I Have A City In An Alternate World Chapter 3360: Day of harvest (1)

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Chapter 3360: Day of harvest (1)


Translator: 549690339

In front of The Nameless City, there was a vast demon breeding ground with a large number of terrifying monsters.

The monsters that the Aboriginals had once feared had been domesticated like livestock. This was indeed a rare thing.

There were also many monsters that were rarely seen, but they were all locked up in the farm.

The cultivators who had just arrived would all observe the outside of the monster breeding ground to increase their knowledge.

The demon breeding farm had become The Nameless City’s signature, and its reputation was second only to the tree of rules.

The former could help one become rich while the latter could help one cultivate. Both were very important to cultivators.

The cultivators were used to capturing monsters and sending them to The Nameless City to exchange for rich rewards.

When monsters entered the monster breeding ground, they would be nourished by chaotic energy at all times and would be in a growing state at all times.

The monsters ‘food was the energy incarnation condensed from chaotic energy. The more they ate, the greater the benefits.

Feeding them without caring about the cost would naturally have a satisfactory return. The monsters on the farm would become fat and strong.

There were also many monsters that had successfully advanced into super creatures and condensed rule crystals in their bodies.

At this time, Super Monsters could be directly killed and the rule crystals condensed in their bodies could be taken out.

These law crystals were the best fertilizer for the cultivation of the law seeds, which could accelerate the growth of the law seeds.

If there were no law crystals, it would take a long time to cultivate the law seeds.

After obtaining more than a dozen rule seeds, it was necessary to start cultivating them, and the good days of these monsters would come to an end.

Tang Zhen had personally entered the arena this time around. He specially selected those fat and strong fellows and waved his battle blade to kill them one by one.

The Super creature’s wailing spread in all directions, attracting countless cultivators to watch carefully.

After seeing Tang Zhen kill the Super creature as easily as killing a chicken, many of the cultivators were filled with fear.

It seemed that this nameless giant city could not be easily provoked, or else the outcome might be even more miserable than these monsters.

After killing these super creatures, Tang Zhen personally took action and directly extracted the law crystals.

The strength of a cultivator determined the efficiency of the extraction.

The same super creature would yield different results if it was killed by different cultivators.

After harvesting the law particles, he could send them directly into his sea of spirit and pile them up with the law seeds.

After the conditions were met, the rule seed would naturally blossom and bear fruit without much operation.

The Super creature with the law particles extracted would not go to waste either. Instead, it was an essential precious material for cultivation.

There were similar materials in the trade of cultivators, and they were quite expensive.

Super creatures were comparable to pseudo-G.o.ds who had yet to condense their G.o.dheads. They were very powerful.

It wasn’t an easy task to kill such a monster. On the contrary, cultivators were often killed by super creatures.

The cultivators outside the city had witnessed the hunting and gathering process, and they were extremely envious.

Everyone knew that after killing so many super creatures, they would definitely be able to obtain a huge amount of rule particles.

As long as he had this wealth, he could guarantee that he would not have to worry about his cultivation, and he could buy anything he lacked without thinking.

However, if he wanted to keep this wealth, he had to have enough strength to make covetous people flinch.

The Nameless City had proven its strength through several wars, and no enemy dared to provoke it.

Otherwise, there would have been cultivators who would have taken action long ago to s.n.a.t.c.h this wealth. It would have been impossible for it to be left until now.

While Tang Zhen was killing the monsters, the cultivators of The Nameless City were in charge of moving the corpses of the monsters.

After sending it to The Nameless City, it could be digested inside.

The cultivators outside could only look at it with envy, but they had no chance of getting it.

If they joined the nameless megacity, they would be able to get an opportunity. This was one of the benefits of the residents of the megacity.

The residents of the city were envied by the cultivators in the outside world. The benefits they received were so good that it made people jealous.

Other things aside, at least in terms of cultivation resources, it would definitely leave the cultivators of the outside world in the dust.

However, things were different now. It had become more and more difficult to join The Nameless City.

Many cultivators who had the chance to join but missed the opportunity because of hesitation were so depressed that they almost vomited blood.

They could only wait in silence, hoping that the nameless megacity could expand again, so that it would be possible to recruit new residents.

Seeing the ferocious monsters ‘corpses being moved into the city, the residents of the city were excited.

These cultivators of the origin realm loved to eat the flesh and blood of powerful monsters. Not only could they fill their stomachs, but they could also obtain great benefits at the same time.

The stronger the monster, the more popular it was with the natives.

He had devoured many monsters, but he didn’t even dare to think about the Super creature.

None of them, including the city Lord, had the right to consume the flesh of a super creature. Similarly, they did not dare to provoke such a terrifying existence.

The consequence of overestimating one’s own ability was very likely to turn one into food.

However, things were different now. These super creatures that had once terrified them and could even destroy The Nameless City had now become cold corpses.

Be it removing the bones and peeling the skin, or digging out the heart and lungs, it was all up to the residents ‘wishes.

Since they were allowed to operate freely, the residents of The Nameless City naturally did not hold back and gathered together to get busy.

They peeled off the skin of the Super creatures and used it to make excellent armor. They also shaved off the bones and bones to use as materials for refining weapons.

The flesh and blood of the Super creature naturally became food for the residents. Many cultivators chose to eat it raw.

These cultivators ‘stomachs could even digest stones, so they naturally didn’t need to cook food.

The act of devouring flesh and blood was not to satisfy one’s desire for food, but only to improve one’s strength.

In the process of devouring, the energy contained in the flesh and blood would be absorbed by the cultivators, which would bring great benefits.

There were even some lucky guys who were able to obtain the special innate abilities of monsters by chance.

Once successfully obtained, the cultivator’s strength would increase rapidly, easily crus.h.i.+ng cultivators of the same level.

The strength of super creatures was comparable to that of G.o.ds, and their innate divine powers were certainly not weak. If ordinary cultivators could obtain them, the benefits would be no less than obtaining the seeds of rules.

Because of Tang Zhen, the strength of the residents had increased rapidly. If they were to obtain the innate ability of the Super creature, their combat strength would definitely reach an unimaginable level.

At that time, they would definitely become high-level cultivators in The Nameless City and would be able to obtain more cultivation resources.

On this day, the entire city was celebrating, and all the residents were eating heartily.

After they had eaten to their heart’s content, the residents of The Nameless City immediately took action, killing their way into the breeding ground of the magical beasts.

This was because they had heard that the higher the frequency of entering the farm, the faster the growth of the yaomo.

In a short period of time, the number of super creatures multiplied, which proved this point.

The residents could also feel that the monsters in the breeding ground were getting stronger and stronger. Even though their strength had increased rapidly, they were still no match for these monsters.

Such a situation was enough to show that while the residents were improving, the monsters were also improving.

The difference between the two was that when the strength of the residents increased, they would obtain more benefits and status.

As the monster’s strength increased, it would only be killed faster.

The residents of The Nameless City had received too many favors from Tang Zhen, but they did not have the ability to repay him.

Now that he saw Tang Zhen killing the Super creature, he knew that he definitely needed the law particles, and the Super creature was the only one that could be produced.

Cultivating more super creatures would help Tang Zhen and allow him to obtain more law particles.

The method of cultivation was also very simple. They only needed to kill monsters in the magical beast breeding ground to make the monsters stronger.

This was the daily task of the residents of the giant city, which could improve their own strength and cultivation, and also obtain rich points.

While helping Tang Zhen, they could also obtain benefits for themselves. The residents of the giant city would naturally fight to be the first..

I Have A City In An Alternate World Chapter 3360: Day of harvest (1)

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