Certificate Of Conformity Chapter 3

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The software company where Chen Heng works is a small company with only thirteen employees. The company is small in scale, with a good welfare program and high degree of freedom for workers. When Chen Heng arrived at the company, it was already a quarter past eight o’clock, fifteen minutes after normal working hours. Considering the company’s people friendly administration, he will only need to work a quarter of an hour more.

Open the computer, log in to the company's service interface, open the mailbox as usual, and then jump to the company boss' latest notice. The owner of this software company is named Sun Quan. He is famous for being a henpecked husband. The boss’ wife has a strong desire for control. The company only accepts male applicants; even the one at the front desk is male. Sun Quan does not usually show up at the company, notifications about meetings are communicated through the computer.

The notice generally says that the boss has to go out with his wife for a month, and the boss’ xue di will be temporarily responsible for the company’s affairs.

Chen Heng is not interested in this kind of news. He clicked the mouse to close the mailbox, and then started the day's work.

His colleague, Liu Hao, moved his swivel chair over and patted him on the shoulder. "Have you read the boss’ notice? I heard that his junior is a very extraordinary character. He graduated from a top school in M Country, and is now working in M Country’s financial industry. He even has his own financial firm.” At the end, my colleague came up with a sentence, “But does someone from finance know about computer software?”

Chen Heng just smiled, "Some people are very capable, nevertheless we had better just live our days properly."

"Yes." Liu Hao nodded his agreement, immediately turned around and asked: "Right, are you free after work? I want to introduce my xue mei to you."

Liu Hao has no other hobbies; he only likes to act as a go-between for other people.

Chen Heng smiled, "No, my brother is at home, I have to go back and cook for him." He is now playing the role of an infatuated person with single-mindedness.

"He’s not your real younger brother. Why are you so good to him?" Liu Hao sighed.

"Hehe, I’m just used to it." Chen Heng replied good-naturedly.

Liu Hao was about to say something else when they heard footsteps in the doorway. Chen Heng followed the sound and saw a tall, lanky figure coming in surrounded by a crowd of people.
The figure was too eye-catching, and the managers around him all became his foil, they were eclipsed under the dazzling light emanated by the youth.

"Hey, hey, hey, big guys, stop whatever you’re doing." The marketing manager claps his hands and waits until everyone’s eyes are on him. He turned to the youth at his side with a flattering look on his face. "This is the new general manager." During the time when the boss is not here, he will be temporarily in charge."

The surroundings were very quiet, and everyone’s eyes fell on the young man.

I saw a man wearing a black suit, about 190cm tall, making him stand out, not to mention he has an exquisite, three-dimensional face.

He is very white, the kind of whiteness that Western people have. At the same time, he is very slender. Because of this thinness, his face is sharp and distinct, which makes his fine facial features more prominent.

A cold and n.o.ble beauty.

Like a piece of art, people can't help but want to collect it.

The thin lips of the young people are bent, his cold temperament vanishes instantly. The smile is slight and the voice is extravagant and rough. "h.e.l.lo everyone, I am Qi Wei, please advise me."
The voice had not yet faded when the marketing manager took the lead in applauding, and the applause slowly heated up.

Qi Wei?

Chen Heng’s lowered his eyes and quietly frowned. What a strange name.

Without waiting for him to smooth the folds between his eyebrows, he suddenly felt a sharp glare directed toward him, and when he looked over, the inexplicable feeling had disappeared.
Chen Heng does not think that it was an illusion.

And, out of instinct, he felt danger.

How interesting.

Chen Heng hooked his lips and smiled.


Because he was late this morning, Chen Heng needed to work late for a quarter of an hour. When everyone got off work, he was left in the software department alone.

He works very efficiently, and he was able to compress the workload of the day to just three hours. At this time, his work had already been done, and he leaned back against his chair and rest his eyes for a moment.

In the quiet room, only the sound of the computer humming is heard.

In such a silent moment, “ka cha”, the subtle sound could not escape Chen Heng's ears; he opened his eyes vigilantly, and turned a sharp, penetrating look towards the door. Under the bright light, he saw a letter lying beneath the door.

Another letter?

Chen Heng paused, got up and walked to the door, bent down and picked it up.

There is still no signature on the envelope.

He opened the door and looked out, the corridor was empty, there was no figure in sight. Chen Heng looked up at the clock on the wall, and the minute hand pointed to 3.

Time is up.

He turned off the computer, carried his briefcase, then turned off the light, locked the door and left the company. The last bus to his home area had already driven away three minutes ago. Chen Heng walked to the side of the road and slowly waited for a taxi. The geographical location of the company is relatively secluded and it is not easy to get a taxi.

After waiting for almost ten minutes, a car finally came and stopped in front of Chen Heng. The window slowly pulled down showing an ordinary face: “Sir, do you want to take a taxi?" Taxis rarely go through this area so illegal taxis often pa.s.s by. Chen Heng looked at the empty road. After giving it a thought, he asked about the fare, after confirming that it is within an acceptable range, he opened the door and sat inside.

He never liked to sit in the pa.s.senger seat, because the front pa.s.senger seat is often the most dangerous position. After sitting in, he found that there was a person already sitting in the backseat.

Chen Heng subconsciously looked at the person beside him. The man’s bangs were long and covered half his face. From his point of view, he could only see his pale skin and the pointed chin.

The black car driver coughed twice and said to Chen Heng: "You don't mind if I bring one more person, do you?"

Chen Heng smiled and understood: "Don't mind." This situation is very common in illegal taxis.
The car set off smoothly, Chen Heng turned his eyes to the window, the sky gradually darkened, and the surrounding scenery was covered with a layer of fog. The young man next to him seemed to be nervous. He moved his body slightly, his mouth opened and closed, and it took him a lot of courage to open his mouth: "How come you got off work so late today?"

Chen Heng, turned to look at him, warmly inquiring: "Do we know each other?" Listening to the other party's tone, he seems to be familiar with him.

The man smiled shyly and his voice was awkward. "You forgot. We used to sit in the bus. We’ve talked before."

Chen Heng frowned and thought about it. It seems that he did have a little impression of him. The mouth can’t help but quirk a little smile. “What a coincidence.”

The young man also laughed. "Yes, what a coincidence."

"I was late for work this morning, so I got off work a little late." Chen Heng answered his previous question and then asked: "Why didn't you catch the bus?"

"I got an additional half-hour s.h.i.+ft today."

"Then we really are brought together by fate."

The two people have nothing more to say, Chen Heng turned his gaze out of the window, watching the gradually retreating tree shadows and the sunset that is about to disappear into the sky, he seems to never want to stop looking at the scenery outside.

Chen Heng's mouth curved, thinking that this kind of meaningless thing was not as bad as he had imagined.

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped at the gate of his neighborhood.

Chen Heng paid the fare, opened the door and got off, then his eyes fell on the young man sitting in the back seat. He bowed slightly, "Goodbye."

"Goodbye." The youth smiled faintly, with his bangs covering half his face.


Back to the apartment, I was about to open the door, when it opened from the inside, Song Wenze directly rushed up to give him a warm hug, "Brother, you are back."

Chen Heng was unprepared and he almost fell, holding the door frame for support to stabilize the figure in his arms.

The corner of the mouth habitually revealed a gentle smile. When he saw Ou Yichen behind Song Wenze, he also greeted. "Yi Chen, you are here."

Ou Yichen: "hmm", and turned to the side to let Chen Heng come in.

The air was filled with the scent of spicy hot pot.

Chen Heng’s gaze swept the room. Sure enough, on the dining table was a simmering pot, with washed vegetables and meat on the side.

"Today, we are eating hotpot, ah." His smiling expression was warm.

Song Wenze proudly said: "The hot pot base is something I personally went to the supermarket to get."

On the side, Ou Yichen added: "These vegetables are washed together with Wenze, and these were selected by me."

Are they on good terms again?

This time the speed was really fast, Chen Heng thought in his heart, he has not had time to take action.

The mouth was warm and gentle: "I am hungry, let's get started."

"En. Brother, you are late today, you are starving me." Song Wenze acted like a spoiled child, while pus.h.i.+ng Chen Heng's shoulders forward.

"You, if you are hungry, you should have eaten first."

The young man stuck out his tongue. "I wanted to wait for my brother to come back so we can eat together." The hands kept moving, and the vegetables and meat were poured into the pot.

Chen Heng smiled helplessly, towards Ou Yichen: "Have you reconciled? I told you you’re inseparable."

"Who said it." Song Wenze's used his chopsticks to put the some beef in Chen Heng's bowl, and interjected: "I did not agree to reconcile with Ou Yichen, he is just my ex-boyfriend.”

“Really?” Chen Heng turned his head and looked at Ou Yichen intently.

His eyelashes are quite long, and lightly curled, and his eyes are soft and flawless.

In the face of the man who hides his pain and insists on pretending that he does not mind, Ou Yichen just sighed in his heart and said: “It’s true. I came here wanting to eat rice. I didn’t think he was here.”

This explanation is full of loopholes.

Not to mention that today is Monday, Chen Heng has to go to work, not to mention, Ou Yichen bought all the hot pot materials. Obviously, he has been here for a while. As the best friend of the original owner, wouldn’t he know when he got off work?

Chen Heng did not say that he knew he was lying, and he sighed. "You are already adults. If there is any misunderstanding, explain it to each other clearly. Don't be like children who are quick to mention breaking up."

Ou Yichen did not speak, and Song Wenze bulge his cheeks and glared at Ou Yichen, he said to Chen Heng: "I am serious this time. I will rely on my brother. I will marry my brother in the future.”

"You." Chen Heng laughed, shook his head and placed some beef in the bowl of the youth. "This topic aside. Are you not hungry? Eat hot pot."

Song Wenze just smiled and ate the meat that Chen Heng gave him.

During the rest of the meal, Ou Yichen has been somewhat silent.

Although he was greatly embarra.s.sed, he did not know Su Yi’s feelings towards him. He just saw the man’s forbearing eyes. He didn’t know what happened and felt distressed. But he has become accustomed to Su Yi's fondness for him; he does not want to puncture this layer of window paper between them, selfishly enjoying the other party's efforts, with friends.h.i.+p as an excuse.

Chen Heng noticed Ou Yichen’silence, and put some meat in his bowl. "Why are you unhappy? Is it because of Ā Ze?"

"No." Ou Yichen shook his head.

Song Wenze glanced at him and said to Chen Heng: "Brother, don’t care about him, I want to eat beef."

"Oh." Chen Heng took back his sight and was busy giving Song Wenze beef. The movement of his hands have not stopped.
When I sent Ou Yichen off and Song Wenze went back to his room, Chen Heng packed up the mess on the table then stopped to rest for a while.

He was a little hungry.

Because he was busying with the two ancestors, he was only able to eat two or three mouthfuls of hot pot. Of course, there were so many peppers in the hot pot, which was too irritating to the stomach and could not be eaten.

The original Su Yi had a stomach ailment, he got it sometime after his parents died. Su Yi often when hungry to save money. At that time, he was only twelve years old. He had to grow up and use his small shoulders to support Song Wenze every day.

From the age of twelve to eighteen, he relied on his parents' compensation and the money he had made from doing odd jobs, so he and Song Wenze could go to school. Later, Song Wenze followed Ou Yichen, and Ou Yichen paid Song Wenze’s tuition. The burden on the original master was lessened.

As for his stomach cancer, his stomach ailment wasn’t the only cause. The most important thing is that the original owner does not know how to feel bad about himself and will not take care of himself.

He lived frugally to save money, and wanted to give Song Wenze some decent dowry. After all, Ou Yichen comes from a high-ranking family. SuYi did not want Song Wenze to be looked down upon by the Ou Yichen’s family. The original owner once said that being able to see the two people he loves most live happily together is the greatest thing in his life.

You say how can there be such a stupid person in the world?

No one is good to him, why not be good to himself. Why bother to use his own life for the two people?

Chen Heng has always felt that feelings are troublesome things. The tragic ending of the original owner has strengthened his belief in celibacy. After staying there for a while, he walked into the kitchen with his slender legs, and skillfully boiled a bowl of hot noodles to sooth his stomach.
After a simple shower, Chen Heng returned to his room, opened his briefcase and took the anonymous letter out.

Inside was a comic of sorts.

The artist of the comics should be a trained professional, the pictures are vivid. Chen Heng flipped through the comic page by page, if he is not mistaken, this comic is about him. The master who painted these cartoons apparently observed even the smallest details and even portrayed some of his casual little movements: drinking water, contemplating, working, riding the bus, etc., a comic filled with pictures that present his daily life.

If you were a normal person, you may think that these cartoons are very cute, but Chen Heng does not think so. He does not like to be monitored by anyone at any time. Not to mention--
Chen Heng slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at the increasingly unsightly picture on the booklet. On the comic book, the cartoon character that was based on him was under the body of a person with a vague face, and the posture is erotic.

Turning to the last page, a piece of paper fell out: Did you like the gift I sent you?

The words were cut out and then pasted to form the sentence in the note.

Pu zi. (sound of a laugh escaping through clenched teeth)

Chen Heng turned on the lighter and burned the whole comic. The fire shone his eyes.

Oh, there was actually someone who s obsessed with him in this way?

First, the anonymous package, now an anonymous comic, since the other party has the guts to provoke him again and again, then of course he has to accept this challenge.


The author has something to say:
Small Theater:
As the flower on a high cliff of X organization, no one dares to confess to Chen Heng.
Once, a new younger brother who had no eyes, and Chen Heng, had stepped out of the sterile laboratory together. Chen Heng’s face was covered by a facemask, looking like an ordinary scientist.
"Hey, have you heard of Chen Heng?"

"It is said that he is a perverted person."
Pervert? Oh, this noun is fresh.
"A person who is feared by all, and called a pervert in private, he must be terrifying, right?"

"Don’t you want to know what Chen Heng looks like?" The voice of the younger brother asked.
Chen Heng ignored him and took off his dust jacket, dust cap and mask.
The people around him sucked in a gasp of cold air and murmured: "You look really... you look good."
Chen Heng’s face was expressionless. After he has finished wiping his body, he left a faint sentence: "You have already seen it."


xué dì – younger male schoolmate

xué mèi – younger female schoolmate

Certificate Of Conformity Chapter 3

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