Online Game: I Can Use Ultimate Skills Infinitely Chapter 907: The Price of the Exchange

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Chapter 907: The Price of the Exchange


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“Are you asking me to follow Piercing Wind? And you plan to go up the mountain alone. I think this mission should be reversed.” Jiang Qianyue frowned as she looked over. After all, this mission didn’t sound reliable no matter how she listened to it.

“If I follow him, I’ll be easily discovered by him. This guy is very sensitive to my scent.” Chu Bai had once thought of following them himself, but he didn’t expect the Piercing Wind’s instincts to be so strong.

Why do I feel like you described him as a dog?” Jiang Qianyue didn’t say anything else after complaining and directly chased after him.

Piercing Wind was in a hurry and did not notice that someone was following him.

Chu Bai stood alone at the entrance of Phoenix Cry Mountain.

He directly handed over the invitation to visit at the mountain gate.

Si Nantian was discussing important matters in the sect when he didn’t expect someone to come in and explore the tree at the entrance.

Moreover, the person who came was actually Chu Bai, who had just finished his battle.

Si Nantian thought for a moment and agreed. Since he had agreed, there was nothing special about it. Why not see what this guy wanted?

Chu Bai soon received a notice to let them pa.s.s, and the barrier in front of him disappeared instantly.

Chu Bai walked in. Si Nantian was already standing at the entrance of the square, waiting quietly.

” Aiya, I really welcome Bai Ye. I didn’t expect the chief disciple of Cloud Sky Palace to come here personally. I wonder what he wants to do?” Si Nantian clapped his hands in welcome as he looked around. He wanted to see if this guy had come alone or with a group of people. However, he was still curious when he saw that the other party had come alone.

After all, in this situation, what was he doing here alone?

“I’m only here to pay a visit. After all, the previous battle had a huge impact on me. I really didn’t expect Feng Mingshan’s Skill to be so powerful. If I had known earlier, I would have joined this place.”

Chu Bai boasted a bunch of bullsh * t, which made Si Nantian very proud, but not to the point of losing his mind. After all, he was a sect master and was still very powerful, so he was still a little sensitive to these things.

Si Nantian’s expression was very serious. He didn’t want to express too many opinions on this matter. After all, these things weren’t a big deal to him.

The main thing was that he wanted to find out why Chu Bai was here.

“May I know why the Head Disciple is here? Or do you have other thoughts or want to discuss something?” Si Nantian was very curious about Chu Bai’s background.

“I just want to ask about something. I believe that the sect master should know about these things very well.”

After Chu Bai finished speaking, he used his eyes to look around. It was obvious that he didn’t want anyone to disturb their conversation. If someone interrupted their conversation now, it would indeed be terrible.

Si Nantian didn’t expect this kid to ask for a secret conversation, but he thought that he wasn’t strong enough to him, so he nodded and agreed.

“Alright, then come with me. Let’s talk in secret and see what you have to say. Maybe there’s really something I can understand or something I can’t understand?”

Si Nantian carefully led him into a small room.

Chu Bai slapped an ore on the table as soon as he entered.

“I want to ask the sect master to tell me the location of the Heavenly Water Holy Spring. How about it? I can spend money to buy it.” Chu Bai went straight to the point.

After all, this sect leader had directly hidden this news. If he did not spend money, he was afraid that he would not be able to do it.

It was impossible to get information without spending money.

Si Nantian was also shocked when he heard this news. He didn’t expect this guy to find the location of the Heavenly Water Holy Spring that he wanted.

He was the only one who knew the location of the Heavenly Water Holy Spring, and he had never told anyone else about it. He did not know how Chu Bai knew about it either.

“I don’t know anything about the Heavenly Water Holy Spring at all. Are you asking the wrong person?” Si Nantian stroked his beard and pretended not to know, but he knew the location of the Heavenly Water Holy Spring better than anyone else.

“I didn’t expect the sect master to not even know this. Is he joking with me?” Chu Bai said as he took out more items.

After all, this sect leader seemed to want to eat more. If he did not take out some benefits, he was afraid that he would not let it go.

After Chu Bai took out more money, Si Nantian’s eyes lit up, but he still refused to reveal the location of the Heavenly Water Holy Spring. After all, this was a top secret to him.

If he told them the location now, this thing would be worthless.

Therefore, he would never easily reveal this position.

“Let me put it this way. I think you should know the value of this thing. What price do you want now?” Chu Bai, you’ve had enough of this time that’s being added bit by bit. You want to directly ask this old fellow how much money he wants?

Si Nantian pondered for a moment. After carefully sizing up Chu Bai’s clothes, he finally pointed his finger in that direction.

“I want this ring on you. I think it contains a very powerful force. If you can exchange it with this, that would be very good.”

Si Nantian immediately saw through Chu Bai’s most valuable item. That sword was permanently bound to him, so he couldn’t get it at all. The best solution was to take this ring. Although this ring was also bound, it could be changed.

“You have to know that this ring is bound.” Chu Bai directly reminded him that the ring was bound. Although he had a way to untie it, he didn’t want to tell him.

“I’ve seen this ring of yours once. I think he should be able to untie it.” Si Nantian obviously wanted this ring very much, and he would only tell them the location of the Heavenly Water Holy Spring if he could exchange it for it.

“Since you’re unwilling to say it, there’s nothing to talk about. After all, this ring is permanently bound. I can’t take it off at all.” Of course, Chu Bai wouldn’t give his ring to him. This thing was his lifeblood. How could he give it away with such a powerful teleportation skill?

Si Nantian had obviously expected that this guy would not agree, but he was already certain that he would win.

Since Chu Bai wanted the location of the Heavenly Water Holy Spring, he had to pay a price.

And now, this thing was the price of the exchange. As long as he was willing to take out that teleportation ring to exchange, he would give him the location of the Heavenly Water Holy Spring.

Chu Bai could only stand up and leave..

Online Game: I Can Use Ultimate Skills Infinitely Chapter 907: The Price of the Exchange

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