Certificate Of Conformity Chapter 4

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Chen Heng, who received two anonymous letters, began to have a strong interest in this stalker.
He turned the note over, his slender fingertips slowly caressing the last line.

[My dear Chen. 】

This stalker even knew that his surname was Chen, so it should be someone from his original world.

It is very likely that it is also from the X organization.

As for the wonderful night written above, Chen Heng thinks that the other party is purely delusional. He has no interest in s.e.x. The only experience he ever had was being raped after losing consciousness. This is his shame, and he has erased this shame.

After killing the man, he was trapped by the system developed by the other party.

But it doesn't matter, he will be out soon.

Thinking of this, a trace of mockery flashed in Chen Heng’s eyes, tearing the note in his hand and throwing it into a trash can.

Qihang Software Company.

Chen Heng hammered his stiff shoulders at the end of day, and swept his eyes to the clock on the wall.

It’s still five minutes before he gets off work.

He has already made an appointment with an agent who sells used cars. He has to see him at six o'clock in the evening.

Antic.i.p.ating the plan, he felt a familiar sense of excitement numbing his senses, Chen Heng hooked his lips, he can’t wait.

"Hey, I have big announcement." The manager of the planning department clapped his hands. "Don't leave after work: company dinner, what do you want to eat: company reimburs.e.m.e.nt."

Everyone listened and cheered in an instant.

Chen Heng looked calm but his eyebrows were slightly furrowed. He paused and walked to the manager of the planning department, Zhao, whispering: "Manager, I have something to do this evening, I will not be able partic.i.p.ate in the formal dinner, is it alright?"

Manager Zhao listened, and his eyebrows p.r.i.c.ked and directly refused: "No, this dinner mandatory, and no one is allowed to be absent." In the last half of the sentence, he especially raised his voice so everyone present can hear.

Colleague Liu Hao saw the situation and quickly pulled Chen Heng to the side and whispered: "You are stupid; the boss can hand over responsibility to the general manager, indicating that their relations.h.i.+p is good, why don't we take advantage of this opportunity to show a good performance? If he praises us in front of the boss, maybe the boss will give us a promotion or a raise."

Chen Heng: "I know." He took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to the proprietor of the used car.

The place they are holding for dinner is a well-known restaurant in the city centre, and it takes about fifteen minutes to drive.

Everyone will be carpooling, and Chen Heng did not rush to grab a seat.

Manager Zhao is embarra.s.sed, "Su Yi, look..."

Chen Heng said with good grace: "I will be going."

"That's good." Manager Zhao’s expression was loose, but he heard a clear voice after he spoke, "Sit in my car."

Chen Heng followed the sound, just in time to see Qi Wei leaning out his back car window, his lips slightly raised, and looking in his direction. This is his second time to see Qi Wei, his impression of the man is not profound, only knows that the other is beautiful.

Perhaps beauty is a scarce resource in this world, but for Chen Heng, it is no different.

Manager Zhao at the side nodded to Qi Wei, "Qi Zǒng, this isn’t too much trouble, let Su Yi take a taxi, the company will give him a reimburs.e.m.e.nt of the fare."

Chen Heng took back his gaze, but he heard the young man say again: "It’s fine, it’s no effort at all."

“Good, good, good.” Manager Zhao pushed Chen Heng, “Su Yi, aren’t you going to thank him…”

"Thank you, Qi Zǒng."

Chen Heng did not like to sit in the pa.s.senger seat, so he did not think much of sitting with him at the back. After pulling the door open, he sat inside.

The young man looked at him slightly, and when he closed the door, he suddenly opened his mouth: "Your name is Su Yi?"


“Good name.” Qi Wei’s tone is unclear.

Chen Heng lowered his head and complimented him: “Thank you for your compliment. Your name is also good.”

"Is it?" There was a glimmer of light in the eyes of the young man. "Someone used to say that my name is very strange."

Chen Heng thought that that person’s opinion coincided with his.

There is a consistent smile on his mouth. "The person must have no taste."

"Oh." He chuckled a few times, and his long eyelashes lowered and covered his watery eyes. "I think so too."

The topic ends here.

The young man squinted as the last glimpse of the sunset came in through the window, reflecting the whiteness of his skin, seemingly transparent. The stunning looks are perfectly integrated with his n.o.ble temperament, like a n.o.ble aristocrat from the Middle Ages.

Chen Heng s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the window, where the traffic was so busy that the pedestrians were flowing in a constant stream.

At this time, it was rush hour, and the road was severely blocked. The distance of fifteen minutes was almost dragged to nearly half an hour.

When they arrived at the destination, Qi Wei seemed to have fallen asleep, and his feather-like eyelashes fell, leaving a faint shadow under his eyes. Chen Heng waited for a moment and saw that the driver did not wake him up. He did not hesitate to open the door, wanting to get off the car -

A cold hand held his wrist.

Chen Heng turned around, and looked into a pair of amber eyes. The eyes are beautiful, clear and bright, like two gleaming gems.

"Why didn’t you wake me up?" There was a hint of nasal sound in his voice.

Chen Heng hanged his head, just as he was about to answer, Manager Zhao rushed over and knocked on the window on the other side of the car. "Qi Zǒng, everyone is waiting for you."

"Ok." Qi Wei looked at the man next to him, took back his hand, opened the door and went out.

Chen Heng immediately got out of the car, and there seemed to be a cold touch lingering on his wrist. He frowned and kept quiet behind the crowd.

Even with liquor on the table, everyone appears to have some qualms about Qi Wei, and have difficulty opening up, and the atmosphere is a bit awkward. In the end, he loosened his tie, removed his cuff links, rolled up his sleeves and poured a gla.s.s of wine first, his lips curled up with a smile. "I would like to toast a cup to everyone. I hope that we can get along well this month."

With Qi Wei taking the lead, everyone let go of their reservations, and the atmosphere gradually warmed up. After a few cups of alcohol, they all found their courage, and they ran to toast to Qi Wei one by one. Qi Wei did not refuse the toasts, and gave everyone face.

Liu Hao was also eager to try. "Let’s go, we’ll give a toast to Qi Zǒng, too." He said, and he directly pulled Chen Heng's arm and pushed through the crowd.

Chen Heng’s brows lowered, faintly flas.h.i.+ng a hint of impatience, but he concealed it very well, carrying a wine cup as he stood in crowd. The company’s male compatriots couldn’t stop drinking alcohol once they started. Once the crowd withdrew, a tall and beautiful young white face appeared with a faint blush, and foggy eyes.

Chen Heng was about to follow everyone back to his seat when a low, husky voice of the confused young man rang from behind him: "Su Yi, won’t you toast a cup with me?"

Everyone rowdily cheered: "Drink! Drink! Drink!"

Chen Heng’s face had a slight smile, as he looked at Qi Wei who sat opposite him. He saw that the other person’s eyes were calm and unhurried. It looks like it would be impossible to avoid drinking a cup of wine today. "Qi Zǒng, I offer you a cup, please advise me in the future."

Qi Wei only looked at him carefully, his eyes quiet and deep. After a while, he tossed his head back and drank the liquor in the cup. Chen Heng looked at the beer in his cup, hesitated for a few seconds, and finally drank it.

The only thing he has in common with the original Su Yi is that they both can't drink alcohol.

Even in his original world, he never touched a drop of alcohol, the reason is very simple, he will be intoxicated after a cup, no exceptions.

The alcohol went down his throat and he quickly became dizzy. The world shook in front of his eyes. Chen Heng shook his head to clear his mind. "Qi Zǒng, I am going to the washroom first, excuse me." Without waiting for a reply, he turned and walked in the direction of the washroom.

His steps were steady, his shoulders straight, his face calm, and if his eyes did not start  losing focus, you would not see any abnormality.

As soon as he entered the bathroom, he immediately took out his mobile phone and found the name of Song Wenze in the list of contacts.

Now, he can only let Song Wenze come over and pick him up.

His long and slender body resembled a sleeping beast, leaning against the marble wall; he felt the ice cold wall through his thin clothes. Chen Heng tried to barely raise his spirits, with one hand caressing his forehead, the other holding his mobile phone, quietly waiting for the call to be connected.




Seconds pa.s.sed through what felt like an endless wait when the call was finally picked up.

Song Wenze’s bright, clear voice followed, softly calling: “Brother, why did you call me, ah?”

"Ā Ze." Chen Heng opened his mouth with difficulty. "I am drunk, can you come over and pick me up."

The youth on the phone seemed distracted, then immediately said: "Where are you? I will come over to pick you up."

After reporting the address, he finally couldn’t support his body and he slowly fell down and put his head on his knees. His wet bangs pressed against his forehead, feeling itchy.

Chen Heng shook his head uncomfortably. d.a.m.n, after he returns to the original world, the first thing he’ll do is to eliminate his weakness of not being able to handle alcohol.

His mind grew increasingly dizzy, and his felt his body become heavier and heavier. He vaguely heard the clatter of shoes rubbing against the ground coming from the distance but drawing closer, and it finally stopped in front of him.

The other person is watching him, with the gaze of a beast watching his prey.

It’s an unpleasant feeling.

Moments before his consciousness sank in complete darkness; Chen Heng felt himself being pulled up, and s hot big palm firmly holding his waist. The feeling of being imprisoned was very uncomfortable. Chen Heng frowned. The next moment, a hot and fierce kiss pressed down and sealed his lips.

"Hey... scram!"

Chen Heng struggled powerlessly, trying to open his eyes to see the other's face, and the man took the opportunity to explore his mouth with his tongue: licking, sucking and biting.

He was forced to swallow another’s body fluids, his chin sorely hurt, and the strong, deep kiss made him almost suffocate.

Who… is it?


Zǒng – Chief/Head etc.


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Certificate Of Conformity Chapter 4

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