Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss Chapter 944 Give Me A Chance

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Chapter 944: 944 Give Me A Chance


Translator: Dragon Boat Translation | Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

With that, Tan Ron was about to go back to Zhuang Liu, but Tian Yong had not finished his words.

“Tan Rou, I don’t have anything important to tell you.” Tian Yong’s expression was very serious. “I had a dream last night. You appeared in the dream.”

Tan Rou frowned. If Tian Yong’s next words made her feel disgusted, she would not hesitate to kick Tian Yong into the flower bed beside her and let him have intimate contact with the bushes.

“What did you dream about?” Tan Rou asked.

“I dreamt that you died.” Tian Yong’s words were shocking. “And he died very miserably.” He then described how Tan Rou died in her dream.

Tan Rou was very surprised because the way Tian Yong described how he died was the same as in her previous life. Moreover, Tian Yong not only dreamed of her but also her family.

In her previous life, the death of her family was a knot in Tan Ron’s heart. Now, every time she saw her family appear in front of Tan Rou, she was happy and heartbroken. When she had just been reborn, Tan Rou often dreamed that her parents and brother had died in front of her. However, she could no longer dream of it now.

Hearing Tian Yong suddenly say that she was dead, Tan Rou’s heart felt terrible, as if there was a knife cutting it.

“Dreams are all fake.” Tan Rou said to Tian Yong as if she was comforting herself. “I’m living well now. Don’t bother me with lies.”

“I didn’t lie to you! Although I know that dreams are fake, the scenes in the dream are too real. When I woke up in the morning, I even felt a trace of heartache,” said Tian Yong.

“Then who killed me in your dream?” Tan Rou asked.

“I killed you.” Tian Yong was stunned. He immediately lowered his head and replied.

Tan Rou sneered. “You’re quite honest. Since it’s a dream, don’t be conflicted. I won’t become what you dream of.”

“Tan Rou, I’ve been thinking about something ever since I woke up. Did I really owe you something in my past life?” Tian Yong said.

“If that’s the case, I want to compensate you.”

“What compensation are you offering?” Tan Rou asked curiously. Although she wouldn’t accept it, she still wanted to ask. She wanted to see what kind of answer that sc.u.mbag, Tian Yong, would give.

As expected, sc.u.m was sc.u.m. Even if he wanted to compensate others, he had to satisfy his own needs first.

“If you don’t mind, I’m willing to follow you forever. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” Tian Yong said with a smile, “If you need something and Zhuang Liu isn’t around for you, you can come to me. If Zhuang Liu doesn’t have time to accompany you out to play, you can also come to me. I’ll accompany you well.”

Tan Rou was about to die from laughing at Tian Yong. Was what he proposed really compensation? Wasn’t it a personal request?

“Aren’t you dreaming too much? To put it nicely, you want to follow me. Are you asking me to cheat on my boyfriend?” Tan Rou said with a faint smile.

Tian Yong corrected him. “That’s not cheating. You’re still Zhuang Liu’s girlfriend. I’m just your friend. As the eldest daughter of the Tao family, so what if you have a few good friends of the opposite s.e.x? Look at those rich ladies and young masters. Even if they had a lover, they would still find other lovers. With your status, even if you’re looking for a lover, Zhuang Liu can’t interfere.”

Tan Rou’s gaze turned cold. “Have you said enough?”

When Tian Yong saw her gaze, a trace of fear flashed across his heart. “I’m telling the truth. Besides, don’t expect Zhuang Liu to only have you, he may have a few other women out there too. I heard that many of his business partners want to marry their daughters to him.”

Tan Rou couldn’t stand it anymore. She warned, “Don’t let me hear such words again, especially about my fiance. If I hear you again, I’ll make sure you never make a sound.”

“I like you, I…” Tian Yong continued to express his love.

Unexpectedly, Tan Rou stretched out her hand and tapped him twice on his body before pus.h.i.+ng him to the bushes to lie down. “Your acupuncture points will be unlocked in half an hour. I hope that by the time your acupuncture points are unlocked, you have already learned how to speak.”

Tian Yong could neither move nor speak. He could only watch Tan Rou leave with his eyes wide open.

Tan Rou returned to Zhuang Liu’s side and took the initiative to say, “It’s nothing. He just said that he likes me. I’ve already rejected him.”

Zhuang Liu looked at Tian Yong who was lying on the ground and smiled. “Don’t worry about him. Let’s go back.”

Ms. Tan Is The Real Boss Chapter 944 Give Me A Chance

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