My Runes Can Be Upgraded Chapter 1017: Final Harvest

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Chapter 1017: Final Harvest


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

There were only ten days left before the clearing. Wu Wei did not want to cause trouble, so he had to leave early.

Therefore, leaving was a certainty. What he wasn’t sure about was how to leave. Use the [Level 1 Heavenly Divination Divine Book Authority]?

He could walk, but it was too extravagant.

Use the [Great Tang Secret Realm Pa.s.sage]? Wu Wei wasn’t sure if he could succeed. Even if he succeeded, he might expose the Tang Mystic Realm. Most importantly, if Wu Wei left just like that, he wouldn’t benefit at all.

For Wu Wei’s character of plucking feathers from wild geese.

He would definitely not be happy to leave just like that.

Therefore, Wu Wei had an idea.


“You want me to destroy the Book of Talismans?” The little old man glared at Wu Wei in the mansion of the City Lord of Flame City.

“Yes, your level is too high now. Level 120 has exceeded the upper limit of my Divine Weapon Talisman. You have to destroy your Book of Talismans and lower your level to at least 110. Only then can I hope to take you away!”

As Wu Wei spoke, he explained the current situation to the little old man. “Don’t tell me you think that this matter is over just because we killed that guy? What we were doing was very serious. That guy wanted to raze the entire Fire City to the ground. If he failed, things wouldn’t end there. There would be more people coming.

The next wave will be ten days later. A conservative estimate is that it will be at least dozens of times that guy’s strength. Can you withstand it then?”

When Wu Wei said this, the little old man’s expression changed again.

Not to mention dozens of times, he would definitely not be able to withstand one or two more of those guys from before.

He was still seriously injured from that glance just now.

“What do you want to do?”

“lean only give you 2000 slotsnow. I can take all 2000 of them away with the help of the Divine Weapon Talisman.

However, before that, you need to destroy your Book of Talismans and lower your level to around the first-grade Dao Stepping Realm.

Also, the position of the City Lord of Flame City is a hot potato. You want to throw it away now.

I can only proceed to the next step if I lose the position of the City Lord of Flame City!”

Well, Wu Wei was preparing to leave this mythical realm by taking the mission route.

The [Seal Mission] he received was to destroy the Fire City. As long as the little old man cooperated, he could easily destroy the Fire City, complete the [Seal Mission], earn a lot of money, and then leave this world before this secret realm was destroyed.

The question now was, would the little old man cooperate?

Wu Wei was not too worried about this.

He believed that this little old man would cooperate!


As expected, the little old man did not hesitate too much. He took out his Book of Talismans and slapped it.

In an instant, the little old man’s already pale face became even paler.

His level dropped from Level 120 to Level 101.

When the little old man’s level dropped, Wu Wei took out the Flood Dragon Flag and threw it at the little old man.

[Target detected. The other party’s ident.i.ty is special. There’s no way to use [Dao Soldier Transformation] or establish a bond! ]

Wu Wei wasn’t surprised by the result.

The little old man was the City Lord of Flame City and the final boss of this secret realm. How could it be so easy to take him away?

Now, it seemed that someone had to take over his position.

“Do you have a suitable candidate for the City Lord of Flame City?”


Do you need me to arrange it now?”

“No rus.h.!.+”

Wu Wei still had a lot of things to do before arranging the City Lord.

For example, he could empty the treasure vault of Flame City and make preparations in Flame City.

After spending a day, Wu Wei took everything he could from the treasure vault of Flame City.

Yes, he took everything he could, not everything.

More importantly, as the City Lord, the little old man didn’t empty the entire treasure vault of Flame City in one go.

When the number of items in the treasury dropped to a certain level, it would enter a cooldown period and could no longer be moved.

It was obvious that this setting was specially designed to prevent Wu Wei from being in such a situation.

Under this setting, Wu Wei didn’t manage to empty all the treasure vaults in Flame City, but he still gained a lot.

Wu Wei basically took away all the spirit elemental stones in the treasure vault and took out 1.5 billion spirit elemental stones in one go.

At the same time, he also took out about 1000 sets of materials for drawing epic-quality talismans.

He had earned quite a lot this time.

While moving the items, Wu Wei’s [Flood Dragon Army Flag] didn’t stay idle either.

In this one day, the little old man had basically confirmed the list of people that Wu Wei wanted to take away.

He was one, and Agares was one. Other than that, there was no third.

Even though Wu Wei gave him 2000 spots, he only took one away in the end.

As for Edith, she didn’t have the old man’s restrictions. After the old man stripped her of her ident.i.ty as a sheriff, Wu Wei could easily take her in.

[You have used the [Flood Dragon Army Flag] to transform [Agares] into a Dao Soldier. [Agares] has successfully transformed into [Flaming Guard Captain]!] [1/1000]


After taking in Agares, Wu Wei’s Flood Dragon Army Flag had its first Dao- soldier who had stepped into the Dao.

To Wu Wei’s surprise, her transformation triggered two conditions.

One was the leveling requirement for the [Flood Dragon Dao Soldier], and the other was the fourth effect of the [Flood Dragon Army Flag],

My Runes Can Be Upgraded Chapter 1017: Final Harvest

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