I Have A City In An Alternate World Chapter 3158: Searching for clues (1)

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Chapter 3158: Searching for clues (1)

Translator: 549690339

After leaving the ice cave with Tang Zhen and teleporting to a certain place, the sect master’s expression became serious.

At this moment, he sensed that Tang Zhen was different.

Although they had been sealed in ice for many years and had lost all their strength and cultivation, they still had the knowledge and experience of a high-level cultivator.

The strength that Tang Zhen possessed had definitely far exceeded his peak. It might belong to another extraordinary realm.

It could be a G.o.d, or a transcendent below the G.o.d level. In short, it was an extremely powerful existence.

If that was the case, would he be able to figure out what happened back then through Tang Zhen?

The sect master didn’t have any impression of what happened back then, which was the most terrifying part.

What kind of means and what kind of powerful strength did he have to be able to do this?

However, it was also because of this that he had to be more cautious.

He didn’t have the ability to resist back then, and now he didn’t have the strength to investigate. If he continued to investigate, would he attract a disaster?

Perhaps, the wisest choice would be to pretend to be muddleheaded and do his best to seek Tang Zhen’s protection.

Even if Tang Zhen didn’t want to cause trouble and didn’t investigate what happened back then, it was still possible for him to suppress the power of the curse and recover his strength and cultivation back then.

The everlasting sect’s sect master believed in the power of curses. When he had secretly tried to heal his injuries, he had already noticed the hidden dangers in his sea of consciousness.

Tang Zhen didn’t lie. If he didn’t help to suppress it, his head would have exploded and he would have died long ago.

The more everlasting sect master thought about it, the more scared he was. It could be said that the current Tang Zhen was the everlasting sect master’s only hope. He would never leave no matter what.

As for face, there was no need to consider it at all.

The older the old fox in the cultivation world was, the more shameless he was. Only a stupid mortal would think that they wanted their face.

Why didn’t he think about how he was an ant? what qualifications did he have to guess the thoughts of these transcendents and think that they were the same as him?

In fact, one could see extreme evil, extreme evil, or extreme hypocrisy and madness in these top-notch cultivators.

After experiencing countless unimaginable things, how could an extraordinary existence who had finally grown up be an existence that ordinary people could guess?

He only teleported in the blink of an eye. When he reappeared, he was already on the ice cap that was filled with a threatening cold air.

The cold wind whistled, and all he could see was the pale white snow.

According to the sect master, there was a big sect under his feet, and the sect master’s strength was no weaker than his.

The sect leader’s explanation was unnecessary. The sect leaders below were most likely his friends.

He definitely wasn’t an enemy. How could the sect master let his opponent have such a good chance to save his life?

This was a no man’s land. The surface of the ice sheet was completely empty, and there were no star islands within a thousand miles.

Of course, it wouldn’t take long for hort to buy over this area, and then send people to develop it.

Tang Zhen would definitely not wait. The rules of the cultivator Alliance were nothing to him.

“Can you confirm that it’s the position under your feet?”

Tang Zhen looked at the everlasting sect’s sect master for a final confirmation.

“Please don’t blame me, Sir. My current strength is limited, so I can’t locate him with my divine sense.

This location is an estimate. If we want a more accurate location, we may need your help.”

At this moment, the everlasting sect master felt helpless and sad like a hero in his twilight years.

However, in Tang Zhen’s eyes, the sect master was clearly acting on purpose to gain Tang Zhen’s sympathy.

As high-level cultivators, they naturally knew the difficulty of cultivation. Seeing the sect master of the everlasting sect in such a sorry state, they might feel sorry for him.

No one wanted to encounter a situation where a Tiger had fallen into the plains. If possible, they would naturally try their best to help.

Everlasting sect’s sect master’s thoughts were right, but Tang Zhen had already seen through him. Whether he would help or not would depend on the situation in the future.

The only thing he could do now was suppress the curse and prevent the sect master from becoming a fool.

I’ll let you share my view and then lock onto the exact location so that we don’t waste any precious time.

As soon as Tang Zhen’s words fell, the everlasting sect’s sect master was stunned on the spot as he saw an image that shocked him.

In the vast starry sky, countless star islands were suspended in the surroundings, and runic chains were cast into the frozen Planet.

The frozen Planet was indeed worthy of its name. It was covered in a thick layer of ice, and not a single part of the planet’s body was exposed.

Even if it was once a hundred thousand feet high mountain, it was now buried under the ice sheet, and no trace could be seen at all.

“How did Yingying become like this?”

The sect Master’s Voice trembled. He couldn’t believe that the world had become like this.

Originally, he still held a glimmer of hope, but now it was completely cold.

He was in such a sorry state, and his sect was completely crippled. How could the cultivators of the other sects be any better?

Perhaps those guys were in a worse situation than him, and they might have already become fools.

Just as the everlasting sect’s sect master was in despair, Tang Zhen’s cold voice resounded in his consciousness ocean.

“Do what you’re doing now and don’t let your thoughts run wild. Otherwise, you’ll even lose your last chance.”

Tang Zhen’s tone was calm, but it was like thunder to the everlasting sect’s sect master.

please don’t blame me, Sir. I’ll start locating him immediately!

The sect master of the everlasting sect said loudly. He quickly locked onto the core area of the sect through the shared vision with Tang Zhen.

Because of this powerful shared vision, the everlasting sect’s sect master was even more shocked by Tang Zhen’s strength. If this vision wasn’t restricted, there were almost no secrets in the world that could be hidden from Tang


At this moment, the sect master suddenly realized something. Was this the vision of a G.o.d?

The sect master of the everlasting sect was getting more and more excited. After reaching the spiritual Emperor realm, G.o.ds would no longer be just a legend.

“If Tang Zhen is also a divine Kasaya …”

Thinking up to this point, the sect master quickly suppressed his thoughts and didn’t dare to continue thinking.

If this was the case, Tang Zhen was definitely not an existence that he could guess about. Otherwise, it would be an unforgivable blasphemy.

In a short time, the sect master locked on and pointed out the location of the sect’s core.

The ice in the area marked by the sect master suddenly cracked, and a downward ice hole slowly appeared.

As the Tang Zhen duo advanced, huge steps appeared one after another and continued to extend downwards.

This time, they did not need to go down 10000 meters. After a kilometer, they saw a huge mountain below their feet.

The mountain peak was full of pavilions and paG.o.das, looking like a myriad of sceneries. It was a scene of a paradise.

However, when this celestial scene was frozen, it gave people a strange feeling, and even an inexplicable sense of ridicule.

If it was really powerful, why would it be frozen in ice and end up in such a state?

The ice stairs led directly to the palace at the mountainside. On the way, they pa.s.sed by the spirit birds flying in the air, and Tang Zhen casually removed their frozen state.

The resurrected spiritual bird cried out a few times, its face full of confusion. It didn’t know where it was.

Why was it that his seemingly familiar companion was blocked by the cold ice, unable to approach at all?

How could they know that their old homes had become completely different from the past?

The ice stairs led straight to the sect’s main hall, and a gigantic monster that had taken human form charged straight at Tang Zhen.

In the core area of a sect like this, the energy of heaven and earth was extremely abundant, so it was normal for monsters to appear.

This time, without waiting for Tang Zhen to make a move, the little cat on his shoulder jumped up. A huge mouth appeared on its pet.i.te head.

Before the transformed monster could act out, it was swallowed by the little thing in one gulp, and the threatening cold air disappeared instantly. The everlasting sect’s sect master looked at the cat that swallowed the beast with fear.

He recognized the little thing’s origins. It should be a legendary divine beast that would appear during every catastrophe and save the world from danger.

He didn’t expect that such a divine beast would actually follow by Tang Zhen’s side!

Thinking up to this point, the sect master suddenly became excited, and his eyes shone.

The legendary divine beast po ‘e was actually following Tang Zhen. Didn’t this prove one thing?

The seemingly cold and indifferent Tang Zhen actually had a hidden ident.i.ty..

He was the true Savior of the frozen Planet!

I Have A City In An Alternate World Chapter 3158: Searching for clues (1)

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