Good Evening, Mr President! Chapter 1918: The person she likes is you.

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Chapter 1918: The person she likes is you.

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A drop of tear, a burning thought, and tears rolled down from the red eye socket.

Her head gently touched his forehead. Tears blurred her eyes and blurred her heart.

“Then what about sister Yingluo?”

Her voice was so helpless, so sorrowful.

As soon as she finished speaking, tears flowed down her face.

Shao Gubei was stunned.

His large palm cupped her crying little face and looked at her in shock, little fellow, what exactly is going on? What does it have to do with your sister?”

His straight brows furrowed into a knot, and his voice became a little impetuous.

His gut feeling told him that things were a little complicated!

Siyi raised her teary eyes and looked at him helplessly. She sobbed, sister Wanwan likes you. What should I do? ”

What to do?

What was she going to do?

Shao Gubei was stunned, and the big palm that was holding Siyi completely froze there without moving.

The next moment, he shook his head, and there was panic in chongmo’s eyes, no, Yiyi, you’re wrong! I’ve only met her a few times, please believe me! He couldn’t even speak more than a few words, it was impossible! Idiot, you’re wrong! Don’t scare yourself, okay?”

He comforted her and even more so, he comforted himself!

Again and again.

Lu Ziehen’s words kept popping up in her mind, teasing her one after another.

… Is si er interested in you?

[ be careful, I think she really likes you! ]

“No, 1 can’t be wrong! Sister told me about Yingluo. Before 1 met you, she had already fallen in love with you for a long time, Yingluo. A long time ago, Did you know? Big sister always hugged me and told me that she was in love, that she fell in love with a very, very outstanding man. When big sister Yingluo said those words, her eyes were like diamonds, sparkling. At that time, I hoped every day that that man would fall in love with her one day, every day I hoped that she and that man would be happy, that they would be happy, but what about Yingluo? 1 really don’t know what to do. Why did it turn out like this? why did it turn out like this? Yingluo, tell me, what should 1 do? I Yingluo, 1 don’t want to see my sister unhappy Yingluo, 1 don’t want Yingluo!”

“Yiyi, Yiyi, don’t be like this! One by one!”

Siyi’s emotions were out of control!

Her tears kept falling, and her small hands helplessly covered hun Dun’s small head, her whole body trembling.

She was so sad, so sad, Yingluo.

“How could it be like this?!” How could it be?

“Yiyi, don’t be like this. Yiyi, huhu!”

“What do 1 do? 1 don’t know, I don’t know, what should I do Yingluo?”

Siyi was completely immersed in her own tangled world, unable to see where the intersection was.

Her tears helplessly flowed down her face.

Her little head was held tightly by her arms, and her fingers were stuck in her hair. She seemed to be a little brutal.

Her heart was in so much pain.

He really wanted to use the pain in his body to cover up the numbing pain in his heart!

Yiyi, don’t do this. I won’t allow you to do this! Shao Gubei was furious. He reached out his hand and pushed away her small hand that was strangling his hair.

In the next moment, he cupped her little face in his hands and quickly kissed her.

In the end, he covered her cold lips and deepened the pa.s.sionate kiss, increasing the intensity of the kiss.

His breath was so hot, and it fell on Siyi’s skin, making her s.h.i.+ver.

His feelings were always so wonderful that she could not let go of him!

Good Evening, Mr President! Chapter 1918: The person she likes is you.

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