The Grand Secretary's Pampered Wife Chapter 610.1: Divine Assistance

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At the hour of yous.h.i.+ (5-7 pm), Little Jing Kong returned from the Imperial Academy.


The first thing he did upon entering the gate was to throw his bookbag and start looking around for Gu Jiao with his little arms flapping.

Recently, there were many sick people at home, so apart from doing home visits to critically ill patients, Gu Jiao mostly stayed at home.

Not finding Gu Jiao in the yard, Little Jing Kong went to Gu Jiao's east room.

The room was also empty.

Little Jing Kong, unwilling to give up, searched around, even under the bed. He squatted on the floor, scratching his little head in confusion, "Huh? Where's JiaoJiao? Where did JiaoJiao go?"

Little Jing Kong decided to continue searching in other rooms. However, just as he stood up, he unexpectedly saw something lying on the ground.

It was blue and looked somewhat familiar.

Little Jing Kong picked up the little blue bottle, "Wow! It's that tasty thing!"

To help Little Jing Kong grow taller, Gu Jiao tried all sorts of methods, such as giving him calcium-enriched oral liquid.

However, he only drank it for half a month before it ran out.

Little Jing Kong really missed that sour and sweet taste.

"Slurp~" Little Jing Kong licked his lips.

JiaoJiao would give him only one bottle at a time, but there were two bottles here. Hmm, alright! He was going to hide them!

Little Jing Kong sneakily stuffed the two small bottles into his pocket.

The way he hid things was just like how Empress Dowager Zhuang hid candied fruits.

After hiding the unearthed treasure, he put his hands behind his back, tilted his head up, and walked out nonchalantly with the same swagger as Grandaunt, "Old Zhao! Let's play cards!"

With more and more people in the family, the s.p.a.ce at home was no longer enough. Fortunately, they had connected with the adjacent courtyard, and the rooms and yard were maximally utilized.

The reason Little Jing Kong couldn't find Gu Jiao was that she was in the backyard of the adjacent residence, constructing a rehabilitation area for Huangfu Xian.

When Little Jing Kong heard some clattering noises, his eyes lit up, "JiaoJiao!"

He hurriedly ran towards the backyard. Now that the backyards of the two houses were connected, it was very convenient to come and go.

Gu Jiao and Gu Xiaoshun were busy with a pile of wood.

Seeing him running over, Gu Jiao quickly said, "Jing Kong, don't come over! There are nails on the ground!"

"Oh." Little Jing Kong halted his little steps in disappointment, standing on tiptoe to peek at JiaoJiao from behind the pile of wood.

Gu Jiao told him, "Go do your homework first. When you're done, I'll be finished here too."

Little Jing Kong sighed, "Okay."

Little Jing Kong returned to the front yard, where Little Eight and Little Nine were nibbling and pecking at his bookbag. Apparently, the dog and the bird still hadn't kicked the habit of destroying things.

Little Jing Kong picked up his bookbag from the ground, drooped his little head, and dragged his bag to the west room.

Today's homework was a bit challenging, and there was one question he didn't know.

He thought for a moment, jumped off his chair, and went to the study to find his bad brother-in-law.

The door was half-open.

He pushed the door open and indeed, someone was in the study.

But it wasn't his bad brother-in-law; it was his bad brother-in-law's mother, Princess Xinyang.

"Princess?" Little Jing Kong approached and greeted her politely.

Princess Xinyang was standing in front of a row of bookshelves, with her back to the door.

Upon hearing his voice, she wiped her eyes with her hand, turned around, and said gently, "It's Jing Kong. Why are you here? Are you looking for your brother-in-law?"

Little Jing Kong looked at her and nodded honestly, "Yes, I don't know how to answer one of the questions."

Princess Xinyang reached out her hand and said gently, "Your brother-in-law isn't here. Let me help you."

"Okay." Little Jing Kong handed her the paper with the question.

After looking it over carefully, Princess Xinyang said, "This is a sentence from the Book of Songs. You haven't learned this part yet, have you?"

Little Jing Kong nodded again, "Yes!"

"Come here, I'll teach you." Princess Xinyang reached out to him.

Little Jing Kong approached Princess Xinyang, climbed onto the chair, and sat down.

Princess Xinyang began to explain the sentence to him, but he kept looking straight at her.

Princess Xinyang noticed his gaze and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Have you cried?" Little Jing Kong asked.

"No." Princess Xinyang instinctively denied.

"Oh." Children were often very trusting, especially of someone as reputable as Princess Xinyang. Little Jing Kong thought for a moment, then asked, "You don't look very happy. Is something bothering you?"

After a pause, Princess Xinyang said, "It's nothing major."

Little Jing Kong continued, "So there's indeed something? Are you worried about my bad brother-in-law? Don't worry, even though he's a bit clumsy, cooks terribly, isn't that smart, and always comes last in exams, he has still managed to secure an official position! Just look at the grandson of Uncle Zhao next door. He’s about the same age as my brother-in-law, and yet he’s idle all day, really turning Uncle Zhao’s hair gray with worry!"

He spoke with such earnestness that even Princess Xinyang couldn't help but laugh.

Why did this five-year-old seem to have the heart of a fifty-year-old?

Despite Little Jing Kong often bad-mouthing Xiao Heng, he had great respect for Xiao Heng's mother, just like he respected Gu Jiao's mother.

After a moment's thought, he reluctantly took out a small bottle from his pocket and said, "Princess, this is for you." Then, he took out another one, "Never mind, you can have both."

"What is it?" Princess Xinyang asked.

Little Jing Kong replied, "It's something tasty. Even adults can drink it. I saw JiaoJiao give some to Grandaunt last time."

Princess Xinyang looked at the small blue bottle in her hand and asked, "Is it medicine?"

Little Jing Kong replied seriously, "Um, I don't know. Last time Grandaunt had leg cramps, JiaoJiao gave it to her, but I didn't have cramps, and yet JiaoJiao still gave it to me."

Princess Xinyang handed it back, "Then keep it for yourself."

Little Jing Kong pushed the blue bottle back to her, "No need, I'm not sad."

It was true that Princess Xinyang was feeling sad.

However, it wasn’t because she was worried about Xiao Heng.

Xiao Heng had grown up now and had the ability to stand on his own, so she didn't have to worry about him day and night anymore.

Today, she was simply reminded of Xiao Qing’s premature death because of that rescued child.

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