist.

Then, with a single punch, he incinerated the Primordial Chaos Barbarian in front of him into ashes.

Wow! That was awesome, Boss!

Fatty Situ exclaimed.

The Primal Chaos Flame is one of the top divine flames. Normally, people use the Cold Dew of Heaven and Earth to protect themselves. But Qin Yu was able to control it and attach it to his fist.

Everything else was left to fate, but Qin Yu could control it attached to his fist.

What a monstrous power of the soul! This is the unparalleled divine flame in this world!

Before Qin Yu could react, three black shadows thundered down on his back.

The terrifying force directly smashed Qin Yu onto the ancient s.h.i.+p, causing the s.h.i.+p and Qin Yu to be pushed back thousands of meters.

A large amount of blood mixed with internal organs was violently vomited out!

Qin Yu emitted a faint Night Qi, slowly transferring the damage.

His eyes were bloodshot, firmly suppressing the power of sealing.

If this force were to emanate, then the secret of his body’s immortality would not be preserved.

Being as eerie as he was, he would probably be targeted by these people.

Therefore, he could only use the weakest Night Qi to slowly heal himself, and he also had to avoid being discovered by the Invest.i.ture of G.o.ds. Otherwise, he would be in an irreversible situation.

“The power of the Dao of Dreams?”

Leng Yuanxun glanced at Qin Yu, seemingly surprised.

On the other hand, Jiang Shengling, who had been reading all along, made no move, as if everything happening here had nothing to do with him.

“What the h.e.l.l, that’s where you, you bald monk, were stationed. Did you deliberately let them come over?” Fatty Situ cursed angrily.

At the last moment, it was Yi Xing’s sudden dodge.

This was what allowed Qin Yu to be attacked by three netherworld barbarians. Fatty Situ couldn’t bear it anymore.

“The power of these three beasts erupted suddenly, far exceeding my defense. Dodging was also an involuntary move, but if they succeeded in their ambush, shouldn’t we also say that your vigilance was lacking?”

Yi Xing chuckled and returned to his original position as if nothing had happened.

“Numbers one to twenty, change guard!” Leng Yuanxun intervened, stopping the dispute.

“Boss, are you okay?” Fatty Situ asked anxiously.

My Rich Wife Chapter 2821: Thieving Baldy's Plot

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