Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor Chapter 2035: He has the king physique

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Chapter 2035: He has the king physique

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Ji Tian’s eyes were extremely cold. Six worlds emerged and a terrifying aura kept charging at Lu Ming like a Gale.

now, you don’t have the chance to admit defeat!

Ji Tian said coldly.

“Who said I’m going to admit defeat? It’s really laughable. From the beginning to the end, I never said that I would admit defeat. Can you not make wild guesses?”

Lu Ming pursed his lips.

that’s good. 1’11 make you kneel in the fighting ring and beg for mercy!

Ji Tian said coldly. He took a step forward and the six worlds moved with him. He did not seem to be fast, but he was actually extremely fast. In an instant, he was in front of Lu Ming.


With a punch, one of the blood prison worlds was blasted out along with Ji Tian’s fist radiance. It was as if a sea of blood had enveloped Lu Ming, and the smell of blood filled his nose.


Lu Ming’s fist crackled and black Lightning cauldrons filled the air as he threw a punch.


The two fists collided, and the sky was like a huge drum, shaking violently. Rings of lightning and blood burst out in all directions.

A figure flickered and stepped on the fighting ring, retreating continuously.

The person who retreated was Ji Tian.

The scene suddenly quieted down. Countless people were dumbfounded and looked at the fighting ring in disbelief.

Lu Ming had actually forced Ji Tian to retreat with one punch in a head-on confrontation. How was this possible? what was going on?

Lu Ming’s cultivation base was only at the peak of the absolute Saint realm, which was weaker than Ji Tian’s. Moreover, he did not have a King body. How could he defeat Ji Tian?

This was simply unbelievable!

“Ji Tian, don’t be careless. Use more strength!”

At that moment, the you family Master’s Voice spread throughout the entire area.

What he meant was that Ji Tian was too careless and did not use his full strength. That was why he was forced to retreat by Lu Ming.

Many people nodded. That should be the case. Otherwise, how could Lu Ming have defeated Ji Tian?

However, Ji Tian’s eyes were extremely solemn, and his heart was in turmoil.

The others thought that he had been careless. Only he knew how powerful Lu Ming’s punch was.

The Saint energy was not any weaker than his. The power of Lu Ming’s spirit body was even more terrifying.

He did not use his full strength just now, but Lu Ming’s strength had indeed shocked him.

“Six h.e.l.l fiend fist!”

Ji Tian let out a long roar and the six worlds burst out with different auras, which turned into a terrifying fist force that rushed toward Lu Ming.

Its power was indeed much stronger than before.


Lu Ming did not retreat at all. He stepped forward and threw another punch. Every punch was filled with lightning, wrapping around Lu Ming’s fists. His fist radiance was like lightning.

Bang! Bang!

The two of them fought with speed and exchanged dozens of moves in the blink of an eye. Their Qi shot out and rumbled continuously.

However, Lu Ming did not show any weakness. Instead, he seemed to have the upper hand.

This time, everyone was stunned.

Everyone, including the you family and the Luo family, was shocked.

Even the patriarchs of the two clans and some of the true Emperor realm experts were extremely shocked.

He did not have a King body and his cultivation was one level weaker, but he was able to fight with Ji Tian. Even they had never heard of such combat strength.

“So strong?”

Luo Xuan, Wu Xi, and the others were dumbfounded at first, but their eyes lit up soon after.

They knew that Lu Ming had a King body and could control the king path law. Now that he did not use the king path law, he was able to fight Ji Tian. Once he used the king path law, he might really win.

They had originally thought that there was no hope, but now, they saw hope.

You ning’s expression was extremely ugly. She was very unhappy because Lu Ming was her man in the beginning but he was later expelled by her.

it’s useless no matter how strong he is. What I want is the final victory. Ji Tian still has the light of law that he has yet to use, so he will definitely win. I’m not wrong to choose Ji Tian!

You ning warned himself in his heart.


Lu Ming and Ji Tian exchanged another blow and both of them retreated.

The difference was that Lu Ming took five steps back while Ji Tian took seven steps back.

Ji Tian’s face was particularly gloomy.

He had a King physique, yet he had to fight Lu Ming to this extent. He had lost a lot of face today. Today, he would wash away his shame with Lu Ming’s blood.

“Lu Ming, your combat strength has indeed exceeded my expectations. However, you’re still going to lose!”

let’s go! Ji Tian shouted. The light of laws emanated and surrounded him, making his aura stronger.


With the support of the light of the law, Ji Tian’s aura increased greatly. He threw a punch and the six worlds moved with the punch, pressing down on Lu Ming.

Lu Ming swung his fist and collided with Ji Tian again.


Lu Ming seemed to have been hit by a terrifying force and his figure drifted backward.

“What a pity!”

The Luo family’s expert sighed.

If Ji Tian had not cultivated the light of law, the Luo family would have had a great chance of winning this battle.

However, Ji Tian had cultivated the light of law. Unless the Son of Heaven appeared or someone from the younger generation had entered the Emperor-to-be realm, no one was Ji Tian’s match.

However, how many children of G.o.d were there in the entire land of myriad demons?

Even the youluo demonic kingdom did not have any Emperor-to-be below the age of fifty.

The others also shook their heads slightly, thinking that Lu Ming would definitely lose.

“Kneel down!”

Ji Tian had gained the upper hand in one move. His momentum was like a rainbow as he continued to press down on Lu Ming. He wanted to defeat Lu Ming in one go.

“The light of law is indeed powerful!”

Lu Ming pursed his lips, his expression still very calm.

At this time, he raised his hand and pointed with a finger.

There was no black Lightning. Instead, it was filled with countless runes.


The endless runes formed a true dragon. The true dragon roared at the sky and pounced at Ji Tian.


The true Dragon’s Dragon Claw tore apart Ji Tian’s fist force, and dense runes filled the air.

Ji Tian roared in shock, and the six worlds kept shaking. All kinds of auras burst out and blocked the endless runes.

“The law of the king path, you have the king physique!”

Ji Tian’s angry roar resounded through the entire scene.

Silence! The scene fell into a deathly silence.

Everyone was dumbfounded and in disbelief.

The king physique. Lu Ming actually had the king physique?

Then why did he use the demonic lightning law just now?

A person who could control two types of laws? How was that possible? He wasn’t a martial Supreme.

Many people realized that their brains had short-circuited.

However, when they saw the dense runes surrounding Lu Ming’s body, they could clearly recognize that Lu Ming really controlled the king path law and had a King body.

the array Dao law of King Dao law, haha!

The master of the Luo family suddenly burst into laughter.

Everything that had happened today was beyond his expectations.

Lu Ming actually had a King body. He was already so powerful without using the king path law earlier. Now that he used the king path law, how powerful would he be?

“Luan ‘er, you already knew that Lu Ming has the king physique, right?”

The patriarch of the Lu clan looked at Luo Xuan.

yes! Luo Xuan nodded, although 1 knew that he had a King body, 1 didn’t know that his combat strength was so strong!

Indeed, how could an ordinary King body have such strong battle power?

Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor Chapter 2035: He has the king physique

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