After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home! Chapter 694: Kill Him

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Chapter 694: Kill Him


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In their hearts, the ident.i.ty of the king did not represent the responsibility of governing the country, but the power to call the shots.

They had never thought about how to manage the entire country if they became king. How to let the people live a better life? They only cared about obtaining power.

If they really succeeded, the country would become their warehouse. They could take whatever they wanted. If they ran out of money, they would take the country. If the country ran out of money, they would sell things. There were so many minerals and treasures that could be exchanged for money.

Country F was different from other countries. The power in the hands of the king was too great. As long as there was a fatuous ruler, the consequences would be fatal. Clearly, these people had the potential to become fatuous rulers.

“No wonder my grandfather kept rejecting my uncle’s request and forcefully kept him. He must know that other children are not worthy of being kings,” Sophie sighed.

The crown prince was not outstanding in any way, but fortunately, he was a soft-hearted person. Even if he could not let the people live a better life, he would still try to let them live the same life.

If it were anyone else, they would probably die in a few years.

“That’s why this country needs you,” Jiang An said. “Spread the word that the crown prince is back.”

Sophie didn’t understand. “But if they know, they’ll be looking everywhere. Then we won’t be able to catch them off guard.”

Jiang An smiled and said, “With us around, they won’t be able to find anyone even if they searched the entire country. Letting them know will cause chaos. It’s a good opportunity for the people to see that only Princess Sophie is qualified to be the queen in the royal family.”

For a country, what they should care about the most was not the n.o.bles, but the ordinary people.

Although they did not have much power, it was because of them that this country existed.

Without these people, there would be no so-called king.

And by doing this, Jiang An was making the rest of the royal family stand opposite the people, cutting off the possibility of them ascending to the throne.

After listening to Jiang An, Sophie nodded and said, “Then let’s do it.”

With the Zou Family’s secret guards adding fuel to the fire, everyone soon knew that the crown prince had returned, but they did not know where he was hiding. The people were naturally very happy. They did not know what had happened in the distant palace. They only remembered that the crown prince was a very gentle person.

This was also because the royal family still cared about their reputation previously. They did not say that the crown prince had given up his ident.i.ty and left. They only said that he was going to another country to study.

Henry was anxious. His brother had already left, so why did he come back? If he said that he wanted to be king, he would definitely obtain the support of the army.

After all, he was the crown prince. According to the law, he should inherit the throne.

John hurried over to him. “Henry, is the news true?”

Henry nodded solemnly. “Someone has already taken a photo of Big Brother entering the country.”

“He was so determined not to be the crown prince back then and left without saying a word. Why is he back now?” John’s eyes widened.

“I don’t think he’s giving up the throne at all. He’s just playing with us.” Henry was so angry that he couldn’t speak properly.

Originally, this battle was almost at the latter half. It was about to come to an end if they worked hard, but the Crown Prince’s return disrupted all their plans.

John thought about it. “Since he doesn’t want to leave, we’ll send him away.”

Henry whispered, “What are you suggesting?”

“Kill him!”

That shocked Henry. He might have had a headache over it, but he’d never thought to kill the crown prince.

In his opinion, all he needed to do was send him far away, but John’s suggestion was tempting.

As long as the crown prince was alive, they were not the true legal heirs. Even if they became the king, there would be hidden dangers. If the crown prince jumped out one day and asked them to hand over the throne, no one would be able to help it.

However, if the crown prince was already dead, it would be legal for them to ascend the throne. In any case, the old king did not leave anyone next-in-line to take over the throne.

However, the crown prince was their big brother after all. They were still a little reluctant to make a move.

Seeing Henry hesitate, John immediately said, “If we’re not ruthless, then none of us can think of becoming king. We can just bring him back.

William also chimed in, “Dad, if you want to obtain supreme power, you have to be more ruthless than others.”

Under the persuasion of the two of them, Henry finally nodded and said, “You’re right. We can’t let him ruin our plan. Then kill him.”

Sophie heard the shadow guard repeat this and sighed. “Power is a terrible thing.”

After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home! Chapter 694: Kill Him

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