The Young Master's Bride Chapter 1275: Gu Qingxin-shut up, our Chu baiqing is thin-skinned (2000 words)

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Chapter 1275: Gu Qingxin-shut up, our Chu baiqing is thin-skinned (2000 words)


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Chu baiqing’s face was slightly red. He smiled but didn’t say anything. Instead, he pinched Gu Jue’s waist. He did it quite hard.

“F * ck, shut up. Don’t you know how thin-skinned our Chu baiqing is?” Actually, Gu Jue was also a little embarra.s.sed. Although they were brothers, he still felt a little embarra.s.sed.

It was rare for Lord Jue to feel a little embarra.s.sed, and it was not easy.

“Are you thin-skinned? I really didn’t see it, but I’ve really opened my eyes!”

Although Feng Yan said that, he understood Chu baiqing’s good intentions. He just wanted Gu Jue to be happy.

Even if he could only forget about those annoying things for a short while, it would still count as him not being shameless enough to mess around with Gu Jue.

“All Yan…” Chu Bai Qing finally opened his mouth, his embarra.s.sment evident in his voice.

After all, he had a gentle and shy personality since he was young.

Even if he wanted to act like a hooligan, he didn’t have the potential.

“Alright, I won’t tease you anymore!” Feng Yan couldn’t stand Chu baiqing calling his name so gently.

This was because he would agree to any request he made.

Chu baiqing’s body was still weak. After a few words, he fell asleep on Gu Jue’s lap.

When they arrived in Yucheng, they went straight to the hotel, which was arranged by Feng Yan on his way here.

They also had a division in Yucheng.

Coming to Yucheng again, Feng Yan thought back to three years ago, when he had chased Huo qingge here.

She came here on a business trip, and he also came here. At that time, Tang Tang was also sent to the sealed door…

It was three years ago, but it felt like it was just yesterday.

The next day, the group drove for another two hours before they reached the village that Ji Chenzhou had mentioned.

There were a total of 19 families in Liuguang village. After asking around, they found out that the local doctor, old song, had moved to live in the mountains three years ago.

The car couldn’t get on, so they could only climb the mountain.

Gu Jue and Feng Yan had no problems with their physical strength, but Chu baiqing and Feng Xi, who didn’t exercise much, couldn’t.

Feng Xi couldn’t move even after she was halfway there …

f * ck, isn’t it sick to live on the mountain? isn’t it tiring to climb up and down every day? ”

Feng Xi sat on the ground and stopped crawling.

“Xi, why don’t you leave? The higher you go, the harder it is to climb!”

Chu Bai Qing was so tired that his face was red and he was panting.

Gu Jue said that Ji Chenzhou had already come a few times, but that person had sealed the needle and would not perform acupuncture on anyone.

It was really hard on Ji Chenzhou to climb up this time around. He was actually a very lazy person.

“I’m not going down. Brother, you carry me!”

Feng Xi shouted at Feng Yan, who was drinking water.

Feng Yan spat out the water in his mouth and looked at the calm Feng Xi with his gentle eyes.

“You can carry me too!” Chu baiqing couldn’t walk anymore, so he told Gu Jue. no, I’ll carry you when we first come up the mountain. What did you say? I’m not that weak. I can do it myself.

Speaking of this, Gu Jue was still angry. When they went up the mountain, he wanted to carry Chu baiqing, but he refused to let him.

It made him feel frustrated halfway.

“Are you going to carry it?” Chu Bai Qing asked again.

“I won’t.” In fact, Gu Jue was just being stubborn. How could he not carry it?

“Ah Yan, you carry me!” Chu Bai Qing turned around and said, not sure if he was in Feng Yan’s direction.

Feng Xi looked at Chu baiqing’s serious face. Although she didn’t say anything, she was thinking in her heart, if he’s going to carry you, who’s going to carry me?

In fact, Feng Yan had never agreed to carry Feng Xi, it was all his own imagination.

Feng Yan didn’t answer.’Don’t drag me into your argument.’

Feng Yan had never noticed Chu baiqing’s interesting personality before.

She looked at Gu Jue’s furious yet afraid to resist.

Chu Bai Qing’s calm tone was enough to make him jump in anger.

It was really true that everything had its weakness…

“F * ck, you dare to let him carry you? he f * eking dares to carry you!”

Gu Jue was annoyed. He knew his Chu baiqing very well. He was always friendly with everyone.

It was just like how he would throw a tantrum every now and then. If she really made him angry, she still had to coax him. If she didn’t coax him well, she would be troubled.

It was a vicious cycle…

Feng Yan didn’t want to talk to them and get involved in their business.

Who knew that Gu Jue would insist on bringing him up …

What did he mean by he didn’t dare? Was there anything he didn’t dare to do?

“Bai Qing, come, I’ll carry you!” She walked up to Chu baiqing in a few steps and looked at Gu Jue provocatively as she spoke to Chu baiqing.

In fact, he didn’t even squat down because he knew that even if he did, Gu Jue wouldn’t let him carry their Chu baiqing, so he didn’t have to waste his energy.

“Do I need you to carry me? I’ll naturally carry my wife. Get up!”

Gu Jue pushed Feng Yan aside and bent down. He pulled Chu baiqing’s hand and let him rest it on his shoulder.

Then, she carried him on her back…

Chu baiqing had a thin figure, so it was quite easy for Gu Jue to carry him.

Feng Yan laughed and did not say anything else. He just wanted to tease her a little.

If she could really confront Gu Jue, she would have to carry Chu baiqing.

The mountain road was very narrow. Feng Xi sat on the ground by the side of the road. If she continued to walk up, she would pa.s.s by him.

Feng Yan deliberately did not look at his pitiful expression.

Who knew that just as he walked over, his trousers were grabbed.

“Brother, you carry me! I really can’t walk anymore…”

Ever since she called him brother at Chu baiqing’s house, Feng Xi would call Feng Yan brother from time to time.

Now, she was calling him that more and more smoothly…

“I really can’t walk…” Without waiting for Feng Yan to speak, Feng Xi shook his pants and whispered again.

Feng Xi was also on the skinny side, and he was even shorter than Chu baiqing.

Hence, when Feng Yan lifted him up out of the blue, he realized that he was really light…

She didn’t know where all the food she had eaten all these years had gone to.

Feng Xi didn’t expect Feng Yan to carry her so easily.

The two of them had been at odds all these years, and they had always been in an awkward state.

So, Feng Xi felt quite uncomfortable being carried like this.

“Am I heavy?” No matter what, Feng Yan was the only blood-related relative he had left in this world.

She didn’t want to think about the past grudges and Feng Xi was willing to be close to him.

“Almost the same as Mumu!” In the past two years, Mumu had grown a lot, and she had become more handsome and domineering.

His cold and aloof personality was even stronger than his father’s.

“F * ck, you’re saying I’m still a child?” Feng Xi wasn’t happy to hear this. He was a little thinner and wasn’t as tall as her, but it wasn’t necessary to compare him to Mumu.

“Shut up!” Feng Yan didn’t want to talk to Feng Xi anymore. At first, he felt that it was quite light to carry her, but after a while, he felt tired.

However, when she looked up ahead, she saw Gu Jue walking briskly with Chu baiqing on his back. The power of love was indeed limitless.

He was like Popeye who had just eaten spinach.

The Young Master's Bride Chapter 1275: Gu Qingxin-shut up, our Chu baiqing is thin-skinned (2000 words)

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