The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful Chapter 440: The Parliament, the Price, and the People's Hearts

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Chapter 440: The Parliament, the Price, and the People’s Hearts

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

In the council chamber.

Several dignified, well-dressed council members sat at the long table, facing off against the woman standing in front wearing a mask.

Although just a mere woman, her presence alone seemed to subtly overwhelm the council members on the other side.

Sunlight streamed through the gla.s.s dome on the roof, forming shapes due to the refraction of the gla.s.s. These regular patterns cast onto the woman while the council members and the table were shrouded in darkness.

At this moment, it was as if the council members were beings trapped in darkness, and the woman was an angel descending from the heavens to save them.

With a voice as lovely as that of an ancient fairy gifted with a beautiful singing voice, the woman’s captivating words resonated throughout the grand hall.

“My master instructed me that if you wish to seize this unique opportunity, you must offer ten percent of your family’s wealth.”

After a moment of silence, the council chamber, which had always represented the highest ruling body of the Stars.h.i.+ne Islands, erupted like a marketplace.

“This is impossible!” The council members exploded in anger, like enraged lions. “Even the most expensive and powerful mercenary guilds on the Western Continent wouldn’t demand such an exorbitant fee!”

“Ten percent of our family’s wealth? You might as well just rob us!”

“I believe you’re just playing with us! Guards, seize this woman and throw her into the sea as fish food!”

The council members glared at her, some clenched their fists, some became furious, and others called for the guards. They displayed various forms of anger, like a microcosm of beings before a catastrophe.

Even Council President Hadman had a dark expression. Despite having prepared to pay a hefty price in advance, he was still shocked by the woman’s tone.

Ten percent of their family’s wealth.

The Stars.h.i.+ne City had occupied the Stars.h.i.+ne Islands for centuries. Initially established by a group of immigrants from the mainland, they quickly a.s.similated with the local indigenous tribes, thriving on these scattered islands.

Pa.s.sed down through these immigrant n.o.ble families, thirteen council families gradually formed. Each family had a representative council member to safeguard its interests. Every five years, an election was held, choosing the Council President, symbolizing the highest authority.

The thirteen council families maintained connections with each other, preserving and upholding this order on the Stars.h.i.+ne Islands for hundreds of years.

Over these centuries, each family had acc.u.mulated a wealth that could rival the treasuries of dragons. Even though they suffered losses in an accident a century ago, their wealth was still unimaginable to outsiders.

And now, this woman with a mask was demanding ten percent of their family’s wealth!?

What kind of outrageous joke was this?

The fully armed guards heard the shouts of the council members and immediately pushed open the gates, surrounding the woman. If she showed even the slightest hint of resistance, the sharp edge of their swords would fall upon her.

Confronted by the guards’ sharp blades, the masked woman remained unfazed and composed. She stood there with composure, her gaze steady, and a touch of scorn in her eyes as she regarded the guards.


The voice of Council President Hadman made the guards pause. After exchanging glances, they sheathed their weapons but remained in place, ready for action at any moment.

“Does your master know the concept of ten percent of our family’s wealth? His appet.i.te seems insatiable. Isn’t he afraid of biting off more than he can chew?” Hadman’s temples throbbed as he resisted the urge to curse.

The masked woman smiled faintly. “My master’s generosity can encompa.s.s an ocean.”

“So, you’re saying there’s no room for negotiation?”

“Life is non-negotiable.”

Hademan’s forehead veins bulged as he restrained himself from swearing. He waved his hand.

“Then please depart, madam.”

Upon hearing this, the masked woman showed no displeasure. Instead, she performed a departure gesture more elegant and refined than palace etiquette.

“If you are willing to accept this modest condition, you can find us on the islands at the northern edge of the archipelago. We will stay there for some time.”

With that, the woman didn’t linger any longer. She turned around gracefully, the sea breeze lifting her, and disappeared among the guards behind the gates.

After a brief silence, the hall erupted in arguments once more.

“This condition is too hars.h.!.+ I can’t believe this so-called savior is like this, taking advantage of us!”

“I suspect she’s just a fraud. She doesn’t have the power to stop the sea beast tide at all.”

“Don’t think Stars.h.i.+ne City is defenseless. We have a formidable army, and we can rely on the coastal artillery on the island. We can resist.”

“That’s right, I’d rather sink all my money into the sea than give it to someone with such a voracious appet.i.te!”

“But what should we do? The sea beast tide is set to arrive in two days…”

Hadman looked at the bickering council members, feeling a headache and frustration. This was the nature of a parliamentary system, often noisy and filled with debates that yielded no effective solutions.

In the end, he slammed the table with force.

The noise in the hall gradually subsided.

Hadman spoke in a solemn tone, “Regardless of the situation, we need to send someone to monitor this masked woman. We must prevent them from making any moves on the Stars.h.i.+ne Islands when the sea beast tide approaches!” “That’s right, we must protect our wealth!”

“The sea beast tide is a threat, and these newcomers who suddenly appeared are also a threat..”

The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful Chapter 440: The Parliament, the Price, and the People's Hearts

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