Zhan Long Chapter 1208

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【Thousand strange】( 9 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 228

Attack: 39500-52000

Defense: 32000

HP: 2,2000,0000

Skill: 【Winding】 【Swallows】 【Flight】 【Thunder and lightning technique】

Introduced: Thousand strange, this is one crowd came from the species outside star territory, after the dark blue billows tame, became Hybrid Demon domain big branch of the services, thousand come from the extraterrestrial territory strangely, has the flying ability inborn, body outside body is wrapping the thick conductive sea, can resist the majority of attacks, their strong tentacles can twine the match with ease even are strike to kill the match, and can summon the thunder and lightning the target, the legend once thousand strangely died in every, the bright temple sent out enough 7 temple knights to cut to kill it, but oneself actually lost 3 temple knights, foot obvious. This game is fearful

Under the flame on butterfly sword shines, my dead ahead altogether 7 thousand strange, the huge body in airborne sways from side to side crazily, each only thousand strange about 20-30 tentacles, tentacle surface layer flood metallic luster, state-of-art is very sharp, no wonder this gadget can advance into 9 levels of Hybrid Demon, this attribute basically with BOSS already not different.


Increases speed furiously, my direct impact on first thousand strange, is whooshing, several tentacles that it makes threatening gestures kill together, but I have thought that this one has incurred, flew high time Z character broken line leap MISS to fall the majority of attacks, did the sword one horizontal, brushed swiftly and fiercely on its head, immediately it „chirp chirp" pitiful yell.

My spin body, will do to throw the sword, the sword blade edge points to [Judgement]!

„Bang bang bang!"

Consecutively for three times kill the attack, I have promoted 60% striking power, blows out three terrifying injury attack effects directly




How [Judgement] in vain will come under attack, raises the golden long sword distantly is [Judgement] attacks, a scalding hot strength has swallowed the body instantaneously, was too painful, is the injury attack of near 200 000, my spin body, speedily comes [Drain] on a first thousand strange body the [Strength of a Thousand Men] bang, simultaneously lifts a hand [Cleansing Rain] technique to restore thousand HP.

Must leave here, otherwise my many levels are also insufficient.

On the same day the failing person hope that has not departed 100 meters strangely to be blocked the way by two first thousand, I hit rapidly, but the innumerable metal tentacles wove a great net, directly my way dying of suffocation, when I attacked, these tentacles twined my arm, thigh and body rapidly, making the strength that I wielded a sword not have.

„Chirp chirp!"

They as if self-satisfied laughing, not far away, several thousand strange raise the fierce face to roar to the sky together, Lei Guang is flowing in their statures and tentacles, my also moral nature one cold, ended!


The sky has shone suddenly, the innumerable thunder and lightning fall suddenly, the focal point is I, hides does not have the means to hide, suffers instantaneously innumerable attacks, HP falls, was killed by the second!

Reactivates again!

90% entire attribute promotion!

„Go away!"

The body was twined, but started [Tempest Sword] as before, immediately the vigorous skill explosive force shakes completely tentacles, I jump to fly upwardly, simultaneously is single-handed raises, [Thundering Heavens] is wreaking havoc same place, [Judgement] and wear all people killed together, but the pain does not only injure, wants to massacre them to be unlikely by [Thundering Heavens].

Continues to the forward flight, in the nighttime sky so is no longer bright, in a darkness, does not have several thousand to blame in the flight to flee, I can only on the symbol by big map as far as possible shunts thousand strange interception, but behind wore and [Judgement] the pursuit speed to be too quick, the attack that a back heat, [Judgement] and wore almost fell on me together, my defensive power promoted 90% comprehensively, poured not that the pain, two people + reduced from 200 000 to my attack to thousand +.

Cannot be negligent as before, airborne Zhen blue color stars are rocking slowly, but I know that is not the stars, but is thousand strange blue blowholes gloss, they received the summon that wears, is gathering to me, that thunder stroke effects were too fearful, now thinks that has a lingering fear as before, I do not want again by collection fire one time!

Increases speed, 100% full speed flights!

At this time my Movement Speed was quite fearful, full speed flight later thousand could not follow me strangely, is [Judgement] and wears two king level BOSS to be as before closely associated on the contrary, came Suo Ming simply.

Wears in the hand to grasp the blade edge of King, the corners of the mouth is having the light smiling face, said loudly: „Demon palace guard, closes the demon eye exit, greatly how long but actually in the storm purgatory I have a look at Li Xiao Yao this to hold the spear to survive!"

„" I will not complain of hardship secretly, the hurried increasing speed speed, the direct impact on the direction that I come, less than 2000 meters, that demon eye exit at present!

But, there exit is sealing up slowly, wears planned that really must massacre me here.

„You could not leave!"

The after ray of distant place completely closed, wears the self-satisfied big laughter to transmit from the nighttime sky.

„Bang", I layer on layer hit in the demon eye base, actually likely shakes in the steel and iron general, the demon eye base is slightly motionless, my shoulder actually likely is the fire burns general, wields a sword to chop to divide hurriedly, the double sword consecutively for ten times attacks, this rock-solid gadget was entirely still as before, ended, this thing was the immunity attack seems to be common.


Wore raises the long sword, above the sword blade edge was reappearing purple Lei Guang, her title was the purgatory purple thunder, thinks that was unusually refined to the comprehension of purple thunder strength , a sword passed over gently and swiftly my chest, has created thousand + the attack injury, the good pain, to wear the present strength indeed to enter the front ranks of Hybrid Demon king, the striking power was stronger than [Judgement]!

[Judgement] Jie Jie's laughing, the long sword has delimited my cape, the effect that the triplet state Shuanglong has protected oneself, I also clench teeth, lifts a hand [Cleansing Rain] technique to restore HP hurriedly

„+ 163780!"

The entire attribute promotes 90%, my attack foundation value also promoted thousand from thousand + +, therefore the treatment result of [Cleansing Rain] technique naturally together has also been improved, but this as before also insufficient, wore and [Judgement] to hit too painful!

Turns around, 20 levels of [Combo] fall on the front of [Judgement], absorbs many HP, I depend upon airborne fly walked a spin body to arrive at [Judgement], took him as the attack that the bunker avoided to wear, [Judgement] gawked, a elegant face that wore is leading fierce Lei Guangchong, Shan Zhang raised, purple Lei Qiu erupted in my front, was very painful.

Then wears strikes, my Shan Zu trod void to fly, upward flew directly!

I do not believe this storm purgatory not to have the zenith, if present, I puncture this day, returns every to go!

Speedily flies, while [Blade Spin] kills [Judgement] to absorb HP, the attack that but wears was too strong, times Lei Guangyin on me, deceleration of [Judgement] also extremely disgusting, my hit at-large also staggers along, in a while again died in battle one time, this is 4 th time hangs, the entire attribute promotes 120%!

Speedily effect in addition holds successfully, the destiny card sign locks [Judgement], turned the red card directly, calculates that he was unlucky!

Returns to the body is [Strength of a Thousand Men] falls on the body of [Judgement], almost the sword sword entered the meat, after promoting 120% comprehensive attacks, the defensive power of [Judgement] has existed in name only under my double sword, and dual effects that the destiny card sign + murdered the god, causing me to promote 4 times to the damage that this king level BOSS caused, once suddenly to strike were very overwhelmed with emotion


„+ 382419!"


„+ 428515!"


„+ 441848!"


„+ 461694!"


„+ 972813!"

Consecutively for 5 violent killing, 30% [Drain], completely gave to attract my this thousand HP in addition directly completely, the double sword raised together, swift and fierce cut to kill once more on the shoulder of [Judgement], I drew support instead am shaking the strength to fire into the sky decidedly once more! At this time, has been able to see the blood strip that [Judgement] fell one section, it seems like after I hung 4 levels, Hybrid Demon king who has almost been able to select this rank only.

But is wears closely associated, her attack is stronger, I will be under the [Drain] effect also momentarily possibly am massacred, a person resisted two kings after is too reluctant, what I most was worried was my present Level was very low, once with the BOSS Level disparity by draw over 20 levels, that had been attacked the MISS probability significantly to promote, perhaps might hit.

The upward impact flew fully for nearly 7 minutes, finally, I saw this storm abyss „zenith", is a garnet energy guard shield, does the sword rapid bang above, „bang" a flame spattered in all directions, chops about 5 centimeters sword mark, the hard stone detritus pounded to fall on the face, standard exogenous pain.

Wore and [Judgement] also to come! A trim blue color ray, at least over ten thousand thousand blamed, once let our near body, Lei Guang of that trim almost sufficiently instantaneously swallowed me.

I continue to chop to divide top of this day, must leave here!

„Bang bang bang"

The sword is only disorderly, the data erupts several swords, chopped one to hold half individual gulf on the zenith dome, my moral nature one happy, right, was this, broke here, sought for one „card strange point", perhaps I really can massacre [Judgement] here, to Huppe, I did not plan to kill her, wore is occupied the body by others, her soul also preserved certainly in the body somewhere, the belt of soul that since dark blue billows wearing from the purgatory came out, I must try to reactivate she!

The electric light came once more, the innumerable thunder and lightning swallow the body, I turned round to cut to strike [Judgement] to return to the blood also without enough time, miserable, has hung first-level!

Fell 5 levels continually, even in the good friend listed Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Wang Jian, Fang Ge Que, Mu Xuan, Simple , etc. the quite careful players to send the information to ask that I what happened, but I did not have Cooldown to reply, because I „digging"!

150% entire attributes have promoted, the efficiency of digging also has as if promoted much, soon, my most body already in zenith dome „rock cave", this time directly the [Strength of a Thousand Men] combo bang in rock cave, has extended about 30 centimeters, innumerable crushed stone falling right in the face, but there is a good news, I enter in the rock cave, these thousand have not been able to lock me to carry on the thunder stroke technique strangely to attack.

Zhan Long Chapter 1208

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