My Abilities Come with Special Effects Chapter 496: Four Symbols As One, Spiritual Image Seed (2)

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Chapter 496: Four Symbols As One, Spiritual Image Seed (2)

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Lin Yan could vaguely sense that the current Azure Dragon phantom was no longer his Azure Dragon Riding Wind and Thunder, but the carrier of the Wind Lightning Spiritual Pattern. The consciousness it carried was the spiritual pattern life form corresponding to the Wind Lightning Treasure Fruit.

The reason why it was so friendly to him was most likely because of his Maha Infinity Body.

“Therefore, without the Maha Infinity Body, 1 might not be able to accommodate even a spirit pattern, let alone the Four Symbols Spiritual Patterns?

“Because these spiritual patterns have life, it’s like choosing a partner. They even know how to screen them?”

Lin Yan was speechless and glad.

Without delay, he immediately took out the other three treasure fruits and fused them into the other three symbol phantoms!

The Black Tortoise phantom fused into it without any abnormality, just like the Azure Dragon phantom.

However, when the White Tiger phantom appeared, the Demon-Pattern Treasure Fruit seemed to want to dominate the White Tiger phantom like the Wind Thunder and Turtle-Patterned Treasure Fruits.

Unexpectedly, the White Tiger Spirit Body grinned and let out a low roar, immediately scaring the Demon-Pattern Treasure Fruit so much that it trembled. It obediently fused into the White Tiger Spirit Body and did not dare to take the lead at all?!

“The Vermillion Bird has nine types of flames. The Azure Dragon has the True Intent of the Azure Dragon. The Black Tortoise is the sh.e.l.l of the Flying Snake and the Divine Turtle. Only the White Tiger Spirit Body is formed by the aging White Tiger. It’s the true White Tiger. It’s very reasonable for it to consume a Creation Treasure Fruit…”

The last Fire-Patterned Treasure Fruit fused with the Vermillion Bird. The huge Vermillion Bird phantom looked at Lin Yan as if it was conflicted for a moment, but in the end, it obediently soared above Lin Yan’s head.

“After fusing with my Four Symbols special effects, these Creation Treasure Fruits seem to have undergone many subtle changes. They’re a little different from the spiritual patterns of the Creation Treasure Fruits from before…”

This meant that spiritual pattern life forms weren’t unchanging. It could even be said that spiritual pattern life forms were born from the ever-changing spirituality. In essence, they were also ever-changing and could evolve, upgrade, and mutate!

This thought flashed across Lin Yan’s mind. He opened his hands and grabbed the modified Four Symbols Spirit Array around him.

The Infinity Body of Maha gave him a strange perception of spiritual droplets, or rather, spiritual runes. When he grabbed the Four Symbols Spirit Array, he instantly sensed four b.a.l.l.s of spiritual power that were warm, cold, heavy, or murderous. They seemed to be looking forward to becoming one with him and becoming a part of him!

“Finally, the preparations are complete… Let’s do it!”

The Turtle Spirit Holy Mother had once taught him how to condense a Spiritual Image seed. It used a special stimulation method to activate his internal organs and trigger his spiritual power to devour and absorb the primer of Unusual Items.

Previously, Lin Yan had trained and could barely complete it. But now, with the Maha Infinity Body, there was no need to exert any effort. With a thought, it was done!

In an instant, the Four Symbols Spirit Array shone brightly and floated behind Lin Yan. The four huge phantoms were also covered by this light. They shrank into fist-sized b.a.l.l.s of light and fused into the Four Symbols Spirit Array like meteors.

At the same time, the Four Symbols Spirit Array contracted again, as if s.p.a.ce was distorting. It fused into a thumb-sized ball and struck Lin Yan’s back!

This ball of light was the embryonic form of the Spiritual Image seed!

As if instinctively, Lin Yan fused this thumb-sized ball of light into his spine and sank all the way down to his tailbone. The ball of light immediately shone brightly, causing layers of shallow patterns to appear on Lin Yan’s tailbone. At the same time, a huge pressure erupted, causing Lin Yan’s bones to creak.

However, this was far from enough. This ball of light was only temporarily living in the tailbone. It was like a short-term tenant and had no intention of staying permanently!

If he wanted to completely integrate it into his body, he had to modify his tailbone and fuse it with the ball of light!

Lin Yan immediately understood that he needed the spirituality of the world!

After he replenished the spirituality of the world, the embryonic form of the Spiritual Image Seed would naturally modify his tailbone and even affect every part of his body, causing the Spiritual Image Seed to completely take shape!

Without the spirituality of the world, as time pa.s.sed, this Spiritual Image seed would also distort and explode, turning into nothingness. It would even cause huge damage to his tailbone!

“Moreover, this destruction is not limited to the physical level. It will also be done at the spiritual level at the same time. It’s very likely that 1 won’t be able to form a Spiritual Image seed again…”

As Lin Yan thought this, he had already stepped to the side of the liquid ruby’s bone marrow liquid and reached out to suck it!

In the immortal seed s.p.a.ce, the red jade b.a.l.l.s that looked like bayberries on the Myriad Treasures Tree also quickly increased. They were even covered in branches, turning the entire Myriad Treasures Tree into a bayberry tree!


After he devoured it for a moment, a white jade Buddha statue suddenly darted out of the ruby bone marrow!

However, before he could jump far, Lin Yan had already reached the top of his head. He punched out and knocked him to the ground. Then, he pounced forward and punched and kicked crazily!

Countless dense lights leaked out of its body like seven-colored balloons.

However, this time, there was no need for Lin Yan to take the initiative to absorb it. A huge devouring power flashed out from the tailbone on his back. Like a vortex, it swallowed all the dense light that leaked out into the tailbone!

Lin Yan’s entire body suddenly trembled. It was clearly in his body, but he seemed to see thousands of lights appear in his tailbone.

As for his tailbone, it was clearly only a small size, but there seemed to be endless s.p.a.ce inside. Every light turned into a brush stroke, and mysterious patterns were engraved on the inner wall of the cavity.

At the same time, a rich heat burst out from the tailbone and spread up the spine to various parts of the body, causing the bones to become denser, the flesh to be tougher, the blood to be sticky, and the force to be stronger.

In a short moment, Lin Yan sensed that his physical strength had increased significantly.


A white jade Buddha statue shattered, and it seemed to be muttering something similar to Gu Chuan’s back then. However, this time, Lin Yan didn’t have time to listen to it. He went to the ruby bone marrow and devoured it again!

Soon, a second white jade Buddha statue jumped out. Lin Yan did the same.

Then there was the third, the fourth… the twentieth!

Almost two hours had pa.s.sed!

In the small pond, the ruby liquid had already fallen more than ten meters!

In Lin Yan’s immortal seed s.p.a.ce, the Myriad Treasures Tree had already completely grown into a bayberry tree. It was dense and lush, and countless red jade bayberries had hung on it. As for Lin Yan, he was half-squatting on the ruby liquid surface and reaching out to press it to absorb it. His expression had also changed from the initial excitement to numb and mechanical movements. Another white jade Buddha statue jumped out. It was the 21st!

Lin Yan skillfully grabbed its ankle that had jumped out and slammed it against the surrounding rock wall. One of his hands was still devouring the liquid, and the other hand was holding the white jade Buddha statue as he slammed it against the surrounding wall.

After being strengthened by the spirituality of the world of the 20 white jade Buddha statues, his current physical strength had already reached a terrifying level. His initial estimate was that he was even stronger than Rakshasa’s Daughter. Not to mention the terrifying force that was already so thick that it seeped out of his body, he was even stronger than those at the Level 8 n.o.ble Realm. Therefore, it was not difficult to control a white jade Buddha statue at all.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

After he smashed it a few times, all the spirituality of the world in the white jade Buddha statue was devoured and absorbed by Lin Yan. Its entire body shattered and fell, fusing into the surrounding walls.

Lin Yan’s expression was numb, but he looked even more worried.

“Previously, I used the Formless Clone as a test. According to the ratio, 20 white jade Buddha statues are enough for a normal person to form a Spiritual Image seed. However…”

Lin Yan looked at the ball of light in his tailbone.

At this moment, the ball of light was no longer purely spherical. Instead, it was compressed and changed, transforming into some other shapes.

The s.p.a.ce around the tailbone was also filled with dense patterns.

However, Lin Yan felt that it was far from over!

In fact, it might not even reach 1% of the conversion progress!

“Is the spirituality of the world sealed by the Buddha statues under the bone marrow really enough for me to completely break through?!”

My Abilities Come with Special Effects Chapter 496: Four Symbols As One, Spiritual Image Seed (2)

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