Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 666

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Chapter 666

“Is there a Dragon Ball on this planet that you mentioned?” Goat Moro’s thin face looked towards the King Cold soldier.. Because his vitality could not be replenished, the voice of Goat Moro was very weak.

The alien immediately replied, “Don’t worry, Lord Moro. The news is absolutely reliable. The Dragon Ball of Planet Namek can fulfill any wish. Back then, King Cold wanted to seize their Dragon Ball, but because King Hilch was the first to arrive, he could only take the second best and go to another planet.”

This universe did not know that it was King Cold who had deliberately given up on the Dragon Ball of Planet Namek.

Moro nodded his head when he heard this. His urgent mood was slightly relaxed. He glanced at the vast and desolate New Planet Namek. He waved his hand, and suddenly, countless s.h.i.+ning white energies emerged from the ground, gathering into a dazzling energy ball.

Moro opened his mouth and swallowed the energy in one gulp. His expression became relaxed.

“Lord Moro, you are…” The alien around him were stunned.

“It’s just a little energy replenishment. There aren’t many lives on this planet, but the vitality contained in the planet is extremely abundant.” After eating a life energy ball, Moro looked a bit younger, but his limbs were still extremely thin.

“This, so it’s like this…” The alien laughed dryly.

When Zamasu, who was hiding behind a rock, saw Moro casually absorb the energy on the planet, his face turned ugly. “That is the energy that Supreme Kai gave the planet of life, and it was actually extracted by someone…” He looked at the young child from Planet Namek beside him and instructed, “Those who want to live, don’t make a sound. Put away your ki.”

“Yes.” The young children of Planet Namek held their breaths, their auras restrained like the same plant.

Zamasu took a deep breath. His eyes were focused on Moro. His chest felt as if there was a huge mountain pressing down on it. The other party’s goal was the Dragon Ball. The New Planet Namek had finally summoned an unprecedented disaster because of the existence of the Dragon Ball.

“Hmph, after not moving around in the universe for such a long time, the number of humans has multiplied. Many planets are able to see traces of humans.”

“That’s right. After all, Lord Moro has not appeared for more than a thousand years.” The alien smiled apologetically.

Moro glanced at him indifferently. “If the situation you obtained is true, I will reward you properly after I obtain the Dragon Ball, so I will admit that you are really working for me. Yes, the village below is where Namekians lives. Go and bring over their Dragon Ball.”

“Yes, sir.”

The alien came to their senses and jumped into the village where Namekian lived.

The Namekians had long noticed the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p that had landed on Planet Namek. When they saw the sudden strangers and sensed the evil aura from them, the elders of the village had gathered the young warriors.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

The cold voice of King Cold’s former subordinates rang out, “Old man, hurry up and hand over your Dragon b.a.l.l.s so that Lord Moro won’t get angry and implicate this planet.”

The elder’s face sank. “There is nothing here that you are looking for. We do not welcome you. Please leave immediately.”

Just as the alien was about to curse, Goat Moro’s skinny palm pressed down on his body. “Don’t talk nonsense with them. The Dragon Ball must be in their room. It should be there…” His hand pointed to the largest house in the village. There was a different energy there.

The Namekians elder’s expression changed.

That was the place where the Dragon Ball was enshrined.

He stood in front of Moro and shouted to the young warriors in the village, “Protect the Dragon Ball. Don’t let the evil people get it.”

“Yes.” A row of more than ten young Namekians stood out.

Moro looked at the people from Planet Namek who had stepped forward and smiled coldly. He looked at them as if they were looking at a joke. The long white beard on his neck trembled. “Hahaha, a mere ant dares to block my way. Although his strength has dropped drastically after being sealed for ten million years, it is still easy for him to deal with you.”

After he finished speaking, his cold gaze swept over the Namekians. He was as sharp as an eagle. One of his feet stomped on the ground, causing the ground to shake.

Some of the Namekians were unsteady on their feet from the tremors. White light flew out from the bodies of Namekians landed in Moro’s hand. As the energy flew out, the eyes of the Namekians turned white and they all fell to the ground.

“Orr, Casta, Bennis, what happened to you?”

The elder shouted anxiously. He quickly checked the situation of Namekians. When he found that they had all lost any signs of life, his expression could not help but turn ugly.

“What exactly did you do?”

“It’s nothing. I just let them turn into the energy in my body. It is their honor to be able to contribute a portion of my strength to my awakening.” The Goat Moro said, looking down on his life.

The elder’s eyes went black, and his hands trembled as he glared at Moro.

Others might not know how Moro had arrived, but Zamasu, who had witnessed all of this, saw it clearly. His throat was a little dry. “That monster… can actually seize other people’s life force. No, not just humans. If you get close to him, all objects will lose their life force!”

As a Supreme Kai Apprentice, even if his power was sealed, his understanding of life force did not decrease at all.

Supreme Kai’s job was to give a large amount of life energy to various planets in the universe to maintain the life force of the universe. This demon-like goat in front of him was the complete opposite. It had the ability to remove the life energy of others.

Where did this monster come from?

“Maybe it will be a disaster that will affect the entire universe!” Zamasu said in shock.

After swallowing the life energy in one gulp, Moro’s eyes lit up. Just as he was about to start a ma.s.sacre, dozens of strong rays of light suddenly came from the sky. These rays of light kept coming closer and closer, and their auras became stronger.

In fact, every single line of Namekian was light. Relying on the naturally-born fusion ability of Namekian, the Namekian Warriors who had sensed the attack of a strong enemy rushed over from all directions and continuously fused into a single individual.

When Moro and the elder were present, there was only one.

“Trea, you are finally here!” The elder was surprised.

“Don’t worry, Elder. With me here, I won’t let evil people harm the Namekians.”

Trea was one of the best among the younger generation of the Namekians. He was also a rare Namekian Warrior. After fusing with dozens of compatriots, the energy on his body increased by dozens. Even when facing Super Saiyan, he had the courage to speak.

“Oh, an interesting one came.”

Moro’s expression did not change. His stiff face was as expressionless as a dried corpse.

“Cough, Lord Moro, this lowly one is not here to disturb you. Let’s go look for the dragon pearl first.” Moro, who had come with him, coughed dryly and dodged far away. Rather than saying that he was looking for the Dragon Ball, it was more accurate to say that he had foreseen how far the danger could hide.

Moro looked at him expressionlessly and ignored him.

“You have quite a bit of life energy on you, so I will accept it.” After saying that, Goat Moro’s figure suddenly blurred, leaving behind an afterimage, and he had already run off to who knows where.

What a fast speed, a thought flashed through his mind.

Trea’s eyes kept turning, searching for traces of Goat Moro. Suddenly, his body felt a chill.

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 666

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