Affinity: Chaos Chapter 1025 I'll Come Back For You

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Chapter 1025 I’ll Come Back For You

Grey watched this scene while breathing heavily, although he had been hiding it, blocking so many of the Prince's attacks had taken a large toll on him. He had no issues with his essence reserves, what was troubling him was the impact of each attack after he blocked it. Even with his strong physique, he still had problems with taking such powerful impacts. This showed the large difference between an Elemental Venerable and a Sage Plane Elementalist.

It was almost unheard of that a Sage Plane Elementalist would be able to exchange blows with an Elemental Venerable, but Grey was doing it with ease. Even though the Prince was only in the First stage, he was one of the people that would be cla.s.sified as a strong First stage Elemental Venerable. Most people in the same stage would have problems fighting against him.

If Grey were to fight against a weak Elemental Venerable at the First stage, he wouldn't have too many problems dealing with them, he might even be able to win against them.

The Prince slammed into the ground and the other chaos...o...b.. crashed into the ground, exploding as well.

Grey started to make other orbs around him as well, just in case the Prince rushed out to attack him.

Before the explosion died down, he sensed an anomaly behind him and without thinking, he tossed three chaos...o...b.. in that direction. A figure who had cracks all over his body stepped out of a spatial tunnel and was once again hit by multiple chaos...o...b...

The figure was the Prince who was able to escape from the attack. Although he was still alright, Grey didn't miss the cracks that were on his body.

'Those are not the injuries caused by my attack.' He was no fool. With a single glance, he knew what was happening.

The realm was slowly taking effect on the body of the Prince. Since he came to a lower realm, he would naturally start to suffer. Things only started to move faster due to his battle with Grey.

The Prince was pushed back by the orbs, but he wasn't too affected by them.

He looked at Grey with infuriated eyes, "I'll kill you before I go back."

"You meant to say you will die before you can kill me." Grey corrected him with a matter-of-fact tone.

They had both been fighting for some time, the Prince already knew he couldn't kill Grey, and Grey also knew he could at most cause some slight injuries to the Prince, but nothing too serious. His greatest a.s.set right now was the realm. As long as the realm exists, all he needed to do was to delay the Prince and the realm would do the rest.

The Prince snorted coldly after Grey's statement before charging forward once again.

He was about to attack when he suddenly felt a powerful pull, with his strength, he stood his ground and looked at Grey with a menacing look. Grey gave him a mischievous smile as he tossed some chaos...o...b.. in his direction and fled.

Grey didn't want to exchange blows with the Prince any longer, he was already starting to feel the brunt of his internal injuries.

The Prince chased after him, dodging the orbs that were sent in his direction. Grey continued running as he tossed a few orbs in his direction.

Grey was extremely fast, exceeding the expectations of the Prince. Having both the lightning and wind elements that could boost his strength, it was not even a joke to say that he was faster than a few First stage Elemental Venerables.

The Prince was once again shocked by Grey's abilities.

"d.a.m.n it! Where did someone like him come from?" He cursed as he gave chase.

What was worse was that whenever he was getting closer to Grey, Grey would suddenly teleport a large distance, once again creating a gap. He was agitated because he could see that the realm's effect on him was increasing. If things stayed this way, he would not be able to catch Grey.

Just when he was thinking of giving up, he heard Grey's mocking words, followed by him tossing three things at him. At first, he thought they were chaos...o...b.., but only after he got close to them did he realize what they were.

"You animal! If I don't kill you I'll never have peace!" The Prince roared in anger and once again gave chase with rejuvenated motivation.

The three items fell to the ground, each of them was the head of someone from the Gnome race. Killing them was not enough, Grey went on to remove their heads and use them as he pleases. The Prince was incensed, the Gnome race would not take this lying!

Of course, he had to catch Grey first before he could exert revenge. Grey was very fast, too fast for someone in the Sage Plane.

Grey didn't bother with the Prince, all he did was run, say a few curse words, toss a few heads, and occasionally a few chaos...o...b...

The Prince had been able to catch up to him on two occasions, but after just two blows, Grey would instantly flee.

The Prince knew Grey's plan, but he was helpless against him.

After a few more minutes, the Prince was forced to stop. He couldn't stay here any longer. His entire body had cracks all over, but he hadn't even been able to do anything to Grey.

He had been chasing for almost ten minutes, yet nothing. He felt regretful and humiliated. How can an Elemental Venerable be bested by a Sage Plane Elementalist, it was simply unheard of. If news of this were to spread, he would be mocked by everyone. His chances of even ascending the throne might even be destroyed.

"d.a.m.n it! I'll come back for you." He said and turned around.

Grey tried to mock him a few times, but the Prince didn't stay.

A few seconds after the Prince left, he spat out a mouthful of blood before floating to the ground. His innards were a mess, and he was bleeding from even his ears. He had been hiding it all this while, the moment the Prince left, he let everything out.

Affinity: Chaos Chapter 1025 I'll Come Back For You

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