Card Apprentice Daily Log Chapter 1839 Extremism

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Chapter 1839 Extremism

?Date- 17 April 2321

Time- 10:43

Location- Card World, Southern Region, Blossom District, Sky Blossom City, TSR Guild Headquarters, Blood Rock Caves gate dungeon, Seed World, VR Universe

"No, I just keep forgetting that you too have a high privilege level," Wyatt was not taunting Agatha but being truthful. Agatha did not come off as someone with high authority. Maybe it was because of the casual way she carried herself.

"I can't believe you are still in the mood to make jokes," Agatha took Wyatt's words as a compliment as she did not want to be mistaken as a stuck-up boogie sn.o.b.

"This is bad, very bad," Asong muttered to herself.

"Don't worry with the world knowing about him, he could not be as brazen as before and get caught sooner or later," Wyatt a.s.sured Asong. Even if the world leaders prove to be helpless against Gideon Grim's tricks, his tricks would not work in front of Wyatt. It was only about time Gideon Grim made a mistake and Wyatt would be there waiting like the Grim Reaper.

"I am not worried about that manic, I am worried about the central government using this moment to once again push the origin card registration bill," Asong revealed her true concern. It was not the Gideon Grim or the possibility of a second demon invasion but the central government making it mandatory for the card apprentice to register their origin card.

"Not this again, the consequence of the implementation of the Trait and Pysique regulation bill has been devastating. The world has lost count of how many talented card apprentices with humble backgrounds have been kidnapped or stripped from their families by big organizations. If they start forcing card apprentices to register their origin card the consequences will be most dire for the commoners once again," Agatha voiced with strong hatred and disgust. It seems she has a history in this scenario.

Listening to Agatha, Wyatt recalled his police chief Denise's daughter whom Morningstar University had forced to leave behind her single mother and only contact her limited amounts of time that too under supervision. These conditions might seem harsh but they were nothing compared to what the Morningstar University originally had planned. If not for Mama Wyatt pulling some strings, Denise would have to forget that she ever had a daughter, to begin with.

"Origin card registration bill? My father would never allow the government to pa.s.s it," Aba suddenly spoke up. It was clear to everyone that her dad's origin card was very special and its true info was only known to him and him alone. If he had been forced to register his origin card at the beginning then he would not be the bigshot he was today.

"I don't think this time our previous measures will work," Asong shook her head in dismay knowing this incident with Gideon Grim would allow the government and royal families to practice extremism under the disguise of protection of humankind.

The last time the government tried to introduce the origin card registration bill many opposed especially those with humble origin as the origin card was their one small shot of achieving greatness in a single leap not bound by their birth and wealth. If the government were to start registering their origin cards then pretty soon they would start regulating their origin cards, giving the rich and n.o.ble to target the poor and commoners.

Yes, the rich and n.o.ble had access to better card creators and ingredients but the baptism of an origin card could not be controlled by anyone. Thanks to baptism the origin cards that were poorly made or seemed of little use still had a shot of s.h.i.+ning brilliantly thanks to the baptism.

"I did not think that far ahead," Wyatt said, he had no idea that revealing Gideon Grim and hinting to the world about a possible second demon invasion would have such consequences. Doing the alternative would be irresponsible of him. The world needs to prepare for the demon invasion it was going to happen sooner than later.

Wyatt had no idea when the Seven Princes of the h.e.l.l faction would take care of their other jobs and gather their forces to solely focus on invading Card World but thanks to the time zone difference the Card World now had time to at least brace themselves for the demon invasion.

"The origin card registration bill is just the start, there is no bound to the extremism the government can go to ensure its reign over the Card World for as long as possible," Asong blurted amidst her chaotic thoughts imagining every possible thing that could go wrong because of this.

"..." Listening to Asong's words Wyatt felt that Asong might have uncovered the secret that had her killed in the Clown Mask's alternate future vision. That means she might already be on the Central government, Supreme Leader, and Matron's watch list.

Wyatt wanted to warn her about them but he did not because knowing Asong, she would not just take his word for it instead she would not only ask him for proof but might get herself killed early trying to dig deeper and uncover the truth behind the web of lies running the current government. Still, Wyatt could not see one of his precious networks that he just added to simply die. He will have to warn her of the dangers surrounding her life in some other way.

"Laura, you can't spread what you learned here outside. Do you understand?" Asong warned Laura sternly seeing her use Aba's grimoire network to learn about Gideon Grim and his deeds.

"Madam, rest a.s.sured, I know the severity of this situation and will not reveal or talk about it outside," Laura a.s.sured Asong. Actually, she wished she wouldn't have let her curiosity get the better of her as she was better off not knowing this information. Now, she could not be able to sleep knowing that everything she held dear could be gone anytime.

Card Apprentice Daily Log Chapter 1839 Extremism

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