Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment Chapter 1385: I Didn't Hear it Clearly. Can You Repeat it Again?

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Chapter 1385: I Didn’t Hear it Clearly. Can You Repeat it Again?


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The force of the slap was so strong that Gu Haibing spun twice on the spot and fell to the ground.

Luo Xiangsheng and the woman, as well as the staff pa.s.sing by, were stunned.

Firstly, they did not expect Ye Feng to suddenly attack.

Attacking the vice president of Origin Mining was tantamount to provoking the entire mining industry.

Secondly, they did not expect Ye Feng’s strength to be so great.

Gu Haibing was about 1.75 meters tall and weighed about 180 pounds. He was slapped to the ground, which showed how strong he was.

“Haibing…” The woman screamed and ran over to help Gu Haibing up. She shouted, “Someone is. .h.i.tting someone! Someone is. .h.i.tting the vice president of Origin Mining! Someone, help!”

There were already many people who heard the commotion and ran over to watch the show.

Now that she shouted, more people ran over. Everyone looked at this scene in surprise.

“What’s going on? Why was Vice President Gu beaten up?”

“It seems that this young man bullied a woman. Vice President Gu couldn’t stand it and wanted to speak up for this woman. Then, he was beaten by that young man.”

“Isn’t this young man too arrogant? Not only did he bully a woman, but he also didn’t know how to repent? What a weirdo!”

“Is he still a man? He actually bullied a woman? He must be severely punished!”

When everyone heard the words ‘bullying a woman’, plus the fact that Vice President Gu was beaten up, they thought that Ye Feng was the one who started the trouble.

They all criticized him.

Ye Feng did not give any explanation for these people’s accusations.

Because he knew that there might really be a small number of people who spoke out for justice.

However, most of them were just trying to please Gu Haibing. They did not care about the truth at all.

Therefore, even if he explained it to them, it was no different from playing the lute to a cow.

Gu Haibing had already gotten up from the ground. Half of his face was swollen.

The physical pain was secondary. The most important thing was that he felt that he had lost face in front of the entire company. He immediately gritted his teeth in hatred.

“Little b*stard, you dare to hit me? Let me tell you, you’re finished. If I can’t even take care of you today, I won’t be the vice president anymore.”

He had already fallen into a state of insanity, completely disregarding his personal image, and was practically cursing out loud.

After he finished speaking, he immediately shouted at the company’s employees, “What the f*ck are you all doing? Call security!”

Only then did everyone react. They immediately took out their phones in a flurry and were about to call the security guards over.

“Stop, all of you stop!”

At this moment, they suddenly saw a man in his fifties or sixties running over in a hurry.

Upon seeing this person, someone exclaimed, “The chairman is here.”

The chairman of Origins Mining was Qin Fengxiang. Although he was almost sixty years old, he had maintained himself well.

He was wearing a black suit and looked very elegant.

He ran over in a panic. Clearly, he had received the notice.

Gu Haibing saw that the chairman had come in person. He was afraid that Luo Xiangsheng would complain first, so he quickly went up to him. “Chairman, I can handle such a small matter. Why did I alarm you?”

Qin Fengxiang heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Ye Feng was safe and sound. He glared at him hatefully. “You can handle it? Then I’d like to hear how you handled it?”

Gu Haibing pointed at Ye Feng. “This kid bullied someone in the elevator just now… He bullied this lady, and I argued with him, but he actually hit me. Look at my face. I was. .h.i.t by him.”

Qin Fengxiang glanced at his face and turned to look at the woman. “What do you do?”

When the woman faced Qin Fengxiang, her att.i.tude changed 180 degrees. She said in a flattering tone, “h.e.l.lo, Chairman Qin. I’m here for an interview.”

Qin Fengxiang waved his hand like he was shooing away a fly. “Then you can go back. There’s no need for the interview.”

“Do you mean that I’ve already pa.s.sed the interview? Then when can I come back to work?” The woman misunderstood him and was overjoyed.

She was still feeling smug in her heart. Her boyfriend was indeed impressive. He actually allowed her to pa.s.s without taking the test.

Qin Fengxiang sneered. “What I mean is, you’re eliminated.”


The woman was dumbfounded and looked at Gu Haibing. “Haibing, say something. What’s going on? Didn’t you say that I would definitely enter Origin Mining? Didn’t you say that I’m just here to go through the motions?”

Gu Haibing wanted to stop her, but it was too late. He cursed in his heart.

As expected, Qin Fengxiang stared at him coldly. “So you know this lady? You even promised her? You’re abusing your power. Do you really treat the company as your home?”

Gu Haibing hurriedly wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Chairman, please listen to my explanation…”

Qin Fengxiang did not give him a chance to explain. He immediately retorted coldly, “I don’t care who she is to you. In short, Origin Mining will not use her.”

Gu Haibing saw that he did not give him any face and immediately frowned. “Chairman, although she does have some relations.h.i.+p with me, she is still capable enough. You didn’t even ask and directly eliminated her. I’m afraid this is also considered an abuse of power, right?”

Qin Fengxiang laughed coldly when he heard that. “Then let me introduce you to Mr. Ye.”

Gu Haibing glanced at Ye Feng. He did not hide the hatred in his eyes. “What’s there to introduce him to? I don’t want to know him.”

Qin Fengxiang slowly walked to Ye Feng. He turned to look at him again. “This Mr. Ye is the new boss of Origin Mining!”


As soon as he said this, the scene was in an uproar.

Everyone looked at Ye Feng in a daze.

This man who looked younger than all of them was actually their new boss?

If Qin Fengxiang hadn’t said that, they would have thought he was joking.

Gu Haibing and the woman felt like they were struck by lightning.

“New boss? New boss…” Gu Haibing muttered to himself and s.h.i.+vered.

Did he offend the new boss just now?

This was like a bolt from the blue to him.

Luo Xiangsheng looked at him gloatingly.

He had kindly reminded him just now, but he had been scolded by him.

Now you know how powerful it is? It was too late!

Qin Fengxiang ignored everyone’s shocked expressions and looked at the woman again. “Can you get lost now?”

Only then did the woman recover from her shock. She immediately shouted like a madman, “So what if he’s the new boss? Can a new boss bully others? Is this the culture of Origin Mining? Hehe, I finally got to see it. What can you do if you follow this kind of boss who bullies people?”

Found 100 Million In My Rented Apartment Chapter 1385: I Didn't Hear it Clearly. Can You Repeat it Again?

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