Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor Chapter 2356: great harvest

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Chapter 2356: Chapter 2356-great harvest


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Following that, Lu Ming looked at the eight storage rings in succession. They were all raw gemstones, all of them Supreme-grade.

“Hahaha, I’m rich!”

Lu Ming laughed heartily.

Supreme-grade raw gemstones could be used by great emperors or even heavenly emperors. Absorbing the raw Qi from the raw gemstones could help condense a small world and strengthen its power.

However, it was not as fast as the chaos gem. It was just as fast as the primordial chaos stone.

“What’s inside?”

Emperor formless and the other two were also filled with antic.i.p.ation.

“Raw stones, they’re all raw stones!”

Lu Ming handed the eight storage rings to the three of them.

Emperor formless and the other two were overjoyed to see this.

With so many raw gemstones, even if they were great emperor realm, they could use them for a long time.

Lu Ming picked up the ninth storage ring and scanned it with his spiritual senses. The next moment, Lu Ming’s eyes widened and his mouth could not help but drop.

The ninth storage ring did not contain raw gemstones, but chaos stones and primordial chaos stones.

The ninth storage ring was actually filled with chaos gems and primordial chaos gems. Furthermore, there was an astonis.h.i.+ng amount of them.

Lu Ming did a rough calculation. The number of chaos gems and primordial chaos gems inside was no less than ten thousand.

10,000 chaos gems. What kind of concept was that?

When the LAN family held a banquet and offered 100 chaos gems as a reward, it shocked the heaven realm and gathered all the elites. Lin Xiaofeng, who was originally the first in the nine uniques, also went to the LAN family for the 100 chaos gems.

If 100 chaos gems were worth this much, then 10000 chaos gems would cause a huge commotion if word got out.

Although the effects of the primordial chaos stones were not as good as the chaos stones, three primordial chaos stones were equivalent to two chaos stones.

There were about 10000 Yuan in each of the boxes.

One had to know that chaos stones and primordial chaos stones were both products of the creation of the world. They were treasures that could not be regenerated. One used meant one less.

Over the course of countless years, the number of chaos stones and primordial chaos stones had become extremely scarce.

But here, there were 10000 Yuan each. This was an unimaginable wealth.

Seeing Lu Ming in a daze, the three emperors were also curious.

Lu Ming only came back to his senses after a long while. He showed the storage ring to Emperor notionless. After the three of them looked at it, they were immediately petrified.

“This, this…”

After a long time, the three of them finally reacted. Their eyes were wide open and full of surprise.

Then, the four of them looked at the other big box.

If there were so many treasures in one box, what about the other box? what kind of treasures would there be? they were all looking forward to it.

Lu Ming walked over and opened the box.

As soon as he opened the box, a bright light shone from it. Then, b.a.l.l.s of light rushed out of the box.

“What is it?”

Lu Ming was shocked. He retreated quickly and looked at the b.a.l.l.s of light.

There were a total of 36 light orbs, and in each of them, there was a gla.s.s shard-like object that gave off a bright and mysterious aura.

“The aura of the great Dao …”

Lu Ming’s eyes widened. He could sense the aura of the great Dao in each ball of light. It was very similar to the aura of the great emperor realm.

“It’s a fragment of the great Dao!”

“It really is a fragment of the great Dao!”

Emperor formless, Emperor huntian, and Emperor Skyfire roared in excitement.

“A fragment of the great Dao!”

Lu Ming’s eyes were extremely bright.

Those at the great emperor realm comprehended the great Dao, and great Dao fragments could be refined directly by great emperors to enhance their comprehension of the great Dao. It could improve their cultivation and even help great emperors break through bottlenecks.

However, the fragments of the great Dao were extremely rare and rarely appeared.

In theory, after a great emperor was killed, there was a chance that a great Dao fragment would appear, but the chance was extremely small.

Furthermore, a heavenly Emperor could also nurture a great Dao fragment.

Some invincible figures could even condense fragments of the great path from the great path of heaven and earth.

However, the supply of such items was far from enough to meet the demand. Once they appeared, they would be s.n.a.t.c.hed up by the great emperors.

A fragment of the great path was a priceless treasure to a great emperor.

Buzzzzzz! &Nbsp; Whoos.h.!.+…

Thirty-six b.a.l.l.s of light flew all over the sky, some even flying towards the exit.

hurry up and attack! Don’t let the fragment of the great Dao fly away!

Emperor Wu Xiang shouted and flew up, pouncing on the fragments of the great Dao.

At the same time, Lu Ming, the sky Fire Emperor, and huntian Emperor moved as well. Their bodies flickered as they pounced toward the Dao fragments.

Lu Ming was extremely fast. With a wave of his hand, a huge palm formed by the laws grabbed a fragment of the great Dao and put it away in a storage ring.

Then, they flew toward the other fragments of the great Dao.

The four of them attacked together at a very fast speed. In less than a minute, the 36 fragments of the great Dao were collected by the four of them.


Emperor formless and the others laughed loudly. They had gained too much this time.

There were a large number of Supreme-grade raw gemstones, more than 10000 chaos stones and primordial chaos stones, and 36 great Dao fragments. If others knew about this, it would probably cause a commotion and cause a b.l.o.o.d.y fight.

A great opportunity, this was truly a great opportunity.

This place was so well hidden, so there must be a lot of treasures.

Then, the four of them searched the area again and confirmed that there were no other treasures.

“Let’s go, we’ll leave this place first!”

Emperor Wu Xiang said.

The others nodded. They went to the exit and went through the pa.s.sage to the outside of the cliff.

However, the moment they stepped outside, their expressions changed.

Because there was someone outside.

Blue membrane!

Lu Ming saw LAN mo at a glance. There were six other people. In addition to LAN mo, there were seven people in total.

“Lu Ming!”

LAN mo also saw Lu Ming immediately.

The seven people’s eyes lit up as they stared at Lu Ming and the other three.

“Lu Ming, what did you get in there? Hand them all over!”

LAN mo shouted, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with a cold light.

“We didn’t get anything inside!”

Lu Ming casually replied.

“Nothing? Do you think I’m an idiot? this place is so well-hidden, so there must be some treasures. Give us your storage rings and open up your Pocket World for us to search. 1 don’t believe there are no treasures!”

LAN mo said coldly.

“Are you an idiot?”

Lu Ming cast an indifferent glance at LAN mo and said coldly,” “Also, Who Do You Think You Are? even if there’s a treasure inside? Why should I let you search?”

“Lu Ming, you…”

LAN Mo’s face was dark. He gritted his teeth, today, even if you don’t allow us to search, we will still search. You have no choice!


At the edge of the blue membrane, the other six people exuded a powerful aura and a powerful pressure that pressed down on Lu Ming and the other three.

“Two star great emperors, and the others are all one star great emperors!”

Lu Ming instantly judged the other party’s ability and his lips curled up slightly.

No wonder LAN mo was so confident.

The two two-star great emperors were indeed very powerful. In LAN Mo’s opinion, they were enough to crush Lu Ming.

After all, Lu Ming was only slightly stronger than him before he came to the void Island..

Myriad Paths of the Dragon Emperor Chapter 2356: great harvest

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