Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God Chapter 2254 Habit

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Chapter 2254 Habit

?Playing the role of the pitiful figure, he would attack the city lord mansion, something that would likely end in failure. Even with his vajra body, though he could severely suppress even Immortal G.o.ds and those below that rank were nothing but ants as long as it was active, it still wasn't quite enough for him to face up against such an existence.

After he was on the verge of losing his life, the rest of his plan would kick into motion. His clones within the other three factions would make their move. Using their friends.h.i.+p as the four geniuses of this generation, they would use the support they gained to launch an a.s.sault on the mansion as well.

With the devils attacking the city, the various factions were uniquely vulnerable to internal strife at the moment, so the plan would have likely reached this step without a hitch.

Of course, the genius of the devils, the very one who exposed the Jones Dukedom, was also one of Dyon's clones. So, this could be a coordinated plan from both the inside and outside of the city.

At this point, the city lord would be a.s.saulted from all sides all while under the suppression of Law's vajra body and would eventually die under Dyon's various schemes. Dyon predicted that this would complete the true main storyline.

The key was to not only kill the city lord, but to also do it with the support of the people. If it was just as easy as killing a single person then this legacy world would have never even had a second opening.

However… The current Dyon didn't need to go through so much trouble. Before him, the schemes and tricks of an Immortal G.o.d were nothing more than parlor tricks.

The truth was that immortal legacy worlds were different from mortal ones. Whereas mortal ones relied on the Heavens' help, immortal legacy worlds, though the Heavens were somewhat involved, relied almost entirely on one's Origin Source. As a result, no one below the Immortal G.o.d Realm could leave a legacy world behind.

One's Origin Source acted as a foundation and the Heavens filled in the gaps. This is why this world seemed so real. However, it was exactly these parts that made such a world vulnerable.

Dyon's vajra body moved, its six black-goal halos rotating until a singular eye stopped at the top. Its eyelid slowly opened, causing the world to tremble.

In those moments, it felt like existence itself might collapse. The skies rumbled and tore apart, leaving streaking of thunderous lightning and torn bits of s.p.a.ce hovering in the air.

"Too many flaws, too easy… Oh, this clone is about to explode… There should be enough time… There."

Law seemed to speak to himself as though he could feel an Immortal G.o.d boring down on him.

He pointed a finger, completely ignoring City Lord Woo who had a livid expression on his face.

For a moment, it seemed like nothing would happen. But in the next instant, the legacy world collapsed. The city, the artificial trees and plants, the devils, the puppets, it all collapsed leaving a sea of blackness.

In the end, all that was left was a single core… a world core. However, compared to the ones that Dyon had seen, it was far too small, not even half the size of a fingernail.

"You guys handle the rest." These were Law's last words before he combusted and withered into the roots of a large flower. Clearly, using that manifestation had taken too much out of him, so he left it to his remaining clones.

None of them even spared a glance toward the Well and Vio Clan family members who hovered in the empty s.p.a.ce with shocked expressions on their faces.

Those poor souls couldn't even react by the time they were ejected from the black s.p.a.ce and reappeared in Yin City. But this time, the puppets stood blankly as if having lost their sentience…


A light smacking sound resounded throughout the luxurious bedroom of the graveyard, causing Lilith to moan out in protest.

With her face still buried into a pillow, she reached back with a hand and smacked Dyon's hand away from her plump bottom, clearly telling him that she wanted to sleep for longer. After all, despite the fact she had awakened her memories and knew she had quite a bit of experience in these matters, this body was still the body of a virgin. Though she wasn't hurting, she was a bit sore. On top of this, having not been used to such activity, she was tired.

Unfortunately for her, Dyon ignored her pleas and happily sat cross legged on their bed, kneading her cheeks as though they were the greatest toy ever created. As for Saru, she was using Dyon's thigh as a pillow, a content smile on her face.

"Come on, you can't continue sleeping like this. You've just broken into the fourth facet so I need to see if your sword nascent soul has formed properly."

Dyon's evil fingers slipped into a dark place, causing Lilith to shudder once more. Despite the soreness, the mixture of a dull pain and pleasure brought a pleasant, novel feeling she couldn't get enough of.

"… Mm, why did you stop?" Lilith sounded displeased.

Lilith squirmed back as though trying to find Dyon's fingers again.

"Come, be more obedient." Dyon lightly tapped her a.s.s again, enjoying the elasticity.

Lilith unwillingly slithered to his side, laying her head on Dyon's other thigh.

"I prefer the old you better, he was nicer. You get your memories back and suddenly you're so chauvinistic again." Lilith muttered.

"Has nothing to do with chauvinism." Dyon said righteously. "I am just much more experienced than you. I'm just an elder guiding his junior."

"Your tone sounds very convincing." Lilith said. "But why are you kneading my b.r.e.a.s.t.s if I'm just a junior?"

Dyon coughed. "Just a force of habit, just a habit."

Saru giggled lightly, her eyes still closed. It seemed she was just content to listen. As for Lilith, she rolled her eyes, smacking his hand away and pretending not to notice when it magically appeared on her chest once more.

"Let me see it." Dyon suddenly said.

Rebirth of the Nameless Immortal God Chapter 2254 Habit

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