Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor Chapter 652: Forget about friendship (1)

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Chapter 652: Forget about friends.h.i.+p (1)


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Xia qingchen nodded in satisfaction. alright. Let’s do this.

After this, he would go to the so-called martial tower to test his cultivation. His strength far exceeded the standard of a hundred-winged cavalry, and he might even reach the level of a thousand-winged cavalry.

“Alright, I’ll get the ident.i.ty token for young master Xia and his companions.” Bai mingqi said.

At this moment.

The gate opened and the horn sounded.

Outside, it was as if there was a thunderclap, and the rumbling of footsteps could be heard.

“The Gongsun qianren cavalry has returned from their pursuit, right?”

“It looks like he’s going to win big and be praised by the higher-ups again.”

The fence opened, and a thousand soldiers riding on demonic beasts returned valiantly, kicking up a large cloud of dust.

The leader was none other than Gongsun Wuji!

He looked straight ahead and returned with his troops, enjoying the attention of the entire camp.

“F * ck! Master Chen, isn’t that our Xia Manor’s guard?” Grudgy’s eyes widened as it said in shock.

Lian Xing had only followed Xia qingchen later on, so she naturally didn’t know who Gongsun Wuji was.

But how could grudgy not recognize him?

Grudgy’s words were like noise in the midst of the rumbling hooves, and no one cared.

However, Gongsun Wuji heard it and immediately pulled the reins to stop the beast.

He looked at the voice in surprise and his pupils shrank as he saw grudgy!

Xia qingchen’s dog? ” Gongsun Wuji exclaimed in surprise. He immediately looked to the side, and a figure that he had deeply remembered came into view!

Xia qingchen? ” Gongsun Wuji cried out in shock. He immediately dismounted and walked quickly to Xia qingchen.

His face was full of joy.

How could he not be happy to see an old friend?

This was too unexpected!

Xia qingchen thought for a while before he recalled Gongsun Wuji. He smiled and said, “”Long time no see!”

Gongsun Wuji was so excited that he was incoherent. He had many things to say in his heart, but he didn’t know where to start.

“By the way, why did you come to the military camp in Liangzhou?”

Grudgy grinned. of course! I’m here to be a soldier!

Gongsun Wuji slapped his thigh and said,”why didn’t you say so earlier?” Find me!”

“What position have you arranged for brother Xia?” he asked as he walked towards the Bai xiaoji.

“Reporting to my Lord, it’s a soldier,” Bai mingqi replied in fear.

He was speechless. What background did Xia qingchen have exactly?

He was actually close to Gongsun Wuji, the 1000-man cavalry of the southwest Military Region?

In the southwest Military Region, there were a total of 100 thousand cavalry, each in charge of 1000 elite soldiers and generals.

Among them, in last year’s military camp compet.i.tion, Gongsun Wuji had won first place in the thousand cricket compet.i.tion.

He was an extremely dazzling young general of the southwest Military Region.

“Soldiers?” “Change to Captain immediately!” Gongsun Wuji frowned.

A Captain was in charge of ten soldiers, so he could be considered a sesame official.

Lord Gongsun, ” Bai mingqi said awkwardly, ” there are rules in the military Palace. Any promotion must have the corresponding strength or Meritorious Service.

Many people found it difficult to improve their strength, but they had made great contributions. They couldn’t let such people chill their hearts, right?

Therefore, apart from strength, merit points could also be used as a way to advance.

However, it required a huge amount of merit points, and it was very difficult to achieve.


Gongsun Wuji slapped the five tokens of the abomination deity on the table. Xia qingchen has helped me kill the world loathsome immortal. This contribution point should be 500 points. It should be enough for me to be promoted to a corporal, right? ”

“Lord Gongsun, are you going to give all your merits to young master Xia?” Bai mingqi asked in surprise.

Five pieces of abomination immortal could only be exchanged for 500 contribution points, yet they were all given to Xia qingchen now.

Bai mingqi was in disbelief. Gongsun Wuji was trying to become Wan Xiaoqi’s soldier, and it was time for him to acc.u.mulate merits.

500 merit points was not a small amount to him.

“Cut the c.r.a.p!” “Change to Captain immediately!” Gongsun Wuji waved his sleeve.

Bai mingqi had no choice but to accept the abomination immortal token with deep regret.

“Hold on!” I’ll fight for the military post myself, ” Xia qingchen said. why would I waste your contribution points? ”

“It’s just 500 merit points. How can it compare to your kindness in guiding me that day?” Gongsun Wuji said firmly.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed a corporal token that Bai mingqi had brought over. After that, he wrote down the words ‘Xia qingchen’ on the spot!

In the end, he stuffed it into Xia qingchen’s palm without giving him any chance to explain.

“From now on, you and I will be comrades in the same Lake!” Gongsun Wuji patted Xia qingchen’s shoulder, feeling exceptionally happy.

Xia qingchen felt helpless. What a waste of 500 contribution points. He could totally rely on his own strength to obtain a higher military post.

“Many thanks!” Xia qingchen spoke.

“Hahaha! There’s no need for thanks between us.” Gongsun Wuji said.

He was just about to continue conversing with Xia qingchen when his trusted aide’s voice rang out from the demonic beast. “Lord Gongsun, Lord Yu is waiting for our report.”

Hearing this, Gongsun Wuji could only stop and say, ” I’m currently tied up with military affairs. Three days later, I’ll host a banquet in the city to entertain you. How about we chat then? ”

“Alright,” Xia qingchen replied.

He had not seen Gongsun Wuji for many years, and he wanted to have a talk with him. If the conversation went well, he could even give Gongsun Wuji some pointers on his cultivation.

“Farewell!” Gongsun Wuji jumped onto his demon beast and led his Army back to camp.

The carts behind him pa.s.sed by Xia qingchen’s group.

There were a few corpses lying on it, and Lian Xing recognized them with a glance. She said in surprise, “”Xia lang, aren’t these the Dark Moon abomination Immortals you killed?”

Grudgy rolled its dog eyes,’after all this, the merit points were originally Lord Chen’s! Using Lord Chen’s merits to give Lord Chen a favor, that’s enough!”

Xia qingchen stopped them. don’t speak nonsense! he said.

He looked at Gongsun Wuji. The latter had already heard their conversation, but he did not turn back and left quickly with his trusted aide.

After a long distance, the confidant saw that the smile on Gongsun Wuji’s face had disappeared, and he couldn’t help but say, “”That Xia qingchen is too shameless, right? Daren gave the credit to him in order to help them.”

but in the end, he really took the credit for himself and said that he killed it himself. He completely wiped out your kindness!

“How can there be such an ungrateful person in this world! I’ve really learned something new!”

Gongsun Wuji waved his hand to stop his angry confidant.

He looked at the sunset that was burning like fire on the horizon, and a deep loneliness appeared on his face. the path of martial arts is a long and arduous one. How many people who were once familiar with you will disappear from your life? ”

‘Xia qingchen … ‘My former rival, my former bright path …’ Why did it become like this?”

Originally, he had wanted to treat Xia qingchen as a powerful enemy.

However, the words spoken by Xia qingchen’s pet and the maidservant caused him to be greatly disappointed.

Once upon a time, that high-spirited young man had fallen to the point of taking advantage of others and forgetting their friends.h.i.+p.

A trace of the night breeze blew over with a hint of coldness.

Gongsun Wuji wrapped his cloak around himself, looking strangely lonely.

From afar, Xia qingchen sighed helplessly. forget it. I’ll go and test my cultivation first. I’ll explain to him after I get back my position as a thousand cricket cavalry.

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Heaven Extinction Martial Emperor Chapter 652: Forget about friendship (1)

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