Zhan Long Chapter 1209

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„Ma.s.sacres him, must ma.s.sacre him, cannot put him to walk!"

Wore is almost insane outside was yelling, [Judgement] raised the long sword also to enter the rock cave, but this rock cave was really too small and narrow, even soon could not contain the [Judgement] s.p.a.cious armor, his both hands were grasping the long sword, pa.s.sed through my both feet and both legs with the long sword directly, an intermittent scalding hot injury transmitted, but has promoted 150% in my defensive power and HP well, did not fear that very much attack of [Judgement], his every struck can only create the thousand high and low attack to me, but my time [Cleansing Rain] technique on can restore thousand + HP, 7. seconds a [Cleansing Rain] technique, occasionally turns around to give him in addition a sword, such one in addition drinks the blood effects and 10% triggering Dinghai 50% HP restores the effect, almost can lossless select [Judgement] only!

However, my wish naturally is not this, but a bit faster hits thoroughly this day dome, does not leave here to face thousand strange threats finally, thousand strange thunder stroke techniques are the magic attack types, has the natural superiority to me, cannot carry on the shoulder hardly.

„Bang bang bang"

The crushed stone falls unceasingly, these form zenith the rock to be hard, the density is also much higher, pounds is very painful on the face, but I unceasing advance forward, holds the post of the heavy responsibility of mining coal to come as before, how whatever [Judgement] attacks, I as before am maintaining every minute at least 2 meters thorough progress, but this process also really extremely in the pain, wore also entered the rock cave along with [Judgement], and every several other seconds gave me to come a purple thunder bombardment, what awfully were, outside transmitted fiercely „flip-flop" sound, wore also orders thousand hands to unearth the zenith dome strangely together., Thousand strange statures are huge, look like excavators are the same, over ten thousand first thousand strange unearth the zenith together, had the blue flying in circles professional school former years the excavator specialized fellow apprentices together to return to the school to start greatly to unearth the imposing manner of joyful reunion.

It is not good, my speed must over thousand strange, fate that otherwise cannot escape from infinitely killed, even if I can ma.s.sacre [Judgement] , but for a king falls dozens levels of this price too to be also big, I am the [Zhan Long] soul leader, once my Level falls that many, to the adverse impact that [Zhan Long] brings is also extremely serious.

Therefore, such crazily unearthed, did the sword 100% durably quick has consumed 60%, but the b.u.t.terfly has never attrition effect, as before 100% durable.

Has unearthed fully for nearly 1 hour, I at least have dug out over 200 meters gulf, even soon could not hear thousand strange excavation sounds, did I throw off them?

Obviously, [Judgement] and wear also with me, thousand strange were throw off.

In this time, is wielding a sword chops to chop to transmit „biting" suddenly, the long sword chops to cut in silver iron ore, one cuts at least half meter depth, the rock was not hard, I have broken the zenith dome!


System System Notification: You entered the map 【Storm abyss】!

Really, I left the storm purgatory, broke the purgatory with every knot, originally tied broke by the excavation technology, this was completely big my to be unexpected!

The [Judgement] fierce voice of conveys: „Does boy, which you want to run away to goes?"

I have a look at him, his blood strip fell 71%, is I links the merit that the disappearing belt hits, therefore upward unearths, while started to deal with [Judgement] with single-hearted devotion, since arrived every, that this Hybrid Demon king do not want to walk!

Opens the map system, 3 D surveys, I from surface about 7000 meters remote, um, that before entering the surface solves [Judgement], to Huppe, has if possible captures alive her, brings her Huilong territory, Frost will certainly have the means that naturally, this plan difficulty is too big, is very difficult to implement, in any event, ma.s.sacres [Judgement] first is always right.

Turns round is one time rides the wind to cut, chops [Judgement] to be torn to pieces, my this time striking power was too high, rides the wind to cut the consecutively 15 swords, in addition murders the G.o.d and destiny card sign the damage that the strong single body attack effect, each sword causes certainly has surpa.s.sed thousand, this set rode the wind the complete attack output that cut already to cross thousand, king BOSS HP were most also on 10 E, how many complete sets can he withstand riding the wind of my to cut?

[Judgement] as if also felt strength perhaps bad, on the face pa.s.sed over gently and swiftly startled, said: „Wears your highness, this boy as if obtained any supernatural power to be common, unexpectedly the strength multiplied, end end possibly is not his match!"

Wears is narrowing the eye: „Does not need to be worried that I in you behind, I expand this road immediately, with you by two enemies one, this boy must die today here!"


Really, does not leave for several seconds, wears purple thunder to wreak havoc in the small and narrow s.p.a.ce, explodes a big hole to come this underground rock layer directly, one on the left and other on the right attacks from both sides me with [Judgement] start.

No matter I also that many, great die , to continue to reactivate is, focused my firepower on [Judgement] completely is right.

Cooldown pa.s.ses bit by bit, the fierceness of [Judgement] roars transformation gradually for the miserable howling sound, he could not resist my attack, but I depend upon to attack the returning blood of [Judgement] to provide own restoration, resists attack that wears, unexpectedly will can maintain this to balance, so long as I stop the hand to start all-out attack [Judgement], a second of output at least in thousand above, is very terrifying!

Quick, HP of [Judgement] less than 15%, has roared to start the big move, probably is the skill that Wan Jian returns to the birth family and so on, but is also very ordinary to my output, disregards it , to continue maintains my swift and fierce attack!

„Your highness, I am not perhaps good" [Judgement] face whiten.

Wears one to grasp the sword, is grasping Lei Guang, to I cause a ton damage at the same time, said: „Do not give up, the reinforcements arrived immediately, don't worry, you will certainly not die here!"

„Yes, Your highness!"

I slightly stare, reinforcements? What thing that is, we now in a place bottom 6000 + meters depth, what thing but also there is able to arrive here? Thousand strange are impossible, their tentacles apparently do not have my double sword to be sharp, cannot break through the zenith dome.

At this moment, suddenly behind transmits „rustling sound" the sound, a head searched, somewhat looks familiar, carefully looks, is the spirit umbrella insect, I go, will this gadget dig unexpectedly also a hole?

The body week, was fought in the prototype s.p.a.ce that the Dou Qi cla.s.s attacks, was the spirit umbrella insect appeared everywhere, on wall dense and numerous hole holes, was the spirit flowered insects appeared, ended, wore as if also understands that the player most feared anything, unexpectedly offered a sacrifice to the monster of spirit flowered insect large explosion rank!

However, I the entire attribute promote 150% now, was equal to wearing two -and-a-half sets of overlord coverall, did not fear!

Several spirit flowered insects approach me rapidly, explodes directly, the body transmits pain slightly, before was not that rending ache.




Saw that this injury digit I secretly laughed, along with the entire attribute promotion, my defensive power and magic defense significantly has also promoted, the spirit flowered insect sold at a discount to my injury greatly, does not have to be so fearful!

Lifts the hand is one set of skill loses, on the spirit flowered insect that has not exploded has absorbed many HP actually, their people the more better, my to exceed can buy in magnanimous HP.

Wears as if also discovered that the situation is not right, immediately shouted to clear the way lowly: „Your this group of idiots, his equipment has the special charm, can absorb the life, immediately begins using the ejection way to bomb him, [Judgement], your long-distance [Judgement], should not be attacked by him again."

„Yes, Your highness!"

But I stare, what meaning is the long-distance ejection?

Quick, spirit flowered insect fluttering to the spirit umbrella insect, the spirit umbrella insect Jie Jie's scream, the tail have been raising high, the body is curving, the coccygeal vertebra has fluttered the spirit flowered insect, afterward crazy was roaring, made an effort to move the end, immediately an only spirit flowered insect just liked sh.e.l.l rumbling, NND, but can also such play?

This time absolutely did not have the [Drain] opportunity, my HP brushed to fall!

Present Hybrid Demon wore resorted to all means simply, abandoned the Hybrid Demon king to be proper completely, killing me has put the first place, was too practical, even if were her soul is not wears, but this strategy actually absolutely came from Huppe, this also let my confidence, the soul that wore had not been swallowed, certainly also in this body, but was hidden.

Flies high to start [a.s.sault], locks [Judgement], must ma.s.sacre him first, otherwise the spirit flowered insect must teach me to cultivate the behavior quickly!

[Judgement] also somewhat cannot choose the exact way because of flurry, unexpectedly is raising the long sword, did not give a thought to oneself G.o.d level BOSS dignity to enter the zenith dome the opening to re-enter the purgatory, what made him not think, the rock of zenith dome had the self- repair effect, we have fought here for nearly 20 minutes, the following channel has only closed the remaining radius 20 centimeters is less, such small obvious load bearing his huge form.


Purple Lei Guang does in a big way, I have not paid attention to the attack that wears, almost the double sword locks [Judgement].

One the method skill loses on [Judgement], his HP also instantaneously fell suddenly, was less than 10 minutes, the miserable howling body exploded, pile of equipment goods in airborne fell disorderly, I not slightly hesitant, put out a hand to hold to admit the package on 11, has not let off, in the meantime, the ear heard ting


System announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Kills one of the Hybrid Demon kings successfully 【[Judgement]】, Obtains the reward: Level + 4, charm value + 180, gold coin several + 1000000!

[Judgement] died, gives my reward to make up for my falling level to lose, and 180 charm value and thousand gold coin was Bai Zhuan!

Does not need to prolong contact!

I changed into the time to jump to fire into the s.p.a.ce situation together, the double sword raised, the whole person presented the helix dances in the air cutting, like was an excavator of destroying the hardest defenses has fired into the surface.

Transmits sound that wore: „Li Xiao Yao, you think really can one live is leaving here?"

Zhan Long Chapter 1209

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