Outside Of Time Chapter 1141 Holy Wave's Master!

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Chapter 1141 Holy Wave's Master!

As blood rained down, the world fell silent.

The army under King Tian Lan stood there in a daze, as though time had frozen.

Something major had happened!

They couldn't believe what they were seeing. They couldn't believe that the Heavenly King had died so easily.

From what they knew, there was no power in the Holy Wave Large Region that could threaten King Tian Lan. Hence, the death of the Heavenly King was almost impossible.

However, it had happened before them!

One could imagine that the death of King Tian Lan would cause a commotion in the entire Holy Wave Large Region in an extremely short period of time. It would definitely cause an uproar in the Grand Imperial Capital Region. Next, an even more terrifying storm would probably erupt from the Imperial Capital.

The anger from the Human Emperor and King Tian Lan's family would shake the surroundings.

This incident had exceeded their expectations and imagination.

The minds of all the cultivators here rumbled. Everyone's breathing was incomparably hurried. Shock and commotion erupted in the army.

At the same time, the ones who were equally shocked were forces in the Holy Wave Large Region who were paying attention to this battle.

"How is this possible!"

"King… King Tian Lan was actually killed!"

"There were a total of three sword slashes…"

"Soul Acc.u.mulation. Fenghai County also has Soul Acc.u.mulation. Moreover, it's the kind of almighty that can be considered an expert even among Soul Acc.u.mulation cultivators!"

"The background of Fenghai County is actually so terrifying!"

After all the races with the ability to observe the war in Fenghai County saw the death of King Tian Lan, the waves in their hearts had long surged into the sky, drowning their minds and everything. All that was left was endless trembling and extreme reverence for Fenghai County.

King Tian Lan used his life to let all the forces deeply realize that Fenghai County didn't only rely on the Sun of Dawn but also… the Soul Acc.u.mulation!

At the same time, a mouthful of blood spurted out from the hidden Seventh Prince's mouth.

His body trembled and his gaze dimmed. At this moment, the uneasiness in his heart surpa.s.sed the uneasiness he had felt when he saw the Sun of Dawn erupt.

Fenghai County used a domineering method to tell him something.

That was… all schemes, all arrangements, and all calmness were insignificant in the face of absolute strength.

Actually, when the Sun of Dawn erupted that day, he had a similar feeling. However, he still believed that he was the one who had absolute advantage. When his uncle returned, everything would be easily dealt with.The origin of this chapter's debut can be traced to N0v3l--B1n.

However, no matter what, he never expected the final outcome to be like this.

He couldn't accept the death of the Heavenly King, nor could he face such an outcome.

The fear and horror in his heart had long transformed into a storm that enveloped him in the abyss. However, he was the Seventh Prince after all. Even in this desperate situation, he still struggled to find a chance to resist.

"Fenghai County, Xu Qing… Even if you guys have the Soul Acc.u.mulation, killing a Heavenly King means it is no longer my business. This is a matter of the human race. Father will definitely not allow such a thing to be resolved simply."

"Regardless of whether it's out of the dignity of the human race or his reputation as the Human Emperor, this matter… will definitely cause a shocking change!"

The Seventh Prince lifted his head and stared fixedly in the direction of Fenghai County. In the end, he endured his reluctance, unwillingness, and heartache and crushed an ancient jade token in his hand.

This jade token wasn't a recent product but a treasure from the Ancient Sovereign Mystic Nether Era. It was now the Seventh Prince's life-saving item.

Its effect was to allow one to instantly teleport back to the Grand Imperial Capital Region no matter where they were.

Its value was extremely great and there were very few of them. If one used it, there would be one less. Back then, it was already extraordinarily rare. Now, it was a supreme treasure.

Originally, the Seventh Prince didn't have the qualifications to hold it. It was his mother who used battle merits to exchange for it from the human race's treasure vault.

"Fenghai County, the matter between us isn't over. I'll wait in the Imperial Capital… I'll see you guys turn to ashes!"

The Seventh Prince's expression was sinister. As the ancient jade token in his hand shattered, a beam of light that seemed to have come from ancient times enveloped him and teleported him away.

This jade token could only take him away. All his subordinates were left in the Holy Wave Large Region.

While everyone was trembling because of Old Ninth's attack, on the battlefield of Fenghai County, the subordinates of King Tian Lan became increasingly restless. Terror and uneasiness spread through the army.

On the ground, the black dragon of King Tian Lan was also wailing at this moment. It crawled up trembling and kowtowed to the sky. After continuously wors.h.i.+ping, a cold snort rang out and the void exploded.

Old Ninth's figure walked out of the crack in the sky and stood between heaven and earth.

The black dragon lowered its head even deeper and didn't dare to move at all.

All the human armies trembled.

Old Ninth was expressionless. His gaze swept past the army and finally landed on Fenghai County, where Xu Qing was located.

His gaze swept past everyone. Every cultivator who met his gaze lowered their heads with respectful and fanatical expressions.

Marquis Yao was no exception.

Only two people made Old Ninth's gaze stop.

One was Old Master Seventh.

When he stared at Old Master Seventh, there was a deeper meaning in Old Ninth's eyes and he actually lowered his head slightly, but this action was too subtle. Other than him and Old Master Seventh, it was very difficult for others to sense it.

The second person was Xu Qing.

"You have to comprehend these three sword slashes well in the future."

Xu Qing's breathing was hurried. He cupped his fists and bowed.

His heart was in turmoil. Although he had seen ninth grandfather make a move previously, the military governor was too weak, so he couldn't truly sense ninth grandfather's combat strength. Moreover, Crimson G.o.ddess was too strong, so it was very difficult for him to show how powerful ninth grandfather was.

But now, he saw Tian Lan being killed with three slashes!

This scene caused Xu Qing to suddenly realize why the Divine Son used the most severe degree of suppression on Old Ninth among all his siblings.

Old Ninth was too strong!

After the battle of Crimson G.o.ddess ended and Li Zihua revived and left, it was obvious that the benefits Old Ninth obtained were also not small.

However, Xu Qing understood that now wasn't the time to think about these things. The most important thing now was to handle this ten million-strong army.

Fortunately, he, his master, Marquis Yao, and the others had already discussed such a matter. Hence, Xu Qing turned around and took a step away, revealing a figure standing behind him.

It was Ning Yan.

At that moment, Ning Yan was wearing a prince's robe and a crown. His entire body emitted the fluctuations of the royal bloodline and his expression was incomparably solemn.

After Xu Qing moved away, his expression was solemn as he walked out proudly. He walked into the air step by step and looked down at the army.

"I'm Guyue Ning Yan, the twelfth son of the current Human Emperor!"

After the ten million-strong human army sensed Ning Yan's bloodline fluctuations and heard his words, they were all in an uproar. This was especially when behind Ning Yan was the statue of the Ancient Sovereign.

Hence, in everyone's eyes, it was as though Ning Yan's figure overlapped with the Ancient Sovereign Mystic Nether.

His aura was filled with an imposing dignity.

"Seventh Brother h.o.a.rded power, harboring ill intentions towards the human race, causing chaos in the Human Emperor. Therefore, I detonated the Sun of Dawn I brought in front of him."

"King Tian Lan was a Heavenly King, but he harbored endless selfishness. He suffered a huge defeat on the war zone and framed Fenghai, using his power to suppress others. This is disgraceful to heaven and earth. Therefore, with my consent, he was executed!"

"All causes and effects are the doing of me, Guyue Ning Yan alone!"

Ning Yan's words weren't something Xu Qing asked him to say. Originally, according to Xu Qing's instructions, what Ning Yan said wouldn't be these. However, Ning Yan felt that there were some things he had to bear.

Hence, he spoke like this.

Xu Qing was a little surprised and glanced at Ning Yan.

Marquis Yao, Old Master Seventh, and the others also had thoughtful expressions. For the first time, their gazes towards Ning Yan carried some admiration.

As for the ten million-strong human army, their hearts trembled even more intensely.

Ning Yan took a deep breath and took a few more steps forward, walking to the front of the army. He faced the army alone and spoke in a deep voice.

"You don't belong to the Seventh Prince, let alone the Heavenly King. You belong to the human race and you belong to yourselves!"

"What your swords and sabers should be pointing at isn't our fellow humans but foreign enemies!"

"The battle of the Black Heaven Race hasn't ended. Are you willing to follow me… to complete the battle of our human race and fight the Black Heaven Race again!"

Ning Yan's last sentence was shouted with all his might.

As his voice echoed, the ten million-strong army fell silent for more than ten breaths. Someone immediately lowered his head and bowed. Very soon, more and more cultivators chose to bow. Finally… the ten million-strong army let out loud shouts.

"We obey!"

Just like the 10,000 troops of the military governor back then, to the human race, no matter what era it was, as long as there was an empire system, status was incomparably important.

For example, if Ning Yan wanted to summon Fenghai County, he couldn't do it because he wasn't its county governor.

As for Xu Qing, although his words carried weight in Fenghai County, Xu Qing couldn't shake these armies and make them greet him.

Only the status of a prince could do this.

While these subordinates of King Tian Lan greeted, the clouds in the sky churned and a figure rapidly rushed over from afar. His speed was so fast that the horizon was swept up by his momentum, forming a storm.

In the blink of an eye, this figure appeared above Fenghai County. Clouds gathered and formed a clear body.

It was the Grand Duke Holy Wave!

His face was pale. The moment he appeared, he bowed respectfully to Old Ninth.

"Junior An Mulan greets the ninth young master of the Moon Offering!"

The att.i.tude of the Grand Duke Holy Wave was incomparably respectful. In the depths of his eyes, one could even see unconcealable reverence. His words also clearly revealed that he… realized Old Ninth's ident.i.ty.

To be able to know his ident.i.ty basically meant that he realized what had happened on the Moon Offering.

Calculating the time, the experts of the w.a.n.ggu Continent should have sensed the matter on the Moon Offering Region.

After all, Red Moon had disappeared from the w.a.n.ggu Continent.

This could be seen from the fact that the Grand Duke took a few more looks at Xu Qing.

He indeed knew, and moreover, he had just found out about it.

Hence, at this moment, his heart was in an extremely uproar. After paying his respects to Old Ninth, he took a deep breath and spoke in a deep voice.

"The Holy Wave's side obeys the twelfth prince and is willing to follow the soldiers to the Black Heaven Race and submit to the twelfth prince!"

His words were directed at Ning Yan but his gaze was on Xu Qing.

With his experience and wisdom, he could naturally tell… the reason for Fenghai County pus.h.i.+ng out the twelfth prince.

"The fight for the throne… has begun!"

Outside Of Time Chapter 1141 Holy Wave's Master!

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