Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss Chapter 713 Invitation

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Chapter 713: 713 Invitation

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Tan Ron knew that Zhuang Liu liked to eat sweet things, so when she arranged the drinks, she specially asked the auntie to add more sugar. That sugar was also specially made by Tan Rou. It was very easy to digest. Even if they took a lot of it, they wouldn’t gain much weight.

Tian Tian felt that it was weird. She thought that a big boss like Zhuang Liu would not sit with young girls like them and eat cake. But at this moment, Zhuang Liu was sitting diagonally opposite her, tasting the cake with a fork.

Zhuang Liu felt Tian Tian’s gaze and frowned slightly. However, when he thought of the fact that this little girl was Tan Ron’s friend, he was not so disgusted.

Li Li pulled Tian Tian’s gaze back. “Tiantian, why are you looking at Brother Zhuang Liu? There’s no cake on his face.”

Only then did Tian Tian realize that she had been staring at him for too long. She hurriedly buried her face in the cake plate. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to look at you. 1 was just curious.”

“Curious about what?” Tan Rou asked.

Tian Tian thought for a moment and organized her words before saying, “Is Brother Zhuang Liu really the head of the Zhuang family? 1 feel that Brother Zhuang Liu is very amiable. He doesn’t look like the high and mighty family head at all. Instead, he looks like a big brother.”

If Xiao Mo had heard Tian Tian’s words, he would definitely have ridiculed her. How could Zhuang Liu be an amiable big brother? Zhuang Liu was an in-and-out cold working machine! Not only was he meticulous in his work, but he also required his employees to devote themselves to their work and not make any mistakes.

“You’re the first person to say that I’m approachable.” Zhuang Liu chuckled.

Tian Tian said, “I’ve heard of your name before. My grandfather and parents often say that the third young master of the Zhuang family in the capital, Zhuang Liu, is a cold and heartless person. He never shows any mercy when he does things. If someone offends him, that person will definitely be in big trouble but after meeting Brother Zhuang Liu, 1 feel that they are wrong. Brother Zhuang Liu should be a very gentle and considerate person.”

Tan Rou smiled secretly. She did not ruin Zhuang Liu’s image of being” gentle and considerate in Tian Tian’s heart. She only said, “Tian Tian, you can slowly discover what kind of person Third Brother Zhuang is in the future. Anyway, there will be many opportunities to meet him in the future.”

“Oh, oh.” Tian Tian didn’t say anything else. She still wanted to eat the cake, and she couldn’t be disturbed by other things.

Tan Rou didn’t really like cake, but today’s cake was made by Li Li and Tian Tian, so she still ate.

As she ate, the phone in Tan Ron’s pocket suddenly vibrated. She took it out and saw that someone was calling her. This was a number from the Capital city. Tan Rou did not recognize it but it was not an unknown number. She thought for a few seconds and went to the balcony to answer the call.

Two minutes later, Tan Rou returned from the balcony with a strange smile on her face, as if something was about to happen.

“Meng Si asked me to meet her at the Red Gate Restaurant at seven o’clock tonight. She said she wanted to treat me to dinner. 1 don’t think she’ll be kind enough to treat me to a meal,” Tan Rou said with a faint smile.

“Red Gate Tower?” Li Li read out the name and shook her head. “The name of this building is strange. It sounds like a banquet at a trap. Is there really someone going in to eat?”

Tan Rou waved her phone. “Yes, Meng Si just asked me out, didn’t she?”

“Don’t go.” Zhuang Liu didn’t want Tan Rou to go. “This woman definitely didn’t just treat you to a meal. Maybe she’s already set a trap and is waiting for you to fall into it.”

“Why not?” Tan Rou smiled. “She invited me to dinner, 1’11 go. I would like to see what tricks she’s trying to play.”

“Then 1’11 go with you tonight,” Zhuang Liu said.

Tan Rou didn’t object, but she was worried that Zhuang Liu’s appearance would disturb Meng Si, so she said, “Don’t go with me tonight. Don’t let Meng Si find you either. Don’t alarm her, and she won’t dare to make a move.”

Zhuang Liu was worried. “I’m worried about your safety.”

Tan Rou shot him a look. “Don’t you know my abilities?”

Zhuang Liu knew very well that Tan Rou was very powerful, but Meng Si was in the dark and Tan Rou was in the light. If Meng Si played tricks behind her back, it would be very difficult for Tan Rou to guarantee her safety.

“Fine….” Tan Rou made up her mind. “Third Brother can come along with me but you are only allowed to come out when Meng Si makes a move.” She was very excited and seemed to be ready for a big fight.

Zhuang Liu didn’t want to spoil the mood, so he could only listen to her arrangements..

Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss Chapter 713 Invitation

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