Second World Chapter 1762 Spear Against Axe

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Chapter 1762 Chapter 1762. Spear Against Axe

?Jeanny's Brave Thrust let loose a piercing golden light that traveled forward. This golden light penetrated Abasi's chest and shot out from his back. Abasi gritted his teeth and prevented himself from screaming out in pain. He lost a good deal of HP from the thrust.

When Jeanny tried to retract her spear, she found she was unable to. Abasi had grabbed her spear. Under the Enhanced Berserk, Abasi was especially strong. Jeanny couldn't budge her spear.

While Jeanny's weapon was disabled, Abasi swung his giant axe with one hand. The axe conjured a giant flaming axe image.

Jeanny reacted by kicking Abasi's axe-wielding arm. Her foot connected with the wrist, stopping his swing. The giant axe was stopped, but the flaming axe image was not. It was a skill that activated when Abasi started swinging. Even when Abasi's real swing was stopped, the a.s.sault from the skill continued.

The flaming axe image struck Jeanny. She was thrown backward from the impact, but her body failed to move away because Abasi still held her spear.

Abasi made another slash while Jeanny was still reeling. It was just a standard attack but it was damaging enough.

Abasi made his third slash. Jeanny had recovered enough by then. She used Domain of Spears. Numerous spears thrust out of the ground, hitting Abasi. At the same time, her leg went up and stopped Abasi mid-swing again. This time, the swing was a standard attack so nothing hit her. Her feet continued and struck the side of Abasi's temple.

When Abasi was staggered by her kick, she used one hand to make a series of quick finger stabs at Abasi's pressure points. As she landed her finger stabs, she was surprised to find a layer of energy prevented her finger stabs from completely penetrating those pressure points. The protective layer was not a skill. It was mana manipulation. She was again astonished by Abasi's mastery of martial arts.

She received another slash. Players didn't have as high an HP as natives. Her HP bar was down to below half after those three slashes. Abasi made a fourth swing, which at the same time conjured five flaming shadowy axes.

Even though Jeanny failed to completely penetrate Abasi's pressure points, he was still somehow affected. Jeanny could feel Abasi's grip on her spear slightly weakened. She used Beacon of Hope. Her lost HP recovered and she received a boost in power.

Her boost was not as absurd as Jack's Strength of Hope, but it was enough for her current situation. She heaved with all her strength. Her spear tore out of Abasi's grip. She backflipped just before the five flaming shadowy axes rained down on her. Those axes missed her and struck the ground, leaving flaming marks.

Abasi wasn't willing to let Jeanny go. He used Jump a.s.sault. His jump covered a long distance. He arrived above Jeanny in a split second.

Jeanny was aware of the attack. She performed the footsteps of eight diagram illusory steps. She sidestepped out of harm's way as Abasi's giant flaming axe came cleaving from above. She didn't just evade. While sidestepping, her body spun. Her spear followed her spin, making a wide swing that counterattacked Abasi by hitting the back of his knees just as he landed.

Abasi's knees buckled from the strike. Jeanny didn't waste the opportunity. She sidestepped again to Abasi's back while sending fast stabs at his weak points. When Abasi tried to swing at her, her stab hit his arm and stopped his swing. Abasi tried to turn to face her, but she deftly switched her position to stay at his back while sending stabs to limit his movements.

Her precise technique allowed her to control Abasi's movements, turning the flow of combat in her favor. Abasi's HP was steadily ground without him having the chance to retaliate. This frustrated the orc warlord a great deal.

He expressed his frustration by slamming his great axe into the ground. The slam was one of his big skills that just came off cooldown. The ground cracked and a localized earthquake was produced. This earthquake dealt earth damage to Jeanny and unbalanced her. She could no longer maintain her perfect control of Abasi.

Abasi swung backward and used another skill. A flaming tornado erupted right from below Jeanny. She was thrown into the sky while being whirled around in the tornado, all the while receiving fire damage. She activated her wings tool. With her strength boosted by the Beacon of Hope, she tore away from the tornado.

Once she was free, she used Radiant Javelin. Ten javelins appeared. She threw these ten Javelins at Abasi while flying in the sky.

Abasi also had a wings tool. He spread his wings while using martial arts to deflect all the javelins. He then took to the sky and chased after Jeanny.

Jeanny lost HP again from the earlier two skills, but her Beacon of Hope was still active. It gave her increased HP recovery, even if not as much as Grace's Generosity of Hope. She flew with evasive maneuvers while letting her HP slowly recover.

"Coward!" Abasi shouted in frustration because Jeanny kept on evading him.

Jeanny wasn't taunted. She chose to fight smart. She didn't have high HP pool like Abasi. Every HP counted. She only clashed with Abasi when he almost caught up.

When her HP had refilled to around seventy percent, she turned back and reengaged Abasi. She used Spears of the Legionnaires. Ten golden spears appeared around her and thrust at Abasi accompanied by her stab.

"You are not the only one with this trick!" Abasi roared.

Ten flaming axes appeared around him. Different than the five shadowy axes from before, these tens weren't a one-time a.s.sault. The ten flaming axes revolved around him and struck the golden spears that came.

Spears and Axes clashed endlessly while Jeanny and Abasi exchanged multiple moves in the sky. Jeanny's control was better but Abasi was more ferocious. Each of his strikes was delivered with the determination to end Jeanny's life. Jeanny remained calm despite the intimidation. She made use of Abasi's reckless style and ended up landing more hits on him than he on her.

Second World Chapter 1762 Spear Against Axe

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