Outside Of Time Chapter 1427 Wind Rises in the Forbidden Sea

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1427 Wind Rises in the Forbidden Sea


Late at night, the already pitch-black Forbidden Sea grew even more obscure.

The surrounding s.p.a.ce seemed to have been devoured by a ghastly mouth. The naked eye could only see about half a foot in front of it.

One couldn’t even see their fingers if they stretched it out.

The temperature was just as oppressive.

As night fell, an icy sea breeze howled between the sea and sky, blowing northward.

This wind was very cold, carrying a fishy smell and a sense of decay, like an old man plagued by disease, struggling in his twilight years, exhaling gusts of death’s breath.

Accompanying this aura was the whimpering of unknown sea beasts.

It echoed in the darkness.

It was filled with mystery and intimidation.

Under the sea, the undercurrents were the same.

They were larger and more intense than during the day, sweeping in all directions.

On the surface, they would form huge waves, while on the bottom, they would transform into majestic vortices that moved on the ground.

For countless years, it was the same scene every night.

No one knew why these vortices formed. They only knew that this seemed to be the natural law of the Forbidden Sea.

The cycle repeated endlessly.

At this moment, as a vortex swept across, roaring through an underwater region, the spreading silt revealed trenches in the seabed that resembled scars.

In the depths of one of the trenches, there was a huge bubble buried under the silt.

There was a dilapidated paG.o.da within the bubble.

Heavenly vine coiled around the paG.o.da, emitting nervous and hostile emotions as it kept watch.

And in the paG.o.da… there was a miserable-looking corpse.

It lay there as though it had been dismembered.

However, the dismembering blade clearly wasn’t sharp, so the flesh of the corpse wasn’t completely cut off. There were a large number of silver threads that barely connected the flesh.

As time pa.s.sed, the silver threads contracted and the separated flesh slowly retracted. There was also a faint purple light flickering as though it was repairing the body.

Several days later…

The flesh of the corpse completely contracted together, revealing its human form. However, the densely-packed cracks on it were still a shocking sight.

Fortunately, life force emitted from this body, as though it had returned from the underworld.

Its closed eyes slowly opened, revealing a weak but incomparably cold gaze.

“Being here and still alive means that my final decision was correct.”

“The Ruler of the Evil Life Holy Land can’t step into the bubble formed by this paG.o.da.”

“In terms of time, I’ve obtained it again at the edge.”

Xu Qing was calm.

At this moment, he still maintained his divinity. With extreme rationality, he calmly judged everything.

His weak divine sense spread out outside the paG.o.da. After confirming his a.n.a.lysis, he slowly sat up.

During the process of sitting up, the intense pain from his body and soul was enough to make a person with normal perception go crazy or even faint.

However, Xu Qing, who was filled with divinity, didn’t seem to feel anything. It was just that his movements were a little slow and it took him more than 20 breaths of time to completely sit up.

After that, he took out the fragmented-face’s blood and slowly swallowed it. He then closed his eyes and began to meditate.

He wanted to recover from his injuries as quickly as possible and return to his peak cultivation.

At the same time, he made use of the time advantage he had obtained to wait for reinforcements from the outside world.

At that moment, outside the dilapidated paG.o.da and the bubble, Transient Evil was expressionless and was also meditating cross-legged.

A pair of rusty scissors floated above his head. As they shone with a dim light, a terrifying and ancient pressure circulated it.

It formed a force that could block all senses from the outside world and erase all traces of the area it was in, causing everything to turn illusory.

As for the scissors itself, it was also turning illusory.

“This defense is indeed extraordinary.”

“Only that Holy Heavenly Vine can allow one to enter it unscathed.”

Transient Evil stared at the bubble in front of him and muttered inwardly.

In these three days, he used many methods to try to step into the bubble but all of them failed.

If he forced his way through, he would be unable to continue after taking twenty steps at most. The repulsive force from the bubble had already reached the limit he could withstand.

“However, it’s not impossible to break through it. I only need to grind it down with my authority. However, this will take a hundred days.”

“There’s another way to open it in an instant. That is to use the origin power of the scissors again.”

Transient Evil fell silent.

Using the origin power of the scissors would speed up the consumption of the scissors, causing it to turn even more incorporeal until it completely disappeared and became a part of the Great Dao.

This consumption was something he couldn’t accept.

Most importantly, when he chased after Xu Qing earlier, there were many karma threads that made him feel fear and didn’t dare to cut them off directly. Hence, he had already used the origin energy of the scissors, as though he was using the might of a peak-level emperor to block them for a short period of time.

If he were to use it again now, the scissors would most likely completely dematerialize, dissipating into the Great Dao and no longer remaining under his control.

At that time, all the barriers he had set up around those terrifying karma would instantly disappear.

“At that time, almight cultivators will probably descend here in an instant.”

“It will take time to refine this person’s body. I won’t have time…”

Transient Evil pondered. After that, he raised his head and his gaze landed on the paG.o.da in the bubble. A strange expression gradually appeared on his face.

“I’m a little unwilling to give up.”

“This is the flesh and blood of the fragmented-face… His body is probably the only one in the world!”

“Coupled with the legendary immortal silver, although the body formed by all of this implicates great karma…”

“This is an opportunity to achieve the Summer Immortal Realm or even higher!”

“Once I have it, I only need to hide for some time and wait for the Void Star Holy Land to descend. At that time, although that lord will also covet it, he surely won’t want to be implicated in the karma of Desolate. So, in all likelihood, he will allow me to control it…”

“Under his protection, those karma of this kid can be destroyed easily. And my Evil Life Holy Land will also soar to great heights!”

Transient Evil narrowed his eyes. After a moment of silence, he made up his mind.

“So… only the third method can be used. Although it carries danger, those who seek the Dao aren’t afraid to risk their lives. There might even be opportunities born from this.”

At the thought of this, Transient Evil closed his eyes and his entire body trembled. After that, strands of flesh and blood actually dispersed out from his body and rapidly spread toward the bubble in front of him.

There were no less than ten million of these strands.

Soon, these blood threads enveloped the bubble and completely enveloped it, pulling it bit by bit.

He was trying to pull it into his body and slowly a.s.similate it!

During this process, Transient Evil’s expression was extremely solemn. His focus wasn’t on pulling Xu Qing in but on the Great Emperor’s treasure above his head. He was vigilant against all perceptions trying to sense him and Xu Qing.

Just like that, time flowed by.

A day later.

In the Seven Blood Eyes Port of the Nanhuang Continent, Second Senior Sister was sitting in a building of the Seventh Peak, dealing with sect matters.

During this time, with the descent of the Evil Life Holy Land and contact with the outside world, the situation in the entire Forbidden Sea was in a tense state.

For the Seven Blood Eyes, which was considered a top-notch sect in both the Nanhuang Continent and the Holy Wave Large Region, there were many things to do.

Xu Qing was training outside, Erniu was even more reluctant to leave the nonhuman race and didn’t return. As for the third brother… he traveled the continent, seeking pleasure and companions.h.i.+p, his whereabouts unknown.

Her master was in seclusion and the ancestor was experiencing his second spring…

Hence, in the Seven Blood Eyes, she was the only one in this generation who could handle matters.

Although the other peaks were also a.s.sisting, they were mainly led by the Seventh Peak.

Hence, Second Senior Sister was busy every day.

Seeing his delicate wife like this, Huang Yan’s heart ached.

Hence, he had been accompanying her with a fawning expression.

Sometimes, he would ma.s.sage Senior Sister’s shoulders, sometimes squatting down to knead her legs, and at times, he would take out the fruits from the table, gently peel them, and tenderly place them at her lips.

It could be uttered that he was taking care of her meticulously. At the same time, he was also cursing others.

“I knew Chen Erniu wasn’t a good person the first time I saw him. Now, he’s reluctant to leave the Cloth Race and won’t return, making Senior Sister work so hard. He deserves to die!”

“Old Third is the same as Erniu. He’ll die of exhaustion sooner or later!”

“As for Little Qing…”

Huang Yan was about to continue when Second Senior Sister lifted her head and glanced at him.

Huang Yan hurriedly coughed. He knew that his wife wasn’t good at speaking and expressing herself, but deep down, she had strong feelings for her master and fellow apprentices.

Hence, he hurriedly changed his words.

“Erniu is okay, Third Brother is alright too, and Little Qing is the best… come to think of it, I haven’t been in contact with him for several days.”

As Huang Yan spoke, his voice transmission jade slip suddenly vibrated.

It wasn’t just him. Second Senior Sister’s voice transmission jade slip also vibrated.

The two took it out at the same time. After each of them listened to the message, they instantly lifted their heads and looked at each other.

The person who transmitted the message was Erniu.

Because the Cloth Race was too far away from the Nanhuang Continent, Erniu’s voice transmission had to go through many counties. In the end, it was transmitted to the Nanhuang Continent through the voice transmission array in the Yinghuang Province.

“Recently, I’ve been feeling inexplicably uneasy. I keep feeling that something has happened. Old Second, Brother-in-law, is Little Qing with you? Is he alright? I can’t contact him!”

Second Senior Sister immediately transmitted her voice to Xu Qing.

After failing, she transmitted the message to Ancestor Xue Lianzi.

She remembered that the last time she contacted Xu Qing was to get him to go to the ancestor’s place.

Very soon, the ancestor sent back a message. After Second Senior Sister saw it, her expression instantly turned solemn as she looked at Huang Yan.

“Old Fourth is searching for a divine creature, but there’s no news of him at all!”

Huang Yan yawned and smiled comfortingly.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. There are distortions in many places at the depths of the sea. It’s normal that you can’t get through to him through voice transmission. Moreover, that kid won’t have any troubles against divine creatures. Besides, I left a feather with him. Once there’s an irresistible danger, he will naturally tell me.”

“Since you’re worried, I’ll sense his location.”

As Huang Yan spoke, he sensed his feather.

However, at the next instant, his eyes suddenly widened. Flames rose in his eyes as he sensed that his perception of the feather had disappeared.

However, he saw the fluctuations in Senior Sister’s emotions, so he pretended to be relaxed and smiled.

“It’s fine. I found him. That kid encountered a sea beast that was about to ignite its divine fire. I’ll go deal with it.”

As he spoke, he walked out.

“Huang Yan.”

Second Senior Sister suddenly spoke.

Huang Yan stopped in his tracks and turned to look at his beloved wife with a smile.

“Bring Old Fourth back.”

Second Senior Sister uttered softly.

“Don’t worry.”

With a hearty laugh, Huang Yan stepped outwards with a relaxed demeanor. But as his back faced his senior sister, a solemn expression flashed across his face, and he disappeared from the spot in an instant.

On the Forbidden Sea, in an area that the Seven Blood Eyes couldn’t see, black clouds churned in the sky, covering the sun, causing the black Forbidden Sea to be enveloped in shadow.

Endless lightning rumbled through the sky as a huge figure that looked like a phoenix and an eagle hooted into the distance.

Its brown body was like a rock, and its feathers were like lumps of burning flames.

Wherever it pa.s.sed, it was as though heavenly fire had descended.

It was the Flame Phoenix.

“A certain almighty severed my senses!”

* * *

Outside Of Time Chapter 1427 Wind Rises in the Forbidden Sea

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