Zhan Long Chapter 858

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After five hours, when wakes up Lin Wan Er just knocks on a door, around 3 : 00 am, the hot milk and bread ate a point to get online on the preparation, last night buffet ate luckily quite many, the online 24 hours did not fear continuously will starve to death.



Appears in Tian Ling Empire, restores equipment, the potion card in package did not need to supply, went out of town directly, outside the city the bustling piece, the player majority had already sent the fire G.o.d fort direction, that was our attack points, yesterday defended, today turns has attacked, said that also has been full of dramatic.

Outside the city, Great Emperor was holding a grand pledge rally ceremony, flame Dragon Jun, palace guard, the strong wind from afar armed forces, the hot axe armed forces and purple spirit armed forces five big regiments has been ready and waiting, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye and other Yorozuo long in the sequence of military officer, but the dark Moon Elf Yorozuo long fine silks have not appeared, she led the Moon Elf young girls to hide behind the heavy s.h.i.+eld camp of palace guard, did not make other people discover them as far as possible, after all presented one crowd of dark Moon Elf too to be also shocking in the Empire Armed forces.

Summon being lost in thought fierce fine horse, I stood up from failure to start to fire into the strong gale forest, here, [Zhan Long] people already in set, although many people died in battle yesterday one time, but does not affect today's fighting spirit, but I and Li Mu have emphasized in guild, died in battle over 2 times schoolmates the acceding state do not fight again, found a place to practice the level to kill rises to promote, the idle cloud wild crane to be good strangely.

As soon as I arrive, many fire Dragon Rider players have shown immediately the respectful facial expression: „Guildmaster!"

In the game everybody venerates powerhouse, I in the destiny was also a side va.s.sal powerhouse, and CBN fought the net ID person, the nature was respected, beyond main force that moreover this group of [Zhan Long] players were on intimate terms with me except for Li Mu, Dancing Forest and Yue Qing Qian these, other people regarded [Zhan Long] Guildmaster to come to see me, naturally wanted to be politer regarding Guildmaster, otherwise later ROLL equipment by various types black.

w.a.n.g Jian raises a handle long sword to progress to go forward, says with a smile: „Xiao Yao elder brother, preparation! You thought that this time we do attack fire Yun City, how many some stratagem which ensures success probably?"

I: „Most not over 30%."


„Port City, Full Moon City and Ze deep pool city will not look on that the Chinese area captures fire Yun City, look!"

„Um, pours is also, we what to do?"

„A war, acts according to circ.u.mstances with every effort."


Has comforted the [Zhan Long] people, we ahead of time embarked, this time I am bringing the [Zhan Long] team, making the Han deep pool and Xiao Lidai the palace guard lead the way and that's the end, the people bypa.s.s the broken blade edge canyon in the strong gale forest, through the destiny bateau-bridge to military G.o.d West Bank, enters the armed forces opening up wasteland region afterward, the palace guard, the strong wind from afar armed forces and others has transported many grain and fodder accompanying from here, the horizontal blade stands in the sh.o.r.e of destiny bateau-bridge immediately, looks that swarthy and fiery red dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery carry out on the bateau-bridge slowly, cannot bear at heart somewhat sobs, a virtual war came, although virtual, but consumes. Is the really [gold/metal] silver, the point card of player, recharges to be R motherf.u.c.ker as before, but the potion in war and stage prop of loss, durable is not also retractible, it is estimated that the major national branches of destiny are also glad to see that the player preys mutually, this can have an axe to grind.

Soon , the army blots out the sky had fallen Dragon Lin, again fire G.o.d fort mountain valley that proceeds is leaves uncultivated, distant saw the night sky by the flame according to well-illuminated, made war, the Indian war zone definitely sent for defending here imperial, the Chinese area had System Announcement, they will be also same will have, in the fire G.o.d valley the war cries were shocking, the Chinese players and Indian players preyed in together, in great confusion, was the main regiment of both sides did not have what sound on the contrary.

„Clip clop......"

The hoofbeat transmits from the lawn, Princess Pearl rides a white warhorse, a military garb, the hand is pressing the saber of waist, in the top of the head Tian Ling Empire w.a.n.g Qi flutters in the breeze at the same time, her pair of show pupil looks to the fire G.o.d valley of distant place, said spookily: „Made war?"

Bans the marquis Luo child to nod saying: „Yes, Your highness!"

Flame Dragon Jun commands Xu Yi to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Your highness, the five big regiment population of south our times drafting put together enough 460,000 people, present these fire Yun City clever armed forces simply are the praying mantis arms, when the car(riage), ordered, the rush in the past, killed a wiped out to the last man them!"

Pearl has the strategy, shakes the head saying: „No, the fire G.o.d valley land shape is narrow, did not favor the army attacking, sending out the person in blade s.h.i.+eld camp to recapture the fire G.o.d fort to say in the past again, otherwise the cavalry soldier will come up is also loss in vain, from tramples the population of casualty not to be definitely few, really the incorrect words, used hot crag artillery bombing, razed the fire G.o.d fort!"

„Yes, Your highness!" Xu Yi holds the fist in the other hand smiles: „Your highness is wise!"

Pearl smiles, looks to hundred Ningxia, said: „Teacher, do you think?"

Hundred is raising staff, on the old face is bringing a weariness, said: „Your highness said is extremely, I did not have what objection, blocked by the military strength breakthrough enemy of small stock, this was the natural military strategy."

Pearl looks to me, said: „Li Xiao Yao commands, this duty gives your blade s.h.i.+eld camp, the blade s.h.i.+eld camp of palace guard is the strength greatly infinite barbarian, in the empire armed forces ill.u.s.trious, is broken this first to be also natural by your blade s.h.i.+eld camp."

I nod: „Good!"

Does not think that this is Luo child is indignant: „Your highness, is this somewhat improper? Your majesty has the word, I am the cutting edge military officer, this first in merit must attack and capture by our hot axe armed forces, not? I know...... Li Xiao Yao commands is the person of your highness, the strength of palace guard is also in empire various armed forces few, but...... If not make the cutting edge armed forces. .h.i.t first, this will harm the morale!"

Pearl has been startled being startled: „Does General Li, you think?"

I look to the fire G.o.d valley of distant place, looks distantly that in the fire G.o.d fort has stood the fire Yun City Indian player, and as if some great artillery have also erected in city wall that in fire G.o.d fort that creakies, the Indian players have pulled open a weaponry to wait for the player and NPC in Chinese area attack, this first is actually one bone that is difficult to gnaw.

The corners of the mouth raise, I said with a smile lightly: „Since bans the marquis to want this first merit, that takes, but do not blame me not to give forewarning, the fire G.o.d fort in the fire Yun City control, wants to take the fire G.o.d fort now, the hot axe armed forces will certainly pay the extremely serious price."

A Luo child nod, his son and hot axe armed forces vice- Commander Rotter actually sneers: „Is it possible that General Li Xiao Yao thinks that the empire can attack and capture this trivial fire G.o.d fort besides you on n.o.body? That opens your seeing, looked how the fire axe armed forces raze this heap!"

I did not have to say anything, turned over to the sheath the long blade, shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „Han Yuan, Xiao severe, the order palace guard stand by and wait for orders, after the hot axe armed forces. .h.i.t thoroughly the key position channel, we pushed directly into to enter the hot cloud plain again!"

„Yes, General!"


However I am some did not feel relieved that immediately returns to the [Zhan Long] position, is bringing one crowd of fire Dragon Rider and Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and other main players enters the fire G.o.d valley, one crowd of Moon Elf fire Dragon Rider in the front forms s.h.i.+eld, defends the magic and arrow of arrow opposite party, said that the Moon Elf cavalry soldier truly is the trump card branch of the services, the iron umbrella defense after the s.h.i.+eld fuses can the seepage of impediment magic, in other words, [Lightning Eagle Formation] can in the goal to 10 yards kill, but a front Moon Elf cavalry soldier defended with the iron umbrella, that behind position will not be continued to wreak havoc by [Lightning Eagle Formation], one group of Moon Elf cavalry soldiers held up the s.h.i.+eld to form one. Carapace defense, Mage of that distant place took this domain to be helpless, thus it can be seen Moon Elf was the master is the inborn difficult adversary of player!

In the mountain valley, the quant.i.ty of Chinese player are getting fewer and fewer, the Indian area sent out many elite guilds to help in the fighting, moreover in the mountain valley had an entire Battalion Tuan fire Yun City NPC army, persevered the barrier, making the player in Chinese area impregnable.

Soon, under scolding of Q-Sword and Ye Lai, outside the mountain valley guild the players at ease diverges in abundance, at this moment, the offensive of hot axe armed forces came finally, Rotter personally leads the cavalry camp and step s.h.i.+eld camp and bow and arrow camp attack, the cavalry camp advances [a.s.sault], about 5000 + people of appearances, bang the hoofbeat forms one piece.

„Bang bang bang......"

During the city fills boom, the shock-wave that the dragon crystal artillery form wreaks havoc in the cavalry square formation, has not contacted died in battle many people, but some Rotter also skills, in the hand the signal flag wields after all, dispersing impact that these cavalry soldiers break up the whole into parts, and javelin that raised on the horseback to be hanging, „whiz whiz whiz" lost Going out, the archer in city wall was penetrated immediately unceasingly ma.s.sacres, was the blade s.h.i.+eld camp of hot axe armed forces raises emphatically the s.h.i.+eld rapid traverse in the past.

The fire unceasingly, the heavy s.h.i.+eld is hard to resist the bombing of dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery as before, the pitiful yell sound links up into a single stretch, I look knit the brows.

Lin Wan Er is nipping the red lip, looks at the frigid war scene, said: „This crowd of NPC intelligence quotient is worrying, unexpectedly attacks on such colony, does not know covert and circuitous?"

I said: „This group of hot axe armed forces are under Monarch marquis Luo child hand own soldiers, the tactical training are quite usually few, which understood how to dodge the bombardment of heavy artillery, the transformation position that actually keeps, advances to dodge most fires forward, the muzzle torsion speed of dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery is very slow, this skill they do not understand."

Li Mu said: „Why doesn't let the palace guard on first?"

As soon as I let go: „Bans the marquis Luo child to covet the merit, therefore I gave them the merit of this first weaponry."

Wolf smiled: „Fire G.o.d fort now absolutely is one unyielding person who is difficult to gnaw, perhaps the hot axe armed forces this time wanted Beng Diao the front tooth."

„Lets him do what he pleases......"

The dependence on the G.o.d fierce fine horse, looks at the distant place, said: „After and other fire G.o.d forts break through, our fire Dragon Rider clash toward inside on first Cooldown, do not hesitate, making other player to perhaps lose are more, sending Healer to come up, added on BUFF to say to fire Dragon Rider everyone again!"

„Good!" Old K nods, immediately ordered.


30-minute-long fortification fight, in the mountain valley lies down completely the corpse of hot axe sergeant soldier, finally Rotter leads one group of people to attack the fire G.o.d fort, after the city gate blows up, wields the long sword, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Hot axe armed forces, attack!"

The fire G.o.d fort attacked and captured!

I lift the hand to draw out Dragon Reservoir Sword, turns head to smile: „Brothers, fire Dragon Rider on, found a standpoint to say in fire G.o.d Pyongwon-ri together first again!"

The people draw out the pointed weapons, the s.h.i.+ning ray links up into a single stretch, the next quarter, fire Dragon Rider has killed like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds, the fire Yun City player and NPC along the way were conquered by killing rapidly, keeping off flees!

Zhan Long Chapter 858

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