Zhan Long Chapter 860

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Is opening thousand frost wing effects me to the front line, after having killed dozens NPC continually, discovered that all trades are intact, muzzle fever fiery red dragon crystal artillery, immediately moral nature one happy, distant shouts to the Han deep pool: „Han Yuan, Xiao severe, having the person to watch over these dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, ordering the transportation battalion to s.h.i.+p these heavy artilleries to follow the main team, can definitely pat the use, inspects while convenient, having a look at these artillery to have any trick."

A Xiao severe blade chops to fly a head of hundred husband long NPC, the blood has spattered in all directions a face, actually grins to say with a smile: „Commands the Sir to feel relieved that this matter gave me!"

Before the palace guards clash most, finally this about hundred heavy artilleries naturally have become the spoils of war of palace guard, the hot axe armed forces and strong wind from afar armed forces have not said anything actually, instead is Xu Yiti the long spear, the complexion is being not quite attractive, said to Pearl: „Your highness, the three services officers fight a b.l.o.o.d.y battle together, these heavy artilleries should divide equally, should not give the palace guard completely!"

Pearl is pressing the sword hilt, does not get angry, but said: „General Xu Yi is not no need saying that if this war triumphs, you are my marshal, you will definitely reside in the first in merit, do you why care about the trivial several artillery?"

Xu Yi clenches teeth, but the happy expression on face plunders, thinks that he also understood the profound meaning in Pearl words, Pearl has regarded as the person on one's own side Xu Yi, but the flame Dragon Jun secondary roles that Xu Yi led were Theodore's person, Theodore and had the contradiction is the well-known matters, Xu Yi was flame Dragon Jun commanded actually the status in Empire Armed forces to link me not to compare on, at this time Pearl said the words that these won over, Xu Yi enjoyed and moistens at heart certainly, was similar to caught the straw to grasp.

Holds the fist in the other hand, Xu Yichen sound track: „End dead to give loyalty to your highness surely, does not betray!"

Pearl sip the red lip, a two stars pupil looks at the battlefield of distant place, sound tranquil saying: „Does not need to give loyalty to me, what you need to give loyalty to is emperor brother, he is a sovereign, I hold south the soldier not to draft for myself, but is hopes that the world can still a series earlier, common people who as before otherwise suffers hards.h.i.+ps."

Xu Yi as if some do not understand, said: „Your highness, this......"

I raise the sword to walk to go forward, said: „To still the world and seven country series not to be perhaps easy, can flow many blood, dying many people."

Pearl looks to me, said with a smile: „But also always felt better in goes on an expedition, the oppressive taxes and common people dead year after year, some sacrifices were always unavoidable, even if one day will sacrifice us, so long as the world can An Xiangbai the year be peaceful, how we did die?"

I turn over to the sheath Dragon Reservoir Sword, said: „Princess really capable person cannot, have clear(ly) very much the bearing."

Pearl has made one „breathing out" the hand signal, said in a low voice: „Li Xiao Yao, do not speak irresponsibly, otherwise was heard by the person of having a mind perhaps is another disaster."

Pearl as if also felt, after ascended the throne, was not beforehand, he looked at the throne surpa.s.ses all, the people who any threatened his throne can root out, even if Pearl were his sister, if day of Pearl threatened the throne, will not hesitate all removed Pearl, even I suspected...... This time expedites to a.s.sign Pearl to hold the soldier that simply, the intention not......

Thinks of here, I cannot bear shaking that makes an effort, tries these to read broken discharges the brain, but NPC in this game was not simple, how in the deep join possibly easily to withdraw, moreover very much the fact may suspect with me is the same.


After several minutes, several million players who punishment day regiment rout, leads on all fronts were also killed by the Tian Ling Empire player about half, many people escaped to go to south, Lin Wan Er raises the dagger to come, a scarlet red cape flies upwards against the wind, she visits me to say with a smile: „Pig, I thought that they completely lost resist."

I nod: „Probably is."

Li Mu progresses: „Do we chase down?"

I think: „Does not worry, first maintained the cavalry soldier lineup was saying again that do not gain the country to fight points eagerly, a hard-pressed enemy should not be pursued too far......"

Pearl smiled: „Does Li Xiao Yao command also thinks a hard-pressed enemy should not be pursued too far?"

I nod: „Yes, the punishment day regiment at least also 5 thousand main forces can fight again, and also has the complete hundred heavy artillery help to defend imperial, even if they are not our matches can also defend at risk of life for several hours, when the time comes the fire Yun City reinforcements one, we did not have what superiority to say, but the punishment day regiment actually gave up the defense, maintained the main establishment was running away, this can only explain that an issue they were the bait soldiers!"

Bans the marquis Luo child to be stunned: „What is the bait soldier?"

Xu Yi has sneered: „Bans marquis really Bo hear, the bait soldiers of basic military tactics do not know that is the army that serves as the bait."

Luo child cannot bear the complexion one red, somewhat becomes angry out of shame: „Does marshal why so humiliate in me?"

Xu Yi smiles: „But, this Shuai Daozhen did not think that these are the bait soldiers, if is really the bait soldier, that does not need to throw down hundred heavy artillery that big prices, in my opinion, kills as punishment is a slick villain, even if they have the ambush, our empire 50 thousand armies will fear their trivial traps?"

I hold the fist in the other hand smile: „Xu Yi you are the marshal, the speech work are certainly prudent, if were ambushed, this responsibility you do take on?"

Xu Yi clenches teeth saying: „Li Xiao Yao commands, if caused the army to suffer the buckle because of my decision-making, when my Xu Yi inevitably a oneself undertook, this has not needed you to worry!"

„The words that should speak said."

I stood up from failure to jump onto carrying on the back of G.o.d fierce fine horse, said: „My Li Xiao Yao did not suggest the army that pursued to kill as punishment, if must pursue , the palace guard refused to go to battle, I cannot my to bring death in vain!"

Xu Yileng snort, sound minimum saying: „Timid petty people!"

The Han deep pool is angry, raises long blade to shout to clear the way lowly: „Xu did Yi, what your this grandson say?!"

Li Mu also sneers: „This NPC Marshal Gente under- punches, a full waste, dares to taunt unexpectedly here, works oneself to death for this person why, Xiao Yao, we walk, [Zhan Long] can also the individual farming, not work oneself to death for this person!"

I am pulling the reins, tranquil smiles: „Brothers, should not be angry, do not make Princess Pearl feel embarra.s.sed."

Pearl deeply looked at my one eyes, actually she is also helpless, after all the genuine marshal of this expedition is Xu Yi, she great is prison armed forces, has no right to control the marshal military affairs, since Xu Yi has issued the military order, Pearl also can only comply with.

Looks at Xu Yi, the Pearl supple sound track: „That...... Marshal Xu you thought that whom sends to chase down well?"

Xu Yi in the hand the long spear, the vision is imposing in a flash: „Since I have made up mind to chase down, that was carried out by my flame Dragon Jun, this commander-in-chief supervised combat personally, audiences general along with me about then."



Cannot look, although Xu Yi in the strategy is only knows cheaply, but is a military commander does not sell at a discount actually, immediately covers to kill enormously and powerful on rate the gnathitis Dragon Jun's 14 thousand armies, the cavalry soldier before, the infantry, Xu Yigeng is instigates the warhorse rush in cavalry soldier, plays a Yorozuo's long role.

On the plain a piece whins, flame Dragon Jun and player chase to kill together, directly caused the punishment day regiment to have the heavy loss in the true sense, I was leading the palace guard and [Zhan Long] slow fast vanguard, all the way everywhere was the corpses of punishment day regiment soldier, has chased down nearly 20 li (0.5km), the flame Dragon Jun's 14 thousand armies were towed long, this made me somewhat restless, NPC and player of Indian war zone are not absolutely simple, perhaps they reached the agreement.

Progresses to arrive at the armed forces place, in strong wind from afar armed forces composition that the armed forces Pearl personally lead armed forces, I had found Princess Pearl, she asked: „Li Xiao Yao, what matter?"

I knit the brows: „Xu Yi formation was towed to entrain is really long was too long, our people have not followed his cavalry soldier, this has violated the military commander big death anniversary, Your highness, the flame Dragon Jun's 14 thousand people are elite of Empire Armed forces, cannot make them suffer the loss of total destruction, I suggested that the armed forces and about the armed forces accelerate to march forward, catching up flame dragon army cavalry as soon as possible."

Pearl nods: „Um, I transmitted orders immediately!"


When I return to [Zhan Long] and palace guard position, Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian and the others has also drawn out the sword blade edge, the face whitens, I thought immediately some are not right: „How?"

Li Mu said: „Our warhawks rode to search to repay the latest news, about 10 miles away, flame Dragon Jun's Xu Yi, [Judgement], male Ba Fengyun, temple Knight have rolled the lineups of several guilds to shut off, 10 miles away had a creek, the three bridges on river surface by the fire Yun City army is bombed, the flame Dragon Jun at least 5 thousand people were interrupted south bank of the creek, several hundred thousand players, that side, everywhere was the person in Indian war zone, was more unfortunate than fortunate."

„Creek wide, can swim in the past?"

„200 meters in width, cannot compare Wu Shenhe, but in the deep water region has the water monster, the dense and numerous alligators and hippopotamuses, the warhawk ride to search temporarily only know that many, but also wants we to pa.s.s to know."

„Walks, cannot make Ye Lai and Liu Ying they hang in that side completely!"


Holds up Dragon Reservoir Sword, a sound command, [Zhan Long] and palace guard full speed skice to go to the south immediately, but saw that [Zhan Long] marches suddenly, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior and Soaring Dragon and the others also knew to have an accident, immediately ordered this Guild player full speed vanguard, the enormous and powerful Chinese war zone army was setting out in the plain and in the jungle to south.


Soon , the distant place can hear rumble the artillery to make a sound, shortly afterward, in the horizon presented the village that some flames raised again, probably was ordered to burn down by Xu Yi, goes on an expedition the custom according to the empire, villages and small towns along the way as if are infertile, the river water the mobile sound conveys, a river bank beautiful scenery piece of distant place, but above the creek is actually ascending three smoke clouds, that blows up the bridge later sign, the river opposite sh.o.r.e, the dense and numerous crowds killed one piece, the flame Dragon Jun's 5 thousand front part troops are sieged with hundreds of thousands of Chinese players there, I cannot help but patted the thigh, the air/Qi. Clenches teeth, these three bridges obviously were the simplest military tactics strategy trigger points, Xu Yi such pa.s.sed unexpectedly, such crude fellow held an office in the marshal is really the three services misfortune.

[Zhan Long] 1, 2 and 3 volume come out, searches [Zhan Long] to have the sell on ding-dong the net, Amazon and Taobao, the first volume of t.i.tle page character is Brother Xiao Yao, the second volume is Wan Er, the third volume is Old K this big D silk, Ha Ha, wants to collect one set of [Zhan Long] schoolmate not to miss, this set publishes [Zhan Long] to be very fine, the playbill forwards as an enclosure . Moreover the [Zhan Long] cartoon also has the top carriage, searches to inundate the king on Taobao to see that the inundation kings of 4 monthly publications have to forward as an enclosure a large playbill, is Wan Er and East city ~~

Zhan Long Chapter 860

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