Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor Chapter 2196: LAN Yun, so miserable

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Chapter 2196: LAN Yun, so miserable

Translator: 549690339

“I’ll kick!”

The little Daoist shouted and kicked the middle-aged man’s face.


The middle-aged man was directly kicked and screamed. His burly body flew out and hit the stone wall of the valley before he stopped. He lay there and twitched continuously.

The crowd looked at the middle-aged man and gasped.

The middle-aged man was in a terrible state. Half of his face had exploded, and he was wailing in pain.

Many people were shocked!

This little Daoist looked very young, but he had terrifying strength. A five-star void Emperor could not even block one move.

Could it be that this little Daoist was an elder?

LAN Yun and the other members of the LAN family also had grave expressions.

“This kid is indeed Lu Ming’s companion. Jackals of the same lair. He has publicly injured an expert of the LAN family. There’s no need to talk about rules with such a person. Let’s attack together and take him down!”

LAN Yun roared.

Buzzzzzz! Whoos.h.!.+…

Immediately, all the LAN family’s experts moved. Their figures flashed and they charged towards the little Daoist.

Lu Ming touched his nose and was somewhat speechless.

He was about to start a ma.s.sacre, but he had to stop now.

This was good too. If he killed all the people of the LAN family, it would be difficult for him to enter the two world city. If he couldn’t enter the two world city, he wouldn’t be able to enter the Tai Qing heaven region. It would definitely be very dangerous for him to stay in this battlefield for a long time.

With this little Daoist making a move, he was too lazy to make a move.

nest, so many of you are beating me up. Your LAN family has really fallen. It will be destroyed sooner or later. Ah, ah, I’ll kick…

The little Daoist shouted, but his hands and feet did not stop moving.

His body flickered and his movement technique was extremely fast. He dodged all the attacks from the LAN family’s experts and suddenly kicked out.


One of the six-star void emperors was kicked in the face. He let out a blood-curdling scream and followed in the footsteps of the burly man before him. He was kicked flying. Half of his face had exploded, and he lay on the ground twitching non-stop.

ah, you’re despicable, you’re shameless, you’re shameless! I’ll kick, I’ll kick…

The little Daoist continued to shout and suddenly kicked out again. This time, he kicked out twice in a row.

Bang! Bang!

The two figures were sent flying, lying on the ground twitching, unable to get up at all for a while.

Many people gasped.

This was because this time, a seven-star void Emperor and a six-star void Emperor had been sent flying.

Everyone understood that this little Daoist’s combat power was terrifyingly high.

A seven-star void Emperor was already at the peak of the void Emperor realm. However, such a figure could not withstand a kick from the little Daoist.

The other members of the LAN family were shocked. They wanted to retreat, but it was too late.

“I’ll kick, I’ll kick, 1’11 kick…”

The little Daoist shouted and his body flashed in the air as he kicked out continuously.

Bang! Bang!

The remaining members of the LAN family were sent flying one by one, lying on the ground and twitching non-stop.

LAN Yun stood there, dumbstruck.

“It’s your turn!”

The little Daoist looked at LAN Yun with a sneer on his face as he walked towards LAN Yun.

“You … The upper echelons of two world city have a rule that when entering the battlefield, the beings of the heaven realm are not allowed to kill each other. You dare to disobey the rule?”

LAN Yun roared.

“I didn’t kill them, how did 1 break the rules? Also, what’s the big deal even if 1 kill sc.u.m like you? Is it a waste of air?”

The little Daoist said loudly.

LAN Yun was shocked and furious. He quickly retreated, but the little Daoist was even faster. In a flash, he had caught up to LAN Yun.

“Don’t kick me…”

LAN Yun shrieked.


The little Daoist threw a slap at LAN Yun’s face. LAN Yun cried out in pain as his body spun a few hundred times in the air before cras.h.i.+ng heavily onto the ground. He lay there, his body twitching non-stop and his face swollen like a pig’s head.

I’ll satisfy you. Don’t kick me, hit me with your hands!

The little Daoist priest pouted.

The others were speechless.

Then, the little Daoist’s eyes rolled a few times and he said, sc.u.mbags like you specialize in framing others. It’s a waste to keep you alive. However, there are rules in two world city. I’ll spare your lives, but you must be punished. I’ll ‘keep’ your belongings for now and let you reflect on your actions. When you’ve reflected on your actions in the future, come and take them back from me!

With that, the little Daoist’s figure flashed and he took away the storage rings of the LAN family experts.

Many people’s eyelids twitched. This was too ruthless.

They could tell that the little Daoist’s ‘safekeeping’ was just an excuse. He was just looking for an excuse to plunder the treasures.

Finally, the little Daoist came to LAN Yun’s side.

“No, don’t take my storage ring!”

LAN Yun cried out like an innocent young girl who had been bullied. He curled up his body and grabbed the storage ring tightly with both hands.

This storage ring contained his entire life’s savings. All of his belongings were inside.

If he lost it, his losses would be extremely heavy.

“Why are you holding on so tightly? Who do you think I am? I’m just keeping it for you, how could I possibly steal your treasure?” The little Daoist shouted.


How could LAN Yun believe the little Daoist’s words?

Bang! Bang!

In the next moment, the little Daoist stomped down twice in a row. One of his feet landed on LAN Yun’s face, while the other landed on his crotch.

LAN Yun cried out miserably. His body was convulsing unceasingly, his eyes rolled back, and he was foaming at the mouth.

A heaven’s favorite of his generation had ended up like this. This made many people break out in cold sweat.

“A gentleman uses his mouth and not his hands. 1 didn’t want to use my hands, but you forced me to use my hands, no, my feet. Why bother?”

The little Daoist muttered and waved his hand, keeping LAN Yun’s storage ring.

After putting away the storage ring, the little Daoist’s gaze once again fell on LAN Yun’s clothes. His eyes lit up as he said,”This set of clothes is made from a million-year snow silk, right? this is a treasure, and it’s a waste to keep it on you. I’ll ‘keep’ it for you!”

After she finished speaking, she was about to strip off LAN Yun’s clothes.

this brother, aren’t you going too far? leave a line in life so that we can meet in the future!

Yan Xi could not hold it in any longer. He and LAN Yun were friends.

“Kid, you want to give me something to ‘safeguard’?”

The little Daoist glanced at Yan Xi.

Yan Xi’s face darkened. “Although you’re strong, you can’t be lawless!”

Yan Xi waved her hand.


Behind Yan Xi, an old man stepped out, exuding a terrifying aura. His body glowed with faint divine light of the world.

This was a true Emperor!

Yan Xi had brought a true Emperor with her, so she was very confident.

“A mere one-star illusionary Emperor dares to be arrogant in front of me. Fine, 1’11 ‘safeguard’ more things today!”

The little Daoist muttered and sighed. However, in the next moment, his figure disappeared and he charged directly at the true Emperor.


The other party was furious. He didn’t expect the little Daoist to be so despicable. He hadn’t even finished speaking and had already launched a sneak attack..

Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor Chapter 2196: LAN Yun, so miserable

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