Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 513

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Chapter 513

When the C3 landed on the ground and made a huge explosion, people thought, “This is all over.”

However, when the dust that was caused by the explosion faded away, a few ninjas shouted, “Look! Everyone, look!”

“That is?”

“It was made by Raikage-sama.”

“To be able to make such a big s.h.i.+eld, it’s really amazing!”

It turned out that the moment before the bomb landed on the ground, Gaara made a “mushroom” of huge sand, blocking the sky above the village residential area, blocking the huge explosion, causing most of the residents to survive.

“Gaara” Upon seeing this, Deidara revealed a knowing smile.

In the next moment, Deidara smiled sinisterly. “Over there, it’s also within range!”

Suddenly, a few clay objects that were made into different small objects crawled into the s.h.i.+eld of Sand at some unknown time.

“Hehe.” As if his plan had succeeded, he shouted, “Ha!”


Gaara was directly hit by a bomb. The sand on his skin peeled off inch by inch, and his entire body fell from the sky.

Even though his left arm had been crushed, the use of Deidara’s diversion was very good, clearly putting Gaara, in a position.

“Gaara!” The scout below cried out anxiously.

At this moment, Gaara’s eyes had already turned white. It was clear that Gaara had lost consciousness.

Deidara, who was riding on the white bird, smiled proudly. “If we capture him alive, this order is a bit harsh, but we’ve finally completed the mission.”

Seeing the clues, he quickly rushed forward. “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, so he came for me!”

“Hey, Kankuro, he defeated me. How can you be his opponent?” Baki shouted from behind.

Kankuro said, “Are you just going to watch Gaara get captured like this?”

Baki said, “I don’t mean that. Listen, just follow him. Don’t do anything. Once you find their nest, you can send troops over.”

“I got it.”

Kankuro was extremely impatient and hurriedly chased after them.

“Hurry up and send troops to chase after them. Also, contact Konoha immediately and tell them that there is an emergency!”


The Sand Ninja nodded and did as Baki said.

Deidara, who defeated 沙隐, rode a big bird and landed in front of Sasori. Sasori was obviously unhappy, “You are really slow. I told you not to let me wait too long!”

Deidara looked at Gaara, who was already on the verge of death behind him. “There’s nothing I can do. Gaara is a Jinchuriki. He still has some skills.”

“That’s why I told you to prepare in advance.”


“Hey! You two, stop right there!”

As the two of them were walking, they heard someone shouting behind them. When they turned around, it turned out to be Kankuro..

“Hey! You, put Gaara down!”

Seeing this, Sasori sneered, “Deidara, you go first.”

“Got it.” When Deidara heard this, he flew away with the white bird.

“d.a.m.n it!” As he watched Deidara take away Gaara, he gritted his teeth and took out three scrolls from his backpack.

The three scrolls were his puppet ‘Karasu, Kuroari and Shansouo’, were.

As he formed the seals, the words on the three scrolls suddenly disappeared, and a strange mechanical puppet appeared before his eyes.

“It’s actually the Puppet Technique!” Sasori sneered, and then a white bone tail appeared behind him. He looked like a scorpion, “I don’t like waiting and waiting, so I like to fight quickly.”

At this time, Sunagakure’s letter of help arrived in Konoha.

“Isn’t this fastest eagle, Takamaru from Sunagakure?” One of the ninjas on the top floor of Konoha was surprised, and he took the letter from the foot of the eagle.

After taking the letter, the ninja immediately rushed to the Hokage’s office.

Because they were afraid that the secret would be leaked, the communication between letters from various countries had secret signals, so they had to be called the special department to crack the contents of the letter.

“Since it was sent by Sunagakure, it means that something must have happened there.”

The captain of said, “Yes! We will interpret it now!”

At this time, Kakas.h.i.+ and Yamato were discussing something with Tsunade in the Hokage’s office. Suddenly, the captain rushed in.

“What’s wrong?”

“Tsunade-sama, we have deciphered the letter that Sunagakure sent and contacted them to verify it. Gaara was taken away by Akatsuki!”

Tsunade took the letter and pondered for a long time, “Kakas.h.i.+, Yamato, you two are here, and I will give you two this mission. Go to Sunagakure immediately, and report back immediately after you understand the situation. After that, as support, if you need anything, you must listen to Sunagakure’s command.”


Because he was considering that Kakas.h.i.+ had one less person, and his strength was extraordinary, it was safer for the two teams to go together.

Naruto System in One Piece Chapter 513

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