Zhan Long Chapter 859

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Fire Dragon Rider has the big dragon bloodlines and king of beasts two big characteristics, has the crush superiority to cavalry soldier, kills keeping off to flee, the fire Yun City player and NPC cannot resist, but I directly opened thousand frost wings, treads to fly by killing the fire Yun City player spatially, 3000 fire Dragon Rider kill thoroughly the fire Yun City line of defense, becomes team that first enters the hot cloud plain.

However, when we cross the fire god fort, the front immediately has heard rumble the crackle of gunfire, dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery blast out in the crowd, such that such as I expect, NPC and player of Indian war zone have laid an ambush to wait for in the surrounding we, looked at the past from afar, at least over a hundred dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery densely covered in the same place, the fire sound were unceasing, fire Dragon Rider could not resist such injury again tenaciously, instantaneous casualties many, the Li Mu eye anxious was red: „They clearly here bet us, what to do Xiao Yao we, kill directly , to continue to kill their heavy artillery camps?"

I shake the head hurriedly: „No, we separate to kill to two wings, first made fire Dragon Rider find the standpoint south of the fire god mountain range, this will not crowd in turns into the living target of dragon crystal artillery oneself together, hurry up, you led the person in [Valiant Bravery] camp toward left, I led the person in [Zhan Long] camp to kill toward right!"


The people draw out the pointed weapons to overrun, my first Cooldown fires into the right, really one group of dense Indian players in waiting for us, Level basically in 140-147 levels, absolutely were not having six revolutions of players, from this can judge their main guilds not here, but sent one group of second-class and third-class players to obstruct us here, that did not have what fearfully, sword blade edge one horizontal, Dragon Reservoir Sword surged in one team of shield, the energy spattered in all directions, held the shield to ride to fight one crowd is the player chops falls to fly Going out with the horse, even my sword divided, in thousand. Under attack [Vanguard] of frost wing, in the ground has formed unexpectedly also an energy cyclone of maneuver, startles the front India players to be dumbfounded, unexpectedly nobody dares to meet head-on my behind at least 1800 + [Zhan Long] campfire Dragon Rider.


Old K is lifting up high Axe, tore into shreds a shield corner/horn loudly, [Whirlwind Slash] has raised the crowd, in airborne has torn directly to shreds many players, Matcha and Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan, Star Blade and One Second Hero and the others continued to rush ahead, the sword air/Qi daybreak, the skill of sword wheel cutting erupted in the crowd, tore into shreds the crowd instantaneously, 1800 + fire Dragon Rider have formed a long line, was lead by me to wind to kill along the mountain range dragon forward, such one, the dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery of opposite party immediately stopped bombing, bombed the gain does not equal the loss again, and dragon crystal and gunpowder were also limited and precious, cannot. This waste in vain.

Also behind, was big piece of Steel Blade rides, launched the attack under the baptism of fire, covered kills to the crowds of two wings, Lin Wan Er, Wolf, Yue Qing Qian, Dong Cheng Yue and other main forces , the airborne dense and numerous flight one group of Wind Elf players, were also bending the arrow and magic to flow swiftly to fall in the crowd of fire Yun City player unceasingly, our first Cooldown has used [Zhan Long] such King level guild, but fire Yun City did not have, they have not suffered a loss in first Cooldown on were strange.

The [Zhan Long] Guild about 4 thousand people enter the plain rapidly, wells up tidal toward two wings, first had own one inch foothold to say again that but the rear area was the [Flying Dragon] elite cavalry soldier, Drunken Spear raises a long halberd to kill insistently, the long spear delivered then together selects to fly two players, afterward a thousand heavy wave was makes one group of shield players fall dead in battle in abundance, thousand heavy waves layer upon layer superimposed the injury the skill, cut with my riding the wind, just my riding the wind cut CD Cooldown to be too long, was not enough strong person does not match me. Leaves this move.

The fire god valley completely became an attack main road, [Judgement], [Prague] and [Hero's Mound], every and other Guild 11 kill, covered with the player crowd of opposite party in abundance kills in the same place, under the advancement the fire Yun City player cannot resist immediately starts to retreat backward, retreated about 300 yards is the position of NPC regiment, this NPC regiment looked at the barrack area about 7 thousand people, the step shield soldier before, the archer, was dense and numerous one crowd is raising afterward then the Axe soldier, the handle of that axe was particularly long, moreover looked like very heavy, this should is the fire Yun City special branch of the services..

Lin Wan Er opened the [Unyielding Spirit] effect to put on to kill one in crowd, after killing more than ten people, continually floating arrived at side me, said: „That is the day of punishment regiment, the fire Yun City strength is situated the 5 th army, supports soldier 7 thousand, but over 200 thousand players have also joined the day of punishment regiment, becomes the overstrength member."

I nod: „I also saw, the Indian war zone does not want to obstruct us by a trivial day punishment regiment north the fire god mountain range, this was also too naive......"

„Should not be." Lin Wan Er shallow faint smile: „If NPC and player of thoughts that superficial that this war Indian war zone were really simple, what a pity this probability cannot over 10%, the person in Indian war zone not be is a vegetarian."

„Um, I also thought that the previous maplewood was drunk, the clear pupil to develop black ink to make us see their strength the tip of the iceberg, the group of people who our time came, not necessarily was the rival."

„Fortifies at every step, so long as we do not render meritorious service eagerly, captures the fire Yun City opportunity to have."


Is raising Dragon Reservoir Sword, treads to be spatial and vertical, I rejoiced very much has Lin Wan Er such beautiful woman vice- Guildmaster, moreover has been equal to the beautiful woman military strategist, although Lin Wan Er is not infatuated with and understands the cold weapons war like me, however her thoughts are more exquisite prudently and meticulously, and has to read the heart ability, can perhaps be able to help in some situation, was only a pity that the reading heart in game can only read opposite party the tactical idea in short Cooldown, wants to understand the match overall strategy not to be simple, if after all the opposite party in does not want, to be does not read.


Soon, rides the [Zhan Long] player of warhawk to drop from the clouds, is a 20 -year-old high and low young man, a face respectful slanting place above anchors the warhawk in me and Lin Wan Er, said: „Guildmaster, vice- Guildmaster, I had reconnoitered in the surroundings, in 5000 yards of fire god mountain range region only then these people, the NPC army and player of day punishment regiment put together altogether 242 thousand people, then also had in one crowd the player of small guild, player who we need to face approximately altogether 700 thousand people high and low, the 25% population of Indian war zone."

Lin Wan Er nods: „Knew , to continue to investigate."


Warhawk sounds, this warhawk Knight soars to the heavens to go , to continue to circle in the upper air is observing the entire battlefield, this is the flight is the mount player compared with the Wind Elf merit, Wind Elf most flies from the ground 40 yards, is in as before long-distance is in the attack firing distance of player, but the flight is the mount player at least can fly several hundred meters, the Frost Forest enduring dragon is an exception, that endures the attribute of dragon to be very strong, but the flight altitude was limited, but several few warhawk Knight warhawk mount attributes that our [Zhan Long] has are mean, but the flight too big limit, has not been used to reconnoiter and pry the enemy intelligence is should better..

Has turned around, I brought Lin Wan Er to continue to advance hundred meters forward, about hundred fire Yun City players will cut to kill under the sword, the whole body also caught many blood, the rear area, Princess Pearl led strong wind from afar armed forces, palace guard and other main regiments also rapidly to enter the hot cloud plain, the crowd of blotting out the sky like was a flood submerged the fire Yun City border.

The Han deep pool lifts up high the sword, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Palace guard, prepares [Assault]!"

I somewhat am speechless, this goods really have not known that treasures family property, the cavalry soldier of palace guard also on 2 thousand people, [Assault] definitely meets buckle many people, but also considers as finished, this is the game, after the palace guard kills the enemy, can promote, goes along with him, can promote actually is also the good deed!

The oppression of the people sound shaking, the 2 thousand cavalry almost flash of palace guard has completed the [Assault] movement, the mighty force on the plain like is a handle pointed knife has fired into the camp of fire Yun City NPC army, but the hot axe armed forces, the strong wind from afar armed forces and flame Dragon Jun's cavalry soldier also one after another starts [Assault], as if Pearl also sees clearly here NPC army quantity to be limited, therefore Pearl also planned that is routing them instantaneously!

In the ground slightly is moist, under autumn rain just the baptism crossed the plain, the horse's hoof tramples, the soil and weeds splash, the long sword and iron (spear gun) in cavalry soldiers hand flood the cold brightness, is dividing to cut and puncture Xing Tianjun crowd suddenly, especially the warhorse and Knight whole body of palace guard cover in Heavy Armor, with horse already several hundred jin (0.5 kg), in addition sincere mail-armor and helmet, on at least ton, was lucky that is the good fine horse, where otherwise can carry a heavy load so, but on this ton heavy cavalry fast [Assault] hit in shield of opposite party, these step shield soldier on, only then miserable howling. The sound, was trod with the shield in the mud, the long spear of long unit of armed soldiers broke off by the sincere armor direct extrusion, the strength of this punishment day regiment was unable to compare with the palace guard obviously, NPC Level and Pin Jie in a magnitude, the hundred husbands of palace guard long at least do not have the standard of day of plume step accurate BOSS, but the multitude of people of punishment day regiment long are this standard.

The sound of fierce collision is unceasing, the sword pricks the miserable howling sound of body is makes the person mind shiver, Tian Ling Empire five big regiment [Assault], this punishment day regiment could not resist together instantaneously, the surrounding player by killing did not have the strength to hit back by the Chinese players, the potential of rout has been a foregone conclusion!


In the crowd, commanding of punishment day regiment, 158 levels of Demon Harvest step BOSS kill as punishment raises a handle heavy sword, the eye is staring the circle, the anger exclaims: „Immediately retreats! Retreat! We could not block, damn, hundred that son-of-a-bitch wants to make our punishment day regiment whole army has been annihilated here, add intentionally unexpectedly any Tian Ling Empire can only come several thousand troops, the day kills, here at least several million armies!"

In fact is about 2000 thousand armies, together with words that the player calculates together.

In the formation, a Yorozuo grows up to exclaim: „Sir, our dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery what to do, these may be the punishment day regiment only family properties!"

Kills as punishment drinks lowly: „Does not want, walks quickly, the person in has the weapon, otherwise had the cannon people dead useful spatially, making all people retreat, walked to the major road of southwest direction, there had our several in the barracks!"

„Yes, Sir!"

Zhan Long Chapter 859

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