Hi, My Sweet Lil Moe Wife! Chapter 1948: Jealousy clouded her mind

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Chapter 1948: Jealousy clouded her mind


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After the elder brother’s introduction, the beautiful presidential candidate took the initiative to hold ruan Mengmeng’s hand.

She looked extremely cold when she wasn’t talking, but when she opened her mouth, she was full of energy.

“Mengmeng, can I call you Mengmeng? I really like the movie you starred in, and I love the bed scenes between you and Jun Wu Xie the most, beautiful, full of artistic conception.”

When Olivier said this, he did not lower his voice at all. When ruan Mengmeng thought of how ‘Jun Wu Xie’ was following behind them, she could not help but blush.

“Ruan, you’re blus.h.i.+ng.” Seeing her like this, Olivier felt that she was extremely adorable.

Hearing his sister’s words, chessley turned around and looked at ruan Mengmeng with his dark green eyes.

In front of everyone, chessaray Esther said without any hesitation, “Mr. Zhan, your daughter is extremely outstanding. Olivier and I both like her. I believe you also know that because of the kenxinton family, our Este family has been keeping a distance from the Beacon Group, and the same goes for your Beacon Group. You have been observing and never cooperated with us.

But now, I’m willing to break this distance. If, and I’m saying if, Qianqian, you’re willing to let ruan inherit the Fenghuo group, I’ll sign a deep cooperation agreement with the Fenghuo group on behalf of the Esther group. As for Olivier, her campaign team just so happens to be lacking a Finance Minister.”

The Minister of Finance was in charge of the economic lifeline of the M Nation.

The torch group built by Zhan Yang had long stood at the top of many financial groups in the United States. There were even rumors that the torch group determined the economic lifeline of the United States and held its economy by its throat.

But in reality, this was only a display of wealth.

After all, Zhan Yang was Asian and had an Eastern face. No matter how powerful he was, it would be difficult for him to enter the mainstream Political Department of America.

For someone like Zhan Yang, wealth was not enough for him to display his ambitions.

If he hadn’t been forced to leave S country, he would have stood at the top of the political stage and been the successor to S country’s president. When Zhan Yang heard what Cesare Esther said, his deep black eyes lit up.

But very quickly, the light dimmed.

“Thank you for your affirmation, but it’s a pity that I’m not interested in politics.” There was a flash of desolation in Zhan Yang’s eyes. It was so fast that no one could catch it.

He paused for a moment before he continued, “but my daughter, Mengmeng, is outstanding and trustworthy.” I’m indeed planning to hand over the torch group to her. Seeing that you’re willing to trust her, I’m even more at ease.” Once again, Zhan Yang affirmed ruan Mengmeng’s words.

He had mentioned more than once today that he was going to hand over the Fenghuo group to ruan Mengmeng.

This was a signal that all the guests present understood. Among the three children of the Zhan family, Zhan Yang valued ruan Mengmeng the most.

Zhan Jia ‘er, who was in the crowd, heard her father’s opinion of ruan Mengmeng and saw how the Esther siblings loved her. She was so angry that her eyes turned red.

Zhan Jia ‘er glared at ruan Mengmeng with a venomous look. She could not understand what was so good about her that her father would give all the best to this illegitimate daughter.

At this moment, a loud neigh suddenly came from the horse track.

A brown horse with s.h.i.+ny fur and well-built muscles was led out by the horse tamer.

Celesa Esther’s eyes lit up, ” “That’s the Arabian steed that Mr. Zhan spent 20 million M dollars to bid for not long ago? It’s truly a gift from the creator. This purebred horse is almost flawless and perfect.”

Arabian horses were the world’s most expensive and ancient purebred horses. Their value ranged from millions to tens of millions of M dollars.

The Western n.o.bles loved to play with horses, and such an expensive breed of horse made the guests ‘eyes light up.

“Yes, I specially bought this for my daughter.” Zhan Yang nodded.

He wanted to give this horse to Mengmeng, but unfortunately, Mengmeng was pregnant and could not ride a horse.

that’s a pity, ” Celesa said. ruan is pregnant. It looks like we won’t be able to see her riding a horse today.

In the crowd, Zhan Jia ‘er, who had long been overwhelmed by jealousy, suddenly heard chessari este’s words, and a thought flashed through her mind.

No, no, this was her chance.

Her most precious opportunity!

Looking at ruan Mengmeng’s bulging stomach, Zhan Jia ‘er suddenly smiled.

No one noticed that Zhan Jia ‘er, who had blended in with the crowd, had quietly retreated out for a stroll.

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Hi, My Sweet Lil Moe Wife! Chapter 1948: Jealousy clouded her mind

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