After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home! Chapter 692: Support

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Chapter 692: Support


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Sophie’s words were so powerful that for a moment the crown prince did not know how to respond. He was indeed in the wrong in this matter.

“I’ve been crown prince since I was born. No one has ever asked me if I want to be crown prince. Now that there are others willing to stand up and be king, I think it’s time to leave,” the crown prince said with a wry smile.

Sophie was not moved by these words. After all, the crown prince had always enjoyed the highest treatment in this kingdom for the first half of his life. This was the contribution of the people, so he should contribute to the country.

Even when Sophie had wanted to leave the royal family, she had worked hard for the good of France, hoping to make the country better.

The crown prince realized that he had let the country down by doing this. He said sincerely, “I’m willing to end this matter. Tell me what you want to do next.”

Sophie hadn’t expected him to be so quick. He’d refused to take the throne, and had run away. She’d thought it would take a lot of convincing.

She walked up to the crown prince and said, “Uncle, since you’re so reasonable, why did you run away?”

The crown prince sighed. “I was too sad at that time. Dad actually left just like that. He didn’t even say a word. After my sadness, I subconsciously wanted to escape.

“They all urged me to ascend the throne quickly. They said that the country could not do without a king, but I knew very well what John and Henry were thinking. If I really became king, the two of them would probably have more tricks waiting for me. I did not want to see that day come. I might as well find a place to hide for the rest of my life.”

Sophie understood that he had been repressed for too long, so his first instinct was to stay away from it all.

“Uncle, I invited you back this time to solve this matter. After that, you can go farm in peace,” Sophie promised.

The crown prince also knew that he was bound to be back for the matter of the throne, so he did not look very surprised. He asked, “It’s good that Annie becomes the queen. At least she has cherished her face since she was young. She will do her best on the surface.”

Sophie shook her head. “Uncle, I want you to say in front of everyone that you want to give me the throne.”

This frightened the crown prince. He had not expected Sophie to have such thoughts. He stared at her in disbelief.

“I remember that you gave up on the royal allowance long ago so that you could live your own life. I thought you would be the child who resembled me the most.” The crown prince sighed.

Sophie had thought the same way. She would spend the rest of her life peacefully with her family in China, not getting involved in the royal family’s affairs, but things had come to this.

“Uncle, my mother and my two uncles will not be good kings. They only have their own interests in their hearts and have never considered the future of this country. Only I can give Country F a new life.”

Sophie did not explain much, let alone tell the crown prince what she had been through. In her opinion, none of it mattered. Since she had chosen this path, there was no need for everyone to understand her.

The crown prince looked steadily at Sophie. They stared at each other for a long moment. Then he smiled. “You are indeed the most suitable person to be king. I will announce the news in front of the people. With my support, things will go much smoother for you.”

He recalled many things in the past. The royal family of Country F was indeed powerful and rich, but everyone was wrapped up in power. They either fell in love with power like his younger siblings and were willing to give up everything for power.

Or they would be like himself, enduring pain in this life, wanting to find a way to escape, and finally cowardly choosing to escape.

He had expected Sophie to be the first to succeed. Not only had she left the royal family, but she had found a lover and started a family of her own. He really envied Sophie.

However, it seemed that they were not the same kind of people. Even if Sophie gave up her status as a member of the royal family, she would not let the country suffer. She would always feel a responsibility in her heart.

Sophie didn’t care what the crown prince was thinking as long as she achieved her goal. She was about to turn around and leave when the crown prince suddenly spoke again. “Sophie, you actually want to dissolve the royal family, right?”

Sophie did not expect him to be able to guess her plan. Other than Jiang An and the others, who had been planning this from the beginning, only the crown prince understood.

“Uncle, this country should have a brighter future, and the royal family is already rotten and old,” Sophie said. “The lives of the people will only be better if the royal family disappears. You don’t have to suffer anymore.”

The crown prince smiled. “I believe you can definitely do it. Let the royal family become history.”

After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home! Chapter 692: Support

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