• Certificate Of Conformity
  • Certificate Of Conformity

  • Author(s) : 一波三折
  • Genres : Action - Adventure - Drama - Romance - Tragedy - Xianxia
  • Status : ongoing
  • View : 7,913
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  • Certificate Of Conformity Summary:

    Chen Heng is called a pervert. For killing his s.e.xual partner, the dejected gong forced him to bind with a cheap system. He has played a series of roles such as: the Holy Mother, a foolish idiot, a wretch, a very perverted and very cruel tyrant… The goal is to get rid of the cheap system, and return to the original world. Confessions of the small gong: My lover is a pervert, he is very violent, arrogant, black belly, and vicious. But I still love him. I want to break his wings and cut off his limbs. Capture him, possess him, collect him, and let him be mine. Small shou: Scram! Don’t talk to me! Small shou: arrogant, cold, black belly, vicious Small gong: more arrogant, colder, more black belly, and more vicious