Certificate Of Conformity Chapter 2

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In the morning, light fell through the curtains, and scattered across the eyelids of the man lying on the bed.

If you move closer, you can see the man’s soft facial features. It is not a big beauty in the traditional sense. The eyebrows are too light, the nose is too round, and the lips are too flat. The only good thing is that the skin color is white, and the temperament is warm.

Chen Heng slowly opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. There was no tiredness in his dark black eyes.

Ever since he transmigrated in this world and received everything from Su Yi, he has been able to handle anything with his super-high IQ, but he just can't get used to it - sleeping. In his view, sleep is the most boring and useless instinct in a human's life.

But since he has just arrived in this place, he must learn to get used to the lifestyle here. Although he has more willpower to stay awake than ordinary people, his body will be weakened by lack of sleep. In order for it to not affect his plans, he has to try to get himself into a shallow sleep.

The effect is still quite satisfactory.

The premise is to ensure that the environment is absolutely quiet.

Today is the weekend, after Chen Heng got off the bed; he simply cleaned himself up and left for the city library. The library is only five minutes away from his apartment. Chen Heng likes the good learning atmosphere there, which allows him to focus more on his work.

When he got there, Chen Heng borrowed a few books, then found a position by the window, sat down and began to study slowly.

《Introuction on How to Capture a Male G.o.d》
《I like someone who has a boyfriend. Need help, very urgent! 》
《The Other Woman’s Handbook》

These books were found by Chen Heng through the Internet. It is said that the sales volume is very high. The group of books was also recommended by a verified account with millions of followers.

Chen Heng went through the books and although his face was expressionless, the look in his eyes grew heavier and heavier as time pa.s.sed.

Seduction? Bed techniques?

Chen Heng snorted in disgust, such mediocre means; he would not even bother to use it.

So he switched to other books:

《Imperial Harem Guide 》
《Ways on How to Flatter the King》
《Winner Takes All》

A lot of people online recommended these books as something that can make people vomit blood. Chen Heng read a few pages then closed the book.

He always liked to do things step by step, but following the methods in these books would be a waste of time.

Maybe he can...

Chen Heng slightly narrowed his eyes, an idea brewing in his mind.

The sound of his phone vibrating on the table caught his attention. When he saw the name displayed on the screen, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

"Ā Ze?" Chen Heng went to the corridor and answered the phone.

Song Wenze’s pitiful voice came out: “Brother, are you at home? I have pressed the doorbell several times, and you have not opened the door.”

Chen Heng listened and his eyes flashed. "I am in the library. Don’t you have the key to the house?"

"I lost the key." Then he smiled and said: "Brother, I am homeless now, so I came to you."

Chen Heng quickly entered his role and reluctantly sighed: "Such a big man, yet you’re still so muddle-headed. You wait at the door, I will be back soon."

"Hehe, brother treats me the best."

After hanging up the phone, Chen Heng's lips curved slightly, his eyes held a dark glint. Then he blinked and his expression became warm, his eyes soft. He became the gentle and harmless Su Yi.

At the door of the apartment, he saw a slender and beautiful youth curled up in the corner like a cat, his face filled with grievance.

Seeing Chen Heng, the youth’s eyes lit up, the rosy lips slightly parted, he spoke while dragging his words, “Brother~”

I have to say that Song Wenze is very beautiful, with a small face, peach blossom eyes, petal lips, and a graceful nose. The combination of these facial features is not weaker than the flowers seen on TV that can make thousands of girls obsessed. He also possesses a temperament that gives him an ambiguous air, no wonder Ou Yichen fell in love with him at first sight, even his s.e.xual orientation changed.

Chen Heng smiled; he walked over and reached his hand out to the youth.

"Get up, the ground is cold." The voice is low and sweet, with a slight hoa.r.s.eness, which could be considered as an advantage of the original Su Yi.

The young man did not take his hand but climbed up himself, he smiled and said: "Brother, I didn't bother you?"

"How could that be?" Chen Heng shook his head and put his hand that was left in the air back to his side. He pulled the suitcase that Song Wenze brought and took out his keys with his left hand to open the door. "Come in."

The young man entered the door behind him and sat on the sofa in the living room. He told the man who helped him with his luggage: "I broke up with Ou Yichen, did you know?"

His words have just fallen when he saw the man, who had his back facing him; stiffen, "Yes."

"Ou Yichen told you." The young man put his hands behind his head and leaned back on the sofa. "Ou Yichen is single. You have a chance now."

Chen Heng looked calm as he turned around. "What are you talking about?"

Song Wenze smiled brightly and blinked. "Do you not like Ou Yichen?"

"Don't be ridiculous." The man's gentle face showed a hint of seriousness.

The young man shrugged noncommittally. "I was just joking." When his voice faded, he touched his stomach and spoke to Chen Heng: "Brother, I am hungry."

Chen Heng gave a gentle smile. "You wait, I will go and cook for you right away."

"Oh." The young man nodded. "Hurry up."

After an hour, four fragrant dishes and a soup were ready. The original Su Yi's cooking skills were very good; Chen Heng also deliberately spent a period of time studying a variety of recipes. In just a few days, his cooking skills grew by leaps and bounds. Even if you compared him with professional chefs, he is not inferior.

"Wow, it looks delicious."

Song Wenze’s eyes narrowed as his appet.i.te grew. He picked up his chopsticks and happily ate the meal.

Chen Heng gave him some vegetables and said with a concerned tone: "Don't just eat the meat; you should also eat more vegetables.

"Okay." Song Wenze smiled and ate the greens in his bowl.

After the meal, the youth took the initiative to wash the dishes; Chen Heng did not refuse, smiling as he looked at the other person inside the kitchen. When the sound of the flowing water came, Chen Heng put away the smile on his face, with a profound look in his eyes.

In the past, every time Song Wenze broke up with Ou Yichen, he always came to stay with Su Yi, from a few days to more than half a month. When he and Ou Yichen get back together, he would move out of Su Yi’s apartment and return to Ou Yichen’s villa. Chen Heng estimates that this time Song Wenze will not stay here for long.

He wants to kill Song Wenze before he leaves.

Yes, this is the plan Chen Heng came up with to break up Ou Yichen and Song Wenze.

If Song Wenze died, Ou Yichen naturally could not be with him, while Chen Heng can still be the infatuated idiot by Ou Yichen’s side, which is in accordance with the plot set by the system. He will watch Ou Yichen go through Song Wenze’s death, watch him fall in love with others, and when the body of the original owner is thirty, he can go to the next world.

However, one of the problems before him now is how to kill Song Wenze flawlessly without being suspected.

If this was his original world, he could use high-tech means to destroy the body without leaving any traces. But he can’t do that here, this world is full of cameras, and the method of killing one person is more complicated than that of his world.

Of course, it is also more challenging!

While he was pondering, a clear voice came from his side. "Brother, what are you thinking about? It looks important."

Chen Heng came back to reality and saw the young man leaning against the door, and he reluctantly said. "I don't want you to talk to Ou Yichen."

The young man’s slippers shuffled on the floor as he went to sit down next to Chen Heng. He stretched out his arms and hooked it around the man's neck. He muttered: "Ou Yichen is too much. I don't want to talk to him."

"How childish.”

Chen Heng squeezed his nose and pulled the youth's arms down quietly.

He does not like to be overly in contact with other people's bodies.

"It's still brother who treats me best. If I can't find a partner better than Ou Yichen in the future, then I will just have a good life with my brother." Song Wenze smiled and his peach blossom eyes were misty, giving his whole body a seductive air.

"What a stupid thing to say." Chen Heng smiled lightly: "I am going to tidy up the room for you." After he finished talking, he got up and walked toward the guestroom.

Looking at the man's back disappearing through the door, the youth put away the smile on his face; his eyes were cold and indifferent.

The next day.

When Chen Heng got off the bed, Song Wenze was still asleep.

After Song Wenze graduated from college, he relied on his amazing beauty and his tall and slender figure. He usually modelled for some magazines to earn pocket money. He actually doesn't need to work to earn money. Anyway, there is Ou Yichen, a rich family’s son, who raises him.

Even though the two of them have separated, and he has no financial resources, Song Wenze is not in a hurry. Obviously, he does not intend to part with Ou Yichen.

The original Su Yi was not bad. After graduating, with his solid professional knowledge, he successfully found work in a software company. As a programmer, he was usually busy at work, but his salary was considerable, at least he had the ability to feed himself. He doesn't like cars, and the money he earns is saved, giving him the satisfaction of having a little treasury.

Regarding the original owner, Chen Heng did not have any opinions. After all, there are many people in the world who are ordinary and mediocre, and Su Yi can only be regarded as one of them.

Because he is too ordinary, his character is so boring, it is normal for Ou Yichen to not like him.

But even if it is ordinary, it can't be scorned.

Chen Heng slightly lowered his eyes and knocked on the door of Song Wenze’s room with a good breakfast. "Ā Ze, I brought you breakfast, it is still hot."

"Oh, come in, the door is not locked."

Chen Heng pushed the door open, just in time to see Song Wenze’s bleary-eyed state. The young man blinked and yawned a lot. His white face had a red sleeping mark on the right cheek, the person looking childish and cute.

After putting the breakfast on the small table at the head of the bed, the man smiled and said: "I have to go to work first. There are ready-made dumplings in the refrigerator. You can eat it at noon after you get up."

"Thank you, brother." The youth’s mouth curved.

Chen Heng stroked his head. "You are my brother. There is no need to act like an outsider."

When he turned to walk out the door, the voice of the youth rang quietly. "Brother, if I want something, will you give it to me?"

"Of course."

Chen Heng’s eyes narrowed as he pushed the door open and went out.


This MC really isn’t your typical MC. No elaborate plans or schemes that end with face slapping or with the relations.h.i.+p of the protags becoming twisted. Just kill one of them and they won’t end up together, plain and simple lol

Certificate Of Conformity Chapter 2

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