I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head Chapter 2066: Jun Tianci Reappears?

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Chapter 2066: Jun Tianci Reappears?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yang Dengxian had long understood that the conflict between the Flying Celestials and the Destiny Sect was getting more and more intense. It was not the first time that the two sides had clashed in various fields.

Over the years, their hostility had only grown more intense!

It was because the compet.i.tiveness between the two sects in various fields had only increased over the years!

Even if they didn’t fall out with each other, they were only missing a layer of skin before they would start fighting.

For many years, they had maintained their bottom lines without breaking it!

This time, the Destiny Sect was the first to shed all pretense of cordiality and wanted to kill Chu Hongcai. Even if they died here, they had nothing to say. This was also one of the rules.

Moreover, the person who attacked was not an expert from the Flying Celestials. Instead, it was an unknown expert who had suddenly appeared, despite his slightly familiar attacks.

However, just as Yang Dengxian was still in shock, a terrifying bolt of lightning suddenly tore through the sky and caught up to the Destiny Sect elder who was trying to flee.

It was just a simple strike, but it had pierced through the elder and nailed him in the air.

This scene was too shocking, and it immediately scared the remaining two experts of the Destiny Sect.

At this point, besides Xiang Feiyun’s original protector, there was only Li Yuanjia left.

Just as Yang Dengxian was about to hold Li Yuanjia back, Xiang Feiyun’s protector suddenly exploded. He broke through Chu Hongcai’s protector’s blockade and directly in front of Yang Dengxian, forcing him back in one fell swoop.

The old protector said to Li Yuanjia, “Hurry up and leave. I’ll stop him!”

“As long as I’m alive, your family will be glorious!” Li Yuanjia said without turning his head.

Afterward, his figure instantly fled without stopping. The old protector was about to erupt with his last bit of energy to fight Yang Dengxian.

However, a blue light descended from the sky and pierced through his body. The defensive barrier and magic tools he had shattered in an instant. He had no ability to resist at all and was pierced to death.

However, his face revealed a gratified expression. As long as Li Yuanjia escaped, his family would not decline.

Although the Destiny Sect was a colossus, it was also divided into different forces, branches, and families. It was like a hodgepodge.

His existence was the pillar of his family. With his strength, he wanted to personally become Xiang Feiyun’s protector because he had taken a fancy to his potential. In the future, it was almost the instinct of many experts in Grand Xia to help his family advance.

They were born in their clans and sects, and they rose up in those same places. Therefore, they were destined to risk everything for their clans and sects in this life.

However, at the same time, there were many internal struggles for power in the Destiny Sect. Without him, the benefits that his family had swallowed would be forced out and they would never be able to turn things around.

However, with Li Yuanjia’s care, everything was different. He could rest in peace.

Since he was going to die anyway, it was better to die for something more valuable.

However, in the next moment, he saw something that made his eyes widen in anger. Li Yuanjia, who had just escaped, was frozen in midair as if he was bound by a huge force.

A huge foot stomped down along with endless netherworld water.


Li Yuanjia tried his best to defend himself, but when faced with the foot, he was unable to resist. His body was crushed by it.

The old protector let out a miserable cry before dying, “l can’t accept this!” At this point, all of the Destiny Sect’s experts had been wiped out.

The entire battlefield was deathly silent. The experts in Zhongzhou were frightened by this terrifying ma.s.sacre.

Before this, they had clearly seen Li Yuanjia run far away. Logically speaking, he should have been able to escape. However, he was caught by Chu Yunfan in an instant. Everyone only saw a beam of light streaking across the sky. In the next moment, Chu Yunfan caught up with Li Yuanjia and trampled him into pieces.

Not only was there a difference in strength between the two sides but also an absolute difference in speed. That was why Chu Yunfan could easily catch up.

“He’s way too strong and terrifying. I’m afraid the Destiny Sect is going to go crazy!’

Many people couldn’t help but say with their mouths agape. The sect had lost so many experts in one go, and they had even lost two of their top geniuses, Li Yuanjia and Xiang Feiyun. They would probably explode the moment they received the news.

Everyone could imagine how furious they would be when they found out. With their strength, the entire world would probably tremble.Please visit fr??wn.?o? website to read fastest update

Especially since this matter was related to the Flying Celestials Sect, the confrontation between the two giants would be even more terrifying.

Although the Destiny Sect was in the this time and set up an ambush to deal with Chu Hongcai, they didn’t expect that not only did they fail to kill him, but they would also suffer a huge loss.

However, the Destiny Sect had always been one where those who obeyed would prosper, and those who resisted would die. How could they give up so easily?

Even if they were facing a behemoth like the Flying Celestials, who was also one of the top ten forces, they would not let this matter rest so easily.

Suddenly, just as the protector was about to die, a terrifying aura was released from his body. Then, a figure drilled out of his body.

An extremely cold voice rang, “Who is it? How dare they attack my successor?” Then, a handsome man appeared before everyone.

“That… Isn’t Jun Tianci, is it?” someone said with uncertainty because this person looked very much like Jun Tianci.

However, everyone knew that Jun Tianci couldn’t possibly be here, so this person looked very strange.

Especially since he had come out of the corpse of Xiang Feiyun’s protector. All of this seemed so bizarre.

“That’s Jun Tianci!”

There were also people who were very certain that the person who had appeared was Jun Tianci. His face was too impressive. With his ident.i.ty, strength, and status, who would dare to impersonate him and deceive people? Wasn’t that just asking for death?

“It really is him!”

At this moment, Yang Dengxian had just recovered from the joy of Li Yuanjia’s death when he realized the ident.i.ty of the person in front of him. Wasn’t he Jun Tianci?

The others had never seen the man before, so they could only make vague guesses. However, Yang Dengxian had seen Jun Tianci before, so he was all too familiar with the latter’s aura..

I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head Chapter 2066: Jun Tianci Reappears?

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